a secret held like ivy clings to a wall

when that seed was

faxed, it’s tiny

heartbeats grew,

the assassin and

sinister too

unaccepted colourful

bloomed, tireless a

rainbow noose, uncurl

from, how?

the flow is about it’s

glow, wants to outdo

what’s hid, wants voice

that has storms for words

oh the inert of quiet

this clandestine boy

resides entwined in

the protein sighs

in amongst that

moonbeam vigor,

come suck sadness

away, visits anyway

the rain’s been

gathered and tears

exhausted, for what

use is crying?

stiff blood fearful of

being sought keeps

desire silent, witch-

trials are about

much hidden thru’

out millions of buds,

that dreadful winter

can’t perish or expose

delete those glimpses

those who know nearness,

wall up the root that yearns


sparkle pool my

mind exists in you,

careful shadow lies

if you knew

hid with all i could

where the cobwebs

suffer and corners

double their stealth

hid every hint of

a message that

knows it’s stems

are wrong

hid with the swarm’s

entire camouflage, doting

upon silence just before

sleep’s downy arrival

knowing then that knives

are being hatched and

hinges pried of their

oily legs, come find me

there’s ritual further of

hiding, scarce connection,

a loner in a private wood where

the scant hellebore’s lean

now adolescent ribcage

where the recent man walks

from, beginnings are building

their pyrites, false hiding

but the heart’s grenade

an egg timer, is fierce

and won’t be season

ceased, nothing stops

lust the red bouquet of,

it has too many honey

licked journeys to happen

its doses want further

keep the door from the

sky’s vigilance, hurtful is

certain, the gallows of

their eyes say so

oh sparkle pool, the

mind’s litmus terrified,

walls that have nurtured

will be found and what’s


put to light and put

out upon the headlines

for crow dining, my

serial deception my

oh so duplicate lover

days are armed with

witnesses, no clue

or radicle pheromone,

no flag is given

i hide slivers of myself

inert despite ignition,

unfurl wants to undo

the room that is delved

by no-one

mermaid of zennor

where wave and sun

crash and bleed

a wretched lament

of seagull screams

secret enchantment

tumbles butterfly wings

her unforgiving ocean fathomless to all

who sail





the gleamed-surf assassin

in eroded strange words

sea spoken winds

caress the sentinel cliffs,

there, draped in seaweed brine

dwells beneath the maelstrom tides

fluid sequins repeat, gleam folding their aquamarine

fingers slow-lapse-beckon, mathey

enthralled by wanton beauty, wends his

silver stride to the cliff's undivided root,

of his passing, there was no forensic clue

there was hindered mercurial swirl

much shimmering woundfuls

moonlit daggers every moss hand print,

ignores soft lung breezes and swooned

barren, her aching coastline

strums palest summer enticement

involving heaven to turn last air to quartz

a silhouetted swallowed

by the water's mute muscle


heartbeat echo voices thru' moonlight entangle

come swallow the sea between my legs,

be that forever, that bereft flotsam

down where the parcels

of heartbreak are

and unravelled

salt his blithering kingdom

of devotion

"i am ether now"

in a most drowned shell

in which the sea flows

your abnormal skin

concaved to where a hollow dwells,

oceanic crumbled breast

between lands rugged ends

vascular, converging

as the thames in veins

they flow towards you

the ever-beating heart

forever rippling folding glass

perpetual past and aftermath,

all comes gushing into jewelled brine

mermaid, myth and the like

glistening flies scuttle

where edges begin,

waves break with obsidian

until horizon touches the sky


she does rouse your devote blood

but ignores the sun who swallows

the entirety of phantom queued heaven

oh raindrop gatherer

meniscus keeper,

what soars can easily

drown, and does

abhorrent swans glide

coral skyscrapers,

aquarium of ghosting

your surface quite unbroken

explicit sunbeams roar

but cannot reach, photon

across photon slides but fails,

a shipwreck silence kept asleep

these swarm of sighs

liquid constellations glint

an aquamarine ladle

tomb grey then nautical green

the snarling gale

interrupts silvery lazed mirrors,

trespassers in blind built vessels

wary of such siren peril

and terrestrial as i am

i no longer fulfil the treason

that washes through your polluted corpse,

such are farewells

in shells, your oh so distant voice

held amongst brittle labyrinths

for me to cherish upon land

dry of your watery floors

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