chasing yesterday, now can never be

morning has

the gleam of old chrome


drenched with

illustrated snares

why don't you catch

me there

amongst the

aphid dead,

undo the pages

i won't offer

stood up to the neck

with yesterday's dusk

heckled by impatient


chasing the fingerprints

i want here

the morning of

another archive

grey hedgerows

persist with

glistened murder

traces emerge phantom snowdrops

edges where

voltages quicken,


laced with loneliness

bring out the theatrical dead

the buds i thought were spring proceed with rust

morning brings

me no further,

hedgerows are

pure empty

no bee would fumble here

put time under

won't this minute

be over soon?

i hate all clocks

their passion for wasting

taking me atom from


i've worsened thru'

daylight, only sleep

has the empire

i roam and i

stride it well

nursing home

like melodies

of snow

snow over

eyelid quiet


the eyesore


keep themselves

mute or under



dead like

the window


the room

where roots

the corpse

such easy wasting

whispering world

hearse worriers


increase suicidal


daylight murderers,

dusk happens

to re-intrude

to smother

ghost if you will

silhouetted dreamers

some are cold lovers

seeped with dead roses

there are soft voices

in rust hinges

mushroom vocals

under floorboards

words slide down the

mist enamelled panes

like dewdrops torn

or the inside becoming rain

there in the half edge

between the pillow's

daily assassin

honey wrapped sentences

a muffled swapped

shared conversation

a hum if you will of

atoms spinning and spun

king colour greyness

believe that the air is doped

why else are mouths crammed full

with stupor and words that cannot

be bothered to shake out

wake is to circle, become

zombie traffic and ghosts of

coffee addicts, a clone of

bored copies

another drizzled minute another,

lean into the slope of a deep drink

too much dreaming pacifies

that numbness exists

where are those dreamed of exits?

that final gossamer to become rope?

populations do not fit their lives well

and star gaze into the precipice

quit clock serial menace i am

fed up to the throat with greyness

the only blandness i am king

of, even the bed is disinteresting

dulldom and roots full of lifelessness

the window is obese with grey satire,

grey in the moist trees, grey in the

monochrome stride we roam

there's tired contaminating the

marrow and blood thins it's words,

this box has is too many hours in it

i want this day rid

you ain't no better than the devil

could have been a shadow

tattooed hand that broke the sun

all fiery filaments subdued

chatter creeps up the spine

something like rain glistens

at nerve endings

drop yourself 13 floors,

silenced, only to


the way this day gives up

like an ill humoured drunk

too much floor upon gazing

“i do what i am shrieked at”

stiff time passes by like

a cemetery donation

witness cripples drop

their fingers at autumn’s


four years have shuffled

and the written envelopes

have yellowed

rise up thru it’s drink, a wet

whisper, a recall to reoccur,


ouija sentences you

watched over like an eerie funeral

director vigil over a coffin lid

everywhere has too many places

too many stealths and stalks,

echoes hurt most when rippled

there’s snipers in the past with

well aimed ballast, sutures to

reopen yesterday’s happen

valentines pushed on a knife

still you glower like

a haunted eye

too many gales rip there

sullen as hell is miserable,

let the devil retake you

but the page is

suffered with you,

turn if you will another blame


washed with the skies burden

constant wet bullets

and the morning's coffee

is not stoked yet

broke eyelids

betrayed with weak

insisting sunshine,

wake yourself dead

the tastes of yesterday,

films bring up the last

voltage before


floored is where the

face is always met,

ceilings lower their

suffocating inches

and the shoulder feel

terrible with crows

weighed down with

too much swallowed rain


if i could command

windows, such apertures

would be soldered

and glued curtains


oh king of

your spiteful


stir the

webs of

your bile

it's not


sew up their mouths

with nylon

damage their


burn down

such rainbows

moral poison

brings up

such churches

liars all of them

oh the devil

would be so proud

yuletide is owned by him

jaw on

a pulpit

too many tongues


the beheaded

the celebrity of crosses

how pure the crooked

cunts in frocks are,

preying upon badly written


oh crow

in a godless sky

look down fearful


the spires

catch upon

broken heaven

gargoyles look upward

and meteors strike blazes

wish you'd topple into splinters


this cruel




makes it's

bold rain



sold a sea

you gave me

heart washes

inland stubborn


will not



stir that


backward to

it's broken archive

where you stood

like masculine

shimmer, discontinue

that hurting picture

written out

up where ether

deserts you

the pen is

frozen at it's

ink sting

it’s anchor

flung dry

so follow the

skies in your mind

shatter the landscapes


all words are

fenced under

voltage and kept



how do you


blank pages?

make proud

the invisible unwritten?

