tears for a fallen father

i will not let dark occur

or dusk inhabit the sunshine


i think of you

in sleep's most ambient gaze,

a gentle smile then it rained

a distant voice of

gathered whispers,

a distant song

calling you

calling you

to meet old vanished friends

but here,

here the sun is broken

and the sky bereft

as if sunlight

has been banished

and the noise from laughter, muffled

i will not let twilight

become the end of day

or sorrow to requiem brighter


for you are eternal

in my sigh

and i will



in every



think you in

every heartbeat pause

or season unfolding

i fold each empty day

as if you have filled


i'll go beyond

clocks to revisit you

in every yesterday spent

i will not let tomorrow take you

you'll be in every atom

every bud about to


i will not let the devil occur

or quiet take you,

you are infinite here

beyond my shoulder

but far from crows on

crippled boughs


listen to

the breeze

held within my heart


are named

upon every petal

tho' silence comes

with eyelids

full of dew

i will not forget you

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