love me

i am not solved

by your returning glare

of saturated sparkle

love me

oh curved universe

of image reversal

of beaten petals

smoothed out metals

a glass vertical pond

i give my gaze

appealing wander

but ruin is about every pause

return to your deepness

of infinite view, a fountain

never to have spilt

beyond thin hanging

disposable thunder

every appearance in gauze

the longing ache to be loved

the longing want to be someone

desire, it's lust, their futile ghosts

flee tepid warmth into coldness

and snuff out their intuitive spark

a moth in night flight


small humming sounds

all whirring wings

caution from mayhem

where the night jar sings

aloft shouting owl

and vixen bark

thru' crippled branch

from drowsy lark

beckon headlights suicidal wink

come false bird, velvet unheard

thru' gossamer sleeps

hallucinated seas

amidst breathlessness

drifts black night cinder

where death weeps

her nightshade fingers

fake firefly in nocturnal cloaked throe

madly swoons thru' blaring lit gold,

shadowing roots thru' home

my frost window abode

glances exchange this uncertain night,

the shroud which we both stare, exiled,

you, mosaic eyed into,

and i, in depths out of

you seduced by untrue fire

condemned to mesmerize

until spiders

have you murdered

and me upon which countless unfulfilled wishes breathe,

should they learn of flight

as damaged sighs they would flutter

the slender cracked iris

burning thru’ out mismanaged desire

the onyx womb-an

honey explicit suit

drips his format into most feminine kiln,

shakes the last stars

from trouser vertical smile

oh absurd swoon (muscles in repeat shudder)

both gazers soar,

so delete this mood

with synchronized removal

she's indigo weathers

in seismic applause,

loneliness is a wound

no amount of crowding will undo

the fragrant room creased ruby soil

four folded floors, a gleam less prism

a heartbeat's red rhythm for us to drift in

to flotsam fall honeycomb wall

oh dull bright everywhere

absorbed in flesh like throe and spasm

it's seamstress oh how it writhed almost broken, we strummed it's violet discord

until oneness unites each sphere

a clay lounge

of confiscated senses,

we trod as aliens but felt quite at home,

inside, our wishes, our demands were being met blind

cocooned cosmos

of wet capillary dresses,

no winter to harm us

or horizon to wander

there's an eddy of secret

sighing, a constant stream

of see thru'

no visitor can intrude

an arch of warm discolour

there the protein nets fully wince with shimmer,

we peer from circular oceans

in infancy, a poem of stray atoms

breath in a pendulum's swing

this space that separates silence,

balancing we strode

the blackness to this throat

voices on bright shouting

the tallest ceiling,

and stainless steel glee

ufo's repeating

the cocoon sad with winter

exposed flowers on the wither

but heart shaped persons

delete our strings towards home fading

the hourglass which we spill

from seed to imago

transparent as an image

window spilt

drowsy, then swept as sea horses in a tide

slow dew apparel

hasten slower,

mellow mallow

interrupts the horizon's jagged

watched grasses laze

breeze leafing,

consider sleeping

bees on subdued hum

there yawns a wave

onto grey idyllic shores