previous shards,

bayonet thru

a dove

unknown sleeps

graze waking

in me no angels dare possess

no witness now to what profusely bleeds

seethe of the citizen sea

here is neither tranquility

or cacophony

a silence mid roar,

sculptures dwindle their

glistening aftermaths

glistens suffocation

me in blade induced pages

anoint the pen's nib with

cupid's congealed curse,

draw ink from

it's torn ribs,

obliterate the

coerced valentine

demolish the sigh seared heart

destroy floors of kingdoms

finally i fell turbulent

a spiral's continue, and disturbed,

pebble smooth erosion utters

into fragments

frictions for eons for ions to die

it quenches thirst

to dissolve

you lessen me

into something that is now no one

a silhouette of

another's fingerprints,

a person

of incomplete atoms

heather sick hills molest

the grey sickly shore,

and for all the thorns that pierce

thru' out feeling, numbness is applauded

now quiet as fossils

and eroded cold strengths,

burden shall be enclosed

under loveless failure sediment

a vague reminiscing within

long stirring echoes


storm petrel


where fools dream to grasp

glides and sinks

the storm petrel

a shimmering specie

in a pewter poured bruise,

thrown waves skyscraper

by bad tempered gales

in amongst shrieks

that foul winter breathes


in the decimated parts of me

soon to be wings

my furious thoughts

falter by

icarus default,

hollows follow by

emptiness reeling

below where angels can but gasp

trembling into

falling cataracts

appearing to ever last

everywhere falls

here amongst the eye sore epitaphs

where ever youthful

plastic flowers sprawl

i am a sky without realisation

a promise without success

where coalesced birds are broken

the song from singer dispossessed

why is all the rain here in

one mind? fly into my liquid

maelstrom, a solitary travel

there to be unraveled

for your synapses to spurn

and loneliness becomes it's

own vibrant lung, distort the

person i am

why whisper when the heart is

held fast, a snare of whispers

held there, your voice on

constant mirrors

steel azure

where gazes wander

ink of sorrow continues,

drifts the storm petrel

chest pains that are you



serene honey lit lids

a lover dew licked

but the bed's

become a wasp



a full on dropped



come access this dusk

unraveled heart

mouth in asphyxiated

covers, deluxe poems

shriek red grimaced pens

hawk startled swarm,

predator patrolled blood

interrupted head space

blank walls resound

there's a hole that

wants to swallow all

nooses come to collect

those compliant

complete the rust of

my tongue,

robust conversations

babble ruins

the gale's

furious hair,

thunderbolts curdle

the nectar bare lake

a seismic squeeze

of mind scape seethe

the amino sea has sucked

the view raw

greys sighs

flit the storm petrel

inserted into panic

flies maddened

heart shape suicide


all about is hurt

loneliness collapsing

it's stabbing beak

repeat wounds

a reusable pain

please love me again

escape is delusion

it eludes me



in entangles of aching,

forsaken by the crowd's tide

commit to razor blade edges

homeward bound is a journey

i shall not undertake

until the storm that rages

blows itself dead

or at least blows spires pale

this breeze of steel angry

petals still occurs and

migraine thunderous colours


a dream dreamt

in turmoil

in maelstrom

a feuding ocean

pumps blood

opal iridescent hearts

submit to brambles,

tear me out of silence

dare not breathe

hear you speak

...i gleam...

perforated nights shimmer

sexual content,

a muscular throe of sordid brown petals

starry haze me


induce the orchid's shudder

over phosphorous intent

edges, a burning horizon

that cauterises incoming fleshes

quicksand quickens

this mindless event,

an icicle figure scorches

crimson landscapes

reality cascades,

interrupt the pointless heartbeat

and sleep becomes a tourniquet

abandon each falsifying dream

black polished slopes

 all open mouths wanting swallows,

like an echo denied returning

it's greasy kiss where i wallow

i feel you dream me

like a slow rotting saint

with me as your halo


the eagle floated

bronze hostile flame,

the dry earth submits

uttering defiant

before death wields it's final strength


hooray for horizontal deadness

my eyelid cinemas,

a perfect stride thru'

yesterday's disquieting ashes

so this was the

turquoise of my heart,

loyal flesh filled absurd whispers

gossamer was this rainbow

squeezing aortic traffic,

sugar soared

yearn for the

caramel in your

hip's possession

explicit atoms rebury,

volatile horizons

usurp edges

trace along fond pictures

of you half undressed

lounging upon the blue strewn bedspread

like a finger points into the past

i crash it's mirror

into countless sticking winters

follow where the glass lay cracked

my gruesome splinter

stood like an angel with

wings ripped from off his back

returning twilights so often visit

thick with night's bloated song of

deed of how the mind was wrought

to break and stirred with ruin

you vowed to grace this mouth again

a promise that fell short of it's shadow

like half buried bees in

flower head nooses,

ink up the sky until it achieves bruises

and the dust of you falls

like sad, disinterested rain

timothy shroud

repeat with rain

the obsolete and

the grey, a gaze

too long see the

days obliterate,

kamikaze calendars

hurtle, here, curled

into a turtle a

world proof wound for

skyscrapers to seethe up and thru'

