seed beginner,

room for a spark

in a halo trembled


ensembles are

dissembling its soup

of scrapers and spires but

no breakers, no tides allowed

it’s tight here in here

a tiny buddha afloat

a liquid crystal clearing

in a cave in a pod trying to be

a slow slow albatross

a flotilla of loneliness

a ufo strange in

multicellular glisten

try navigating the

constellation switches

and the radio that

plays only heartbeats

this feeling of

upturned floors

sameness is


what could be a sky

could be below

beneath which i coil

in seas of red soil

clutching at writhing

and dissimilar thought

cloaked in growing fragments

dna wrought

float within owned

starry globe, a raucous

hole down below where

nothing is ever quite alone

peeling back feelings

rich uterine flawed,

pacing worn feather nest

hourglass blind,

come mother hear

your tsunami sigh,

i rapture alone

near to your spine

west of your hate

north to your love

south thru’ into

loudness, from

this unworded

bunker born into

patterns and bright

halogen patches

begins, i am

spring within winter

freshly hewn from

being splinters


the circle empties

emptying its raw gun

until that dna script comes,

that circle done for once

euphoric seconds -

a rainbow’s shudder gone

fortune spins mad-fish-

ceilings a gambler in a

sexual coat a head-rush-

avalanche a mind spilt

kaleidoscope, “come utter

me senseless” splays the

trembled body an ocean

under, the revolver shot

its fatal guts a slippery

moonbeam like creamy white

lightning strikes a furry voltage

narrating its groan, these aren’t

just holes but edible exits,

forensic spaces for love to

rid its stem

iridescent words during

but after is over and the

mouth that spoke them is

smouldering ashes, there’s

a planet that becomes two

then a multitude, a ball of

frantic messaging takes up

the entire shell, fits like a


calendars fall from their eyes

nine months exact a plethora

of glows, rosebuds and all, pain

is about to have its knife, holler

pink enveloped out into

excited atoms all fierce lit

seethes the circle quicker

sped up lifetime flickers

thru’ childhood dilemma

thru’ adolescent angst

protein grenades at

most raucous roar

erased boy man shaped,

what is to shatter, will

and often

redo lust, its gene is patented,

anoint someone else’s colour

a rushed scenic autumn

wired meadows meant for dew,

deep slopes ask for want

in such alcoves

burdens are bold and

red fleshed ivy infiltrates the

ruddy bowl pips and all

there entwines a line

a traffic light says “soar faster”

be filled with flowers from her jaw

hips wordless exchange’s

interrupts daylight’s shouting,

her honeysuckle cut on loud hum

joins to the surface to it’s liquid mane

tomorrow can always be delayed,

sublime ouch nectar spurs that sore

it was never that kind of hurt but

a wonderful kind of wow, the circle

completes itself

a bizarre sphere

a self writing constellation

a walnut, a cocoon

the yawn of their lives

stares back from the rust imposter gate

maybe ten minutes or several decades

to the very theme of heartbeats

seeing her in a screenplay of sleep


one love

from the other

shall never separate

the circle always entices

until nowhere is strode to

and death has interfering elbows

descend in pearled waters

move like a daydreamer up

the shore's stroking caress

to see the mermaid beckoning in

his bladder-wrack seaweed dress

anaemic as a slow dive

pale into muscular waves

twitch from cold splinter tingles,

eaten, the jewels that mimic rain

withering the then sun streamers

into carnival dancing limbs,

glandular creases the tide’s lunar mix

pearled, descend further

into a fluid soothing

the same shudder as ice

shaken territory

way up the thighs

up the gilded spire - seismic upwards

there’s golden writing exploded

in the mind’s lazy devastation

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