fallow, fallow


fallow non


this ether has

never been duller

more intuitive

dead or illusive


found by

the stooped



wither is

most groping

torn cartoon

flowers, petals

spilt of their artistic redness

crayon red everywhere

toe to root, root to

stocking, sucking from the creased hem

frayed by,

rooted thru’

like a searched pocket

pale as a pupa,

a bled cocoon

a caricature of morgue sleep

where the investigating

fingers of breezes

take to caresses

whose to find this

strewn slumber?

this boy in a broke dress

sadness seeps soil songs,

and grasses molest


found by

and cried by the



hey there

you in a glum



dismal ashes




with sunshine

suit yourself


eyelids hold

in the rain with

so much delicious grey

crow among the buttercups

docile slopes


dewdrops hasten



sunstroke glinting

forget frost all of

you and temper hearts

with irresistible honey

picnic the joy of

burst flowers sending

up their muskiness

enjoy the roamed floors

busy with grasses and

quick scuttling things,

laughter in shimmers

pollen ghosts newly

born air

leaf looms are unfolding

balconies of shrugged greenery,

played tunes between the

boughs where the skirmishes

of excited wings out

sing one another

sleep has gone from the soil

and roots greedy buzz,

makers are web achieving,

grimaces are smoothed out

from sullen into brimming,

bring out the larks and

similar cascading

sleep's assassin

in slow tideless shells

wandering the gleams

falling before me a

landscape of deep


it's slow ether

rising dusk like

and mellow,

transparent ideas

shape small hands

fathoms of

pearl coloured

atoms i descend

the full ravine

of white colours

ink fine manta rays

ghost the sunlit


offering up

turbulent jewels

whispers are woken

hollered thru',

shatter dense slumber


and alarms


you all wrists

and handsomeness

weather wound my

heart into a shadow's


there's flint and steel


makes me

want to crouch

the stealth i prefer now

is always witnessed

you pull my limbs

pursued with bites

there's a puncture

to my breath

the shell i make around

me hardens

but teeth are fast

and quicken

plastic hours

birthday? fuck that with a sour

cake, another slime year for

the coffin to have you dwelling

another put on mask where smiles

disappear down into, being sucked

thru’ bitter portals, queue for being obsolete

burn the calendar’s gape it’s

all borrowed eyes these ill assured

days detritus hours rotting like bad hair

there is poison in the minute

given you, time takes it's murder well

and persists like a sunny disposition

the bed is not to awake from but wants to

keep possession, a mortuary slumber

where cells become silent suicide bags

had a lungful? want that clock to

perish? stick your face in deep gin or

cruise the steepest bridges

easy limbo for that deadness to occur

shove the suffocated hourglass’s

smashed blood to lifelessness

yawned with the same old skies that

paint misery with a fondness, limit heartache’s

motorway, well travelled mindlessness

unravel heads some other mind says

expose the tired comets and the

shrinking shrugged universe

there’s a wreckage at the bottom

of every drunk glass, this holler reeks

of eye-less-ness, let daylight pass

another sullen layer and the choke

worthy crumbs of fate, too many

bandages to consider red clothes

lifetimes are too soaked with holes

perforated ideas leak out the soul,

took to nearby atoms, evenings spill themselves

like medicated head rushes, finding

limbs and thoughtfulness, spiral down

thru’ the abyss, down drowning molasses

anniversary of albino gazes in

cadaver mirrors, i’ll not celebrate

the pointlessness of becoming nearer

becoming the footsteps of being borrowed,

hollows attain hollow for rain to

sea itself immeasurable fathoms

i’ve taken to count bones of another

and discarding lovers from stained pages,

seconds dwindle and hearses pile at the edges

silhouettes advance their coroner gropes

and faraway corridors quickly connect

in spiderwebs

half a drenched moon slips

it’s lunar carcass

torn by it’s sell by date

and sleep slopes over forever

do not wake the blood that

dresses the root


bury it’s



moment meant

to shimmer

to arrive at

blissful shiver

instead was brimmed

full of hurt

those albino sheets

exert a tale of

stale colognes

and yesterday bodies

nerve endings bent

where phosphorus

meteors struck, you eyes


thought you were an ok


now i want you out of

my selfish glisten


went for

like a predatory

sharp clawed


like a tooth seeking

jagged it's worst

wound, let the mind

tear itself



and blister the

internet target

there is poison in

despicable voltage,

a message

from the murderer

a thousand trolls

applaud lavish hurt,

and the subsequent

suicide it caused

nasty bit of


snipers in

the bitter electrons

a cowardly assassination

strides faceless

thru' out the hooked


bitches under

invisible bridges

spoil their cruel fingers,

bloom into callouses

witches behind

their ordinary pages

molest normal,

and prowl the obituaries

with savage nectar

dripping self indulgence,

rip apart the faun

in it’s brothel lair

share it’s broken outline

to the voyeurs and snared

eyes stuck to the mainframe,

violent lickable lusts shoot

until the next cut, gut out

the unsuspecting, hang like

unnatural spiders looking for

unaware sushi to soil

about in the hidden alcoves

facelessness in amongst

the assassin’s grope, any

