seed beginner,

room for a spark

in a halo trembled


ensembles are

dissembling its soup

of scrapers and spires but

no breakers, no tides allowed

it’s tight here in here

a tiny buddha afloat

a liquid crystal clearing

in a cave in a pod trying to be

a slow slow albatross

a flotilla of loneliness

a ufo strange in

multicellular glisten

try navigating the

constellation switches

and the radio that

plays only heartbeats

this feeling of

upturned floors

sameness is


what could be a sky

could be below

beneath which i coil

in seas of red soil

clutching at writhing

and dissimilar thought

cloaked in growing fragments

dna wrought

float within owned

starry globe, a raucous

hole down below where

nothing is ever quite alone

peeling back feelings

rich uterine flawed,

pacing worn feather nest

hourglass blind,

come mother hear

your tsunami sigh,

i rapture alone

near to your spine

west of your hate

north to your love

south thru’ into

loudness, from

this unworded

bunker born into

patterns and bright

halogen patches

begins, i am

spring within winter

freshly hewn from

being splinters

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