timothy shroud

i, like you am captured

held by numerous eyes

none adoring,

dazzled by their peacock decor

swallowed by lures,

insatiability flaws

it tingles hips,

of blossoms thought

obsession wrought

timothy shroud

i, like others lie shattered

broke gossamer poses

a scarce mouth approaches,

what mischief your flesh has done,

lust fermentable swooning

yours is the hue

the odourful jewel

the protein trove

held way below skin

timothy shroud

i, like teardrops fall to covet you

a liquid consequence

do you feel the whipped sea that yearns you?

worthwhile heaven

becomes the happiness exit,

come fleece my soul

in loveless snow,

spurn me, wither older than bones can ask

lonely tide wearers

we share the same oblique crown

share the same opal infused

rain, a repetitive teardrop

a forever of lids and

oppressive thumbs

nailed thru' each of

every synapse shriek,

timothy shroud

i am full of uneven wakes

and disorganised rain


a brief touching of wings

brief blush of petals

precedes the smile before

ascending the ornate antique stair

it's moans are like those sighs

harboured in a heart's winter flesh depth

expectant wings soar

the mind's outward sunshine

as we become refugees in liquid light

unfurled, and brimming full open

twas revealed all manner of guises

unseen ghost icicles

intrude thin starlit veins

oh rapturous in demanding applause

skin sings as if the heart wants to be torn

smudged honey slides from bee-less holes

and sticks like thin adhering flowers

a refocus of atoms resound his cry

i am it's hollow outline

gone quick as mayflies in turbulent june

or a fox glimpsed murmur eclipse shade from shadow

divided from your kiss

a brief touching of wings

dark lit water

fountains far off crashing seas

rushing amethyst crowns

mountains neptune's men

stoop their seahorse surf

into a fury of foam

and ghost howling spray

impaled was he who roamed the southern most shore

love's lost free fall viper curled heart

watches the stained trawlers glide

vast ink oceans,

godless journeys to horizons of spectacular blood

spectres in such deep places

forever bright until they are gone,

be swallowed he thought

like i, like i

bright prisms dance

the cornish waves,

a single stone sinks

no trace where it's jagged body lay,

like i he thought, like i

captured moons swim

endless you trapped

within water folded green blue graves,

reflective faces turning ripples

into forgotten lethargic stares

far off chimes the churchyard clock

means nothing of time,

he clutches the sand's surface

as if the earth he tries to choke

listens to the gulls and cormorants weep

circling circles inside mind crouched cave

slither eels cross thought stagnant pools, ruin eyes

ever changing currents coldly rejoice blue

as if winter's at perpetual rest

and gazes long frost centuries

fingerprints jealous tidemarks

swallow me out of existence,

desist all you angels and

honey smudged women

word snares laze

blindfold cacophony

not heard,

everywhere cold and

hurt is more

too late

a thousand shards have split and spilt

their jagged shouts

thru' out the heart's scream,

too late

no sound sighs

or whispers to abandon


like addictive veins want

but nothing soaring comes

nothing comes

the churning oceans within him

churn only as i think

deep and long a treacherous ink

pushes infatuation

deeper than any burrowing demon,

always this swan enlivened body succumbs

looms the face i love to fear

or to loathe to hate

it's too late

sunshine sleeps the evening's black slime

misshapen twilight flows on forever

like those black enraged trawlers slide

thru' greasy seas of tidal minds

it's too late

too late

where are you?



into swoon, a nectar seep

so chloroformed daylight appears

to weep ambient whispers



lit, sexual promise,

blank sheets committed

without your fingerprints

bleached atoms raised by sweat

blond pubic stale strokes caress

wet perfume riddled with frozenness,

eats into your honeycomb mine

eagerly penetrating flesh

all wishes are slight daydreams

tho' caught in night's feverish writhing

mere clasps upon thought become tides of whirlpool torsion

willfully and skillfully the heart's scaffold

has been gilded wild fire iron ores,

dazzle of shrines, i became wings and flew

into the hub of a tornado's impetuous throat

first whirled slow, then spun fast

yet faster until the blurs merged spires flatten

and all my proteins crack

quicker now deeper inhale but not to turn necrotic black

a wasp draped future

folded into the crease of his mouth

i was tenderly shoved burning

into the tempest face of hot spills molten

bedazzler, enrapture,

this glitter meniscus keeps

all within it's paralysis

it's appetizing mask scalds deeper than

my soul could fathom,

the torrent that feasts the river feeds the sea

eats and swallows thru' me

no more this flesh sprawls, phantom and lone,

there is a space, a crooned alcove for you

and here, i pause

where the hell are you?

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