a smooth ooze and a covering

oh soothing tree beneath which we lay mesmerised

absorbent in each other’s pheromone arms,

“how love’s conquest swarms, strengthened by

summer’s boisterous warmth”

so unwary of ghosts whilst carving our

initials upon pieces of stone

ether drone

to us perfect song

aphid adorned air on ardent green shimmer

cloud unresolved sculptures

gargantuan snowflakes or petal midair mountains,

dandelion wings crown cropped blonde whisper

he boasts their frail cargo onto

easy sliding breezes


the frustration collar

thin mosaics dance sparkle in myriad estranged

suedes, shadowing traces upon perfection

whose forever changing body leaves me quite uncertain

outside eclipsed gazing the chrome world is full of grazes

our half ghosting shells interrupt the universe of

vast holes lonely places loveless sea black tideless nothing

“despair is a wind fulfilling lungs to everyone”

speeding on it’s dark collapsed axis

here, repeat moon colour fragments,

wanting into the sigh opened cosmos

forfeit the wooden stars of females

constellation wow, honeysuckle burdens howl



breath is divided and shared stars

an insertion of kisses and gossamer near misses

we’re oozed within white syrup

the sky buries us in it’s flat meniscus

a touch struck is fathomless

all elsewhere consumed

pubic wonderful fruit, euphoric pollen of sour milk

thankful, we engulf wholeheartedly

flurry after inevitable flurry

frayed knife cutting edge


cock crow awakens dawn

its frozen eyed frenzy thawing,

peel oh pearl and fumble through flaws

bud does the clock and stamen warmth

you’ll find the sunbeamless

stood astray in whispering cupboards

corporate closets for all those on fake

awkward around girls

biohazard to look at !

does the curve play it straight?

pretending on remote

the groin’s lustre

wants other inmates !

seeps a scent

mocked treacherous ‘ere it flowed

it’s sustenance makes feelings borrowed,

tomorrow of locust yearning

blunt constellations in loam

a filthy rainbow to own

weeps a scent

a curved fragrance, itself cuckoo bent

what shall his soil grow

to make the abdomen respond?

do you alter or accept the glow?

waits for consumable whole to worry

should the inquisition dare to ask

wear your skeleton mask,

the pendulum that predicts yearning

forced holes for doubt to crawl

lazy beds offer years

to confess hands to head

who will be the surrogate witness

of tampered with loneliness?

to burst deep crimson

a colour truly forbidden

waiting obscene bloom

heaven will trespass soon

and fruitful the body is plucked more than once

tuggingly snapped, frayed at the neck

so the juices can collect

frayed knife cutting edge, it’s desperate pyre lit

and protein stars explicit

devil’s circle

entangled headphones attached to

interference, everyone is blazed

noise and mind surveillance,

daydream medicines comply those

who yearn ether,

footprints that motorway towards

the black dripped door

“oh bring my stance to the wrist

pulled handle”

salute those in free fall spiral

was it too few oblivion capsules?

or did love hammer heart hurt

into disquiet morgue silence?

there’s waking, sleep’s intruder

alarms the day's howl, someone is

an image of a scream, disintegrating in atom

uproar, windows guillotine

openly scorching, and footsteps obey

towards official sacrifice, a yawn of

computers, neon fingers, bored symmetry

wording demands attention but the mind

is elsewhere drenching

dew cornered touches

inflate the daydreaming swoon,

comets will mosquito soon

farewell those who cannot stand

against the social swarm, your kismet

is duller than killed lustre, remote

mouths and monotone, constant lungs on oxygen

depletion, i say switch off the sun, atmospheric deletion

i want compliance into being numb and dwelling

stale cocoon cartons, its abhorrent

to wander amongst shoulder-less crowds, humane
vouchers for sleepwalking and solace

ignore impolite thug squadrons

alliances made to squander

to manufacture heart scape waste

i’m knee high in dreamless discards

an hourly sickness revisits,

before footprints happen

have these footprints erase,

if this is waking

online antidotes oppose reanimation

who gasps below the meniscus?

the song of weeds

lie under censored molasses

enhanced watches are speeding

honeycomb holes are for youthful receding,

antique thought cripples beyond

the eyelid’s grope,

what could have god

been thinking?