suspect can be culled

wade the screen with careful

glances, the glimpse of reaching

will expose the wreck, another

goner for their boners to be blissful

switch off the nuisance sky,

pale the narcissus cloy of

watching electricity perform

feats of fear






bare branches

i thought you

whispered there


tho' frost

is often,

feel you wrapped

thru’ out my heart

it warms me here

with sudden

mediterranean seas,

that stripped tree


cherry blossom

like tiny blushes

then the

song went,

took the flowers

but left what it meant

lucky black needle

there is nothing in the sky

this steel grey incorporates

everything stared at

muffled head sparkage

and blank pages appear whiter

the pen seems drier

sadly the morning is dead spaces

for dreamers to clone their silence in,

quiet travels sadness well

midday nourishes no one

roots are discovered and

usually severed

floors do not tolerate pausing,

myself in a minute caught like

a trafficked star in a prism

stood against the swarm of boredom

terrible doldrums and gloom shouldered mountains

exact your disappearing atoms

you knew me once i expect if you think thru'

the groaned archives where rust is stacked

like disabled trees over autumn

that thought of yesterday that roamed moment

i ran in now cinder shrunk lanes

deeply engaged with night's attempt at blindness

this stubborn day leaves me like an aftertaste

refusing it's slowness to go,

persisting like an injury

i see the edges that permit dusk, start with permeating

ink dresses across the horizon,

wrap the blindfold miles

the door will shrink so do not bother,

intrusion won't be allowed, i reverse the

unravel of daylight

it stills with the medication, i have sunbeams

inch the ceiling, and music wakes the stillness

upon word empty pages

my lucky constellation, the soar of not

being here, oh wonderful elevator falling

free fall, plummet like a hawk's shadow

muse makes indigo and perfect turquoise

happen, sculpt the scape i am dew ridden with

jewels of every edible type

no amount of jagged outside will be let in, not

one pore or slight hinge, i am where the sea

should be and the sky is drowned

my blood owns it's own sparkle, it's initialled bliss,

what writes is from nerve endings

and northerly glistened kingdoms


this night

murmurs too much,

possessing the window

with scantily scraped


roamed with dusk

the head strides thru'

with too much traffic

constellations too glassy

too full of voltage

it took 47 glances to

reduce my shell

to penetrate obsolete fences

right into panic, into the petal

swirled core

i've said too much

to the mirror, words are

stretched out plasters,

sucked at silences

swallow me further

take the day's splinters

bandage them into

something similar

injuries and all,

ignoring got thicker

foes about their prowl

i know their murders well,

eyes won't molest me

or know that sleep inks me



where viaduct


where the winds


bent grasses

molested by

fierce breezes

stoops the crows flight

found by a

the slow jaw

of a stream's gin

colourless sliding

your hair's a mess

like mad roots drunk

where the soil

gulps broken

you add pink

litmus, brief

blushes in water

then disappearances

that rook stood

pure charcoal

on a brief bough

watches the vole

at your torn clothes

the ink suitor

the sun bends


asleep on

the horizon

comes like


steeped with

dark unseeing


charcoal masks

disappear trees

and spires are taken,

remove the moon

with a blank screen

and wounds are

made to be real

and tears sit upon the

exits of blood

bring the sea into

bring the gleams to boil

set the tide to capture

most of the stars

tear up the sky

tear up the head's

daily constellation

pour the page with


habitual blindness


how many fences

do you balance upon?

an equilibrium

lied to

i know where

you gleam next,

i read your eyes

once, knew what it meant

now the clamour

has gone, the roots

of yesterday’s interest

have undone

clay quiet days are

quick to multiply,

and there’s sadness

in everyone’s strangle

even minutes succumb

disappearing if not lived

in, disappearing clocks


we are all alliances to

our own perforated

silence, there’s much

to howl this deep down

surfaces are for ghosting

against, and quiet never

replies, do you imagine the

secrets i nourish in the

nudge of my fathom cemetery soil?

you can’t make out the

startled wings, i hid their

glow well, prying will only

shatter them

spoke into an atom

to make these sighs

utterly clandestine,

no one will find

get me off from my bones

when sleep is about,

eyelids are for fastening

i want you in

separate voltages

waste my itchy atoms

initial the blood that

takes me over,

bitumen voodoo

insert muscular

greasy intention

sting the rainbows

into achieving happen

up there with the

moans and startled

sea taken mouths

fill me up more foams

possess the nerve

endings i allow

buzz them indigo

shrieked with abnormal glows

then the second groan

hit the meniscus

hit with spume

arc of violet glisters

gets me off reality

this stained boredom,

go about the bones

like gnawing

and blisses act

like sudden rainfall,

wet in amongst the

electric gaze

shocks like catastrophic

nudges ends in sprays

of whitely lit flowers,

see their entrails blaze

and today slowly spills

further without noticing

the mundane notched

afternoon, grey menaced

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