what could be the sky

could be below

beneath which i coil

in seas of red soil

clutching at writhings

and dissimilar thought

cloaked in growing fragments

dna wrought,

peeling back feelings

rich uterine flaws,

pacing worn feathered nest

absurdly blind,

come mother hear

your tsunami sigh,

i rapture alone

near to your spine,

west of your hate

north to your love

south thru' vast underground

birthed into patterns

of life-light

a seed from flesh beginner


i am




freshly hewn


being splinters



the circle emptied

awaiting sperm

when dna mead comes

the circle shall once turn

euphoric seconds, a rainbow becomes

fortune spins mad fish

interrupted ceiling,

mosaic daze

cafe abrupt heart,

the revolver spills

it's fatal guts

forensic spaces

shaped explicit

elsewhere simply silhouettes

kisses wound strewn

buds cross dewdrop arcs

spires synapse electrified butterflies

iridescent words

until the mouth that spoke them


thru' childhood dilemma

adolescent angst

thunder protein grenades

ingot sex pivots

erased boy man shaped,

what's to shatter, will

redo lust

anoint someone else's colour

red scenic autumn

meadows are meant for dew

deep slopes, all have want

in such holes

so burdens are bold and

ivy infiltrates the rainbow,

there is a sigh

wanting to breeze,

the gale is held in lotus knots

where gazing first begins

as if the sun is held skyward

by magnets

or bird applauded song

to the very theme of heartbeats

seeing her in screenplay of sleep


there, entwines a line

a traffic light says "soar faster"

be filled with flowers from her jaw

join to the surface of liquid mane

tomorrow can always be erased,

sublime ouch from nectar spurs

it was never that kind of hurt

but a colourful kind of wow

synchronize footsteps on petal paths

forget what's before or aftermath,

trembled hips wordless exchange

interrupts daylight's shouting

her honeysuckle wound on loud hum

the circle completes itself,

a bizarre ovum from a constellation

daughter entangles son

the yawn of their lives

stare back from the rust impostor gate

maybe ten minutes or a decade

one love from the other shall separate !

descend in pearled waters


move like a daydreamer

up the shore in a stroking caress

to see the mermaid beckoning

in his bladder wrack seaweed dress

anaemic as a slow dive

pale into muscular mane

twitch from cold splinter tingles,

eaten, the jewels that mimic rain

withering the then sun streamers

into thinly danced limbs,

hot breath creases the tide's lunar mixture

pearled, descend further

into fluid soothing

the same as ice

dream house


beneath narcotic curve

sleep's tugging embrace

persuasive veils

opaque cradle

falling, fallen,

deeper, yet deeper still

slip further into between spaces

i'm slipping thru'