useless skeletons !!!

the cancer bowl needs refilling

sickening blurs

all of them


gone are the roller coaster screams

where spirals were unyielding

now straight lines are harder to inhabit,

the labyrinth journey was exceeding

now the hurtle is mollusc slow speech

and under hills deepen

won’t be long a’fore our clothes are cold

and into the comfy soil we go

horizontal dreaming

the yellow noose we loosely

follow, some behead before

the road ends and the citadel met,

who will manage to obliterate breath?

the monochrome of daylight's bland hope

interpret my waking as alive

but lifetime is borrowed for me

and anodyne

supplemented by sleep

in abrupt, compliant circles

complacent lifetimes circle

the soul’s circumference,


the birthday’s anniversary,

this life long living i cannot complete

come, we must hurry

come, we must hurry

before the hidden elapses,

unwatched time is stand still fluxes

until the wish itself collapses

the inner of all seeds, waxes

an ultimatum of now

to happen before kisses

surrender thought only,

awakening withdraws into frozen crocuses

under metres of sadness

come, hurry

sunshine minds weaken

and fading floors

cannot hold footprints,

where does a sigh soar when it cries?

dissolve this look

before it’s glance is shared,

a headline noticed

from anonymous nowhere,

let gazing subdue, who’ll notice the eyesore’s view?

where is forever but

held briefly in a sped second,

aware of your nectar shirt

but unwilling to hurt

explaining the bed’s desert

come hurry

avoid infected flurries

those parcels have gargoyles under string,

don’t allow such snowflake intruding

or headstones will announce sleeping

come, hurry

the last flame gilds the

shade borrowed horizon,

we catch with eager mouths

damaged rainfall burdens

hollows exist for

sorrow to persist,

commence fleeting

before gloom exerts blue residue

and loneliness revisits

the maintenance of flow

slow some drizzle

rhythmic pendulum blow

summer strokes tick over

maintenance of flow

the hedges are

thick with unseen hands,

feel them, wear them

be them

my ambient brothers,

the moon has grip upon

mirror mounted lovers,

secret undercurrents waist down

my advised stupor

inert belongs thru’ me,

suited to a waveless sea

secretive other kills another

guillotine the past

a new seven inch limb

from perforated ash,

proteins work their atrocious dance

sexual impacts

exert it’s strangle,

altered meniscus

seeded to snare, to entangle

casual thumbs

an orchid coursed man,

explicit synapse song

all else is numb

exceed the circle’s slow

hollow full hollows,

into holes, blindfold

out resonate the detonated howl

in repeated blows

summer’s addictive pheromone,

slow some puzzle

confuse the hell out of everyone

plain ether

the almost

of having


feel breaking

interrupted waking,

weather is

grey faces,

continue myself erasing

delete the heart’s agile soar

subdue colourful

what was wonderful

is gleam-less current of sorrow,

too many swallowed mouths

inert dead words

laze upon the sturdy curve

sunbeams ache thru’ awkward afternoon

a slow sighed man

punctured thru' out

there’s cobweb thru’ head spaces

fragrant valentines on fuming pyres,

it’s cruel to wander


there is an edge

an inch precipice

but fathomless

falling is forever

beneath liars

deceitful ocean lies

colliding punches

erosion is removing me smaller

here loose dust drapes

a fashion-less exhibit

comply, with the insides of

a broken mirror

a car crash

a jet on plummet,

blow across blow

a murdered rainbow

nostalgic thru’ a dismantled kiss

in vodka paralysis,

more numb than someone


how to vanish

to be where the drape of

moonbeams allow

where wounds cannot follow

i bring ether people

least likely to wither,

fellows of wish smoke

to consume me from terrible winter

it comes from in here

momentum began soon as

words were fused and

the soar made to wound

clock face down

three seasons went

from the seams being wept

i’m borrowed bits of protein

from someone unmet,

the weather of my eyes truly meant

was gloom mine to inherit

the crease of an uneasy ocean?

