a wish for blond empire

wish myself around you

like dew covets

silver inked petals or

illustrated drops on spiderwebs

your silence

hearse like

eye glances

without root

why don't you

glance at my sloped nectar?

within you it

wants to bury itself

to mix thought

to mirror voltage


sleep is far from the

nuisance of night, i

think you in the

deepest reckless honey


up to the


gild me

with the sea i

know you keep


i want the weep of

salt waves, it's majestic

rhythm to suck the

greyness from my sky

dream myself about you

like suffocation, like

too much glistening that

eases into easy rain

wrap me in your sweat traces

into my wreathe of

hidden brown flowers

shimmering aphid squeezed summer

burst synapses firework scatter

all about this


indigo and shrieked

violet gazes

this liquid has stars
in it's seep

indulge the worsening


let rid a million

suicide buds

the man i cannot touch

there's a certain man

dusk for background

perfect blue swallows

yearned with opal traffic

i skyscraper fall

to re-soar again

up to the blood lid,

fingerprints wished all over me

within synapse ink

your voltages perform,

intimate silhouettes

take substance-less form

there's a certain fuck i

want you in to stir the quiet

indecent indigo hive,

and iridescent sweat petal swarms

thru' me your fingers

collapse the ash of

yesterday, i'll not roam the

past but in suitor aftermath

those trembled stems and

clothes strewn like blushes

if only for one second of my

heart pause you'd be upon me

like skin,

and the rain restarts to glisten

nearly as fire

what occurs behind

eyelid closure?

do you astride me

moonbeam paused by gloss

hedges where the silver

insects musician themselves?

appear over me as

a hand would caress

clay, adding more

to make glisten, drip

the sensual edges with


and beneath our eclipses

make voltages turn their

hurried colours inside to

their outages, burnishing

them how a colour should


advance intimate shiver

and the mind starts to crow,

that clandestine seed unfurls

from deep down inner

and the protein’s shoulder


most thorough fingers

exact dew enough

further inches trespass,

interrogate my mouth

pass words into mine

entire lines

my sighed sexual

inside ecstatic droplets

mead exerts it’s

lovely extravagance

a jubilee of hotter

roots expel the

blandness of blood

about my waist

a furnace applies

it’s lit tongue

an inbuilt



explore whilst

the surface is

at low tide

exposing all

manner of

lickable synapses

gleam most when

you collect yourself

in me

refreshed as

new rain,

wonderfully glistened

share the

sugar of air

sculptures still at


a moonbeam

sour, flay the adult

sky red banners

an arch of

wild kisses


the adoration of


before all

else quite


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