the many featureless faces

inhabiting pillows

downwards spiraling

dreams and their softening cascades,

thru' dream lit floors

upon sparkling doors

shimmering moonbeam wounds

amongst rooms

the dream house has insatiable hunger

an appetite so large it swallows entire souls

do with them what dreaming will,

i sit unfurling oceans, impure sleep fitting eyes

my world hugged close to my knees

dream house, it's stairs climb

wishes ignite their harsh chrome

my hands are muddy roots entwining adonis

my mouth a dew pool for you to collect

into my body crept desert, come splash thru' me

i am a bird in much needed flight

circling the boundaries of your torso

come feast upon this narrow expanse

upon me vile slime pearls

i am a king in a borrowed country

thief in a moral land a

compass in the mind of god,

dream house i sip your mortar blood

and grow tall within a seed's dormant thought

alone, my dream house stands sparse and bare ruined trees

i lonely begin the pillow cracks

upon manta rays or more gossamer backs

my world hugged

closer to knees

in sleep i dream of a sweet chill


the sun discarded low

into night's tar embrace,

in radiance worn

rise like a phantom's exhaled

aeroplane abandoned sky

unnatural humming dies,

most are dreaming summer

in nightly sarcophagi

conjured whispers inflict breezes

tempest to grasses

but to heads quietly dreamy

in ethereal molasses

so bronze wandered foxes glide,

cars vanish, houdini dark

waiting for rust or departure

softly, slight as curtain sway

a voice comes, entering moonlight,

sheer as a dewdrop about to fall

breathes oh breath of mine

you are mine

the gathered chill

beneath my spine

a phosphorus angel

arrives like scorched mist withdrew,

immersed in honey coloured mouth

awaiting mercury star spilt lawns

estuary of

flowing fingers,

kisses meniscus

yearning bright fin glimpses

a moonbeam insert

glides against the swan's wake,

thirst is stubborn

against curved nectar

the air of exhale


a throat collage

of flowing ingots

in sleep's unfolding

petal assassins

you are mine

the chill smile

beneath my spine

i cherish fading

together we stroll

immense shadow

your aftermath borrowed

sea sounding on a silent lung

eject the moon,

apparition gone




fat-belly, all swollen lips grotesque,

thread worm appendages imitate eyelashes blink

sharp brows adorn sunken delirium

cadaver full working network of spider cunning

bloats full voltage, a sickness under coffin lid

a beguiling bed wayward sugar filth,

tonight’s menu a culprit in molasses mire

a hobby less snaring

easy flies upon dinner plate,

kamikaze fingers

defences are assassinated

mister fat-belly

praying mantis that you are

a mischievous slit grin pout

juice the lipid greased entry

the contents of desire squeeze out

a plausible vampire tongue

seeks holes to exit from

touches grenade addictive shivers

there is no humanity sliver,

bruises spread deformed ink

he, meaning him displays

intention from behind mask gazes,

pulls needle slender fingers

till they go cracking sound tumult,

this palaver gains plush

abnormal groaning explosions

a body broken splits

descends again oh butcher bird to finish

in hungry enzyme grimace,

gloom rose red ridden stains

pollute white halo sheets,

discard the ultimate kiss, it's diseased

"swivel, let's see your face glare

dead, numb-eyed glass wax"

assume new sickening

a symptom of glee,

blunt spoon interrupts skin

a penknife on avarice rips in

all plague consuming a filthy sea

he, the obnoxious, unhinges throat

lungs on garble meniscus choke

there the blood's willingness broke

army ant vigor

he swarms over

engulfing the rest of your bones

a watch dead at seven, a limp necklace

but no flesh

window of overwhelming

audio on disquiet,

reset the room's damage

and the bed's appalled appearance,

disposable lips kept for future reminiscing

"would you eat your own son

to better your hole to make it fuller ?"

"oh fuck yeah !!!"

some motive for happiness

a facelessness

has come to revisit,


has brought yesterday

paused afternoon

on audio only,

mute folk go lonely

pages on wander

i'm trying to gleam

but cannot wander lustre,

no jubilee

but kamikaze

dull roots bring tired blood

thru' to the bored floor,

my heart will not move

subdued by being killed

waking is too long

being is too broken

it's easier to assume winter

a tourist in alienated ice,

wrists for watchers to glimpse past

assume what can be beguiled

daylight living has come to dusk

resemble statues on sofa's of dust,

are you are cobweb gatherer

collecting rust and brokeness?

tonight is clock gathered

silence roams thru' wandered thought and

buries blackly under metre butterfly dead

no soft whispering disturbs moth collars

everywhere the horizon is blank

no birds bother to rise or

engage lustreless breezes

rooms pour empty

constant rain grey gauzes

stares bleed skywards

some motive for happiness

in small flurries


in small flurries

i see you hushed

like flame across frayed silk

in small flurries

i feel you drenched,

uncertain skin

burns to a blush

tentatively awaiting

the blizzards to come

finally those snowdrifts

hem us in

in small flurries

they flit like mad things

and melt upon window panes

so quickly made

so easily slain

the craftman's cocoon and cuckoo moon


delete the constellation that

doesn't please

or a sun that will not fit,

undo a sphere that

methane dances on

prevent the comet's orbit,

from nothingness


your jewelled eye

opalescent, rises,

dreamers unaware

in clandestine ethereal gases

drift pale ocean floor


turquoise soared peak

anaemic within black heaven

so moist amongst star and their like

an opal set in robes of midnight

white fire gushing radiance

white fire and resplendent

gowned furious pearl

the sky's jeweler

is proud and

wastes no atoms

never shall we glimpse to an understanding

love is an ocean

neither to be conquered

or vaguely understood,

unfathomed as ever but as shallow

an atom's width,

a pause before free fall

and the heart shared

with it's mirrored faces

unfold or crease the person we could be,

refractile clowns inhabit disturbed

kaleidoscopes and daggers set

to invert when nectar implodes

without, and every appearance

every mapped look withers,

is pain something to be gathered

to heirloom hijacked senses?

i'll not borrow anothers hurt,

mirror surfaces stirred by tears

or wakes from deceit-wreathed entrails



last train tries not to rattle

aching wheels bring boxed shadow

across the viaduct

there the arch submits

to full onset of moonbeams,

an owl on slender duty

window is on sigh,

fields towards the bay reaches

groping silhouettes

a voice repeats from

chrome mixed surface

he stirs within the dream's thunder,

that summer breath exhales upon him

does not disturb

sees someone before the gossamer gate

synapses soar for touches to meet,

aftermath stars pile in gleams

the salt across him is asking for thirst

wants another moonbeam insert,

the bed is drenched with a wished for universe

he sees himself sleeping

a feint resonance in shells

then inverts the ceiling

wanders down modest cobble street

past the blood bucket and albatross arms

their spirits now too drunk

this voice mesmerises nectar spilt nerve

and hints of heaven and other such pleasures

the sea is creaking and the jetty is in song

whispers elongate their cool reaching masts

there stood by fatal crab pots, in moonlit knots

by the sleep adjusted crane stooped with rust

accept and shall we not synchronize oneness

come and deny your parents their only son

dissolve the harbor behind you

swoon to the view within these mauve eyes

and swallow metallic muscular waves

forget the water above you breaking

drown in me your permanent sea

let us be male manta rays

gliding over cold coral cities

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