the floor the assassin moved under

from initial unraveling

no preference, no edit,

i am precipice traveling

thirst dwells most desire

of edges full gapes to follow,

i’m not shared but collect gone off rainbows

there in syrup pose

a blond shadow,

a secret i’d vanish

i’m a suicide note

thru’ out spring’s

un-tame blossom

inert is the speed

i am achieving,

bring on the holes to bury me whole

you shall not go unopposed

there’s grey in this world,

am assumed killer

elected for

there’s stealth beyond the crosses,

a red abbatoir

prayed for

accept the blind dream,

blind pages usurp truth, is following

confetti vandals, truly believing?

the lie is honoured

by secretive donors

no antidote can recover

forfeit minor swarms

murder each by name

cleanse hole by halo

prohibit the book bathers,

those that stray beyond narrow

subdue the elated

cloned collars,

maladjusted doctrine fits

the blindfold well

you and your antique pillars

an empire of greasy pockets

always on swallow

you own your summit,

disposable populations

are buried under it

profit exceeds the soul’s measure

the church has bones to tell

too much priestly menace

no stream is without blood

every person has a sniper’s look,

straight morals are crooked

there’s a vacuole of hatred

stirred up in the pulpit,

smite those who contradict

there’s a regime of squander

and holy vowed massacre

aloft your ruined flags is poison

you have no wonder,

a derelict cross

for doves to spoil

your heart is soiled with wealth

and kindness in perspex

smooth all over


in amongst jagged upright fingers

ghostly gossamer grasses

windows appear dead

i hear you suck

a kiss swirls

the once frozen momentums

a frost blast shrugs

graffiti cursed statues

sneezed corpses in autumn’s stared at waltz

tongue touches

tongue touches

a glistening event

beyond the curtain’s purple

the air advances rust

people ignore the calendar grope

here the bronze is built to burst

where the petals were leant

i offer thirst

there’s rain like thru’ out orifice

tear up the sighs as they are spent

seeped us where sun spill is meant

grape ghosts in rich raisin cups

blunt the soar of awareness

and the floor is brought forward

take me whole the inertia of

your soul, both horizons quiver,

let’s deceive the clock’s argue

deeply infect my synapse message, silver

sprawled weathers arc your

ordinary spire

bruised trees allow themselves bare

and motorcades of muffled tyres hum,

greying is all about not being here,

fade those that traffic being numb

flotsam everywhere

like opal spiders,

smooth all over

for narrow kisses to pierce

a body breached

think “love drenched novel”

a guillotine of sense

copious valentine petals

immersed in someone spent

minutes seem quicker when rented

think noose sworn fingers

a mate until life has lingered long enough,

a slime vile beach to rend the nibbled knots

or silver ignored alley where the

black swagger cats screech, about to fuck

will i loathe a look once the gargoyle is sheathed?

there are no spare cherries, none to relocate,

once beyond entry newness is taken

a pinned flower, a pursued orchid spilt,

a bed coloured red forsaken

pined thru’ pubic years now the

dagger is announced,

first the hour was cut and the minute diminished

fond yesterday whimpered, loneliness

gave way to a greasy feeling

a clown pierced with a fake grin

a playground joke on replay,

childhood scaffold in protein ruin

internet phantoms and scarce truth

everyone’s mission is to wound

someone’s certain to intrude the skin

when no invitations were sent

darkness by descendant

who has chosen?

the source of my root

is awoken

how do you unravel blood

back to bare protein?

the suitor is carved

and thirst adjusted

is such a heart plied

with gossamer spice or

steel spider wrought?

come kill me of my singularity

it’s colder when the moon slides down

upon the frost of it’s frozen skin,

bodies wait and want

honeysuckle limbs to shoot

their promise of poison

upon each deserved kiss a revolver spins

a spray of bullets upon touching

it’s looser now the knot

is appalled with fluid,

a melted swan across a bedded serpent

the liquids from cold someone

yesterday’s reflection compels today’s yearning

silver gilded pistons pump

copious opals thru' out vessels

where the pines stand guard and owl-less shimmer

amongst camouflage twisted wound

sour hearts disengage if allowed

i am cut from cold blood

it’s a whisper that makes silence want to yell

and burn my every angel below ground

someone has chosen me by scarce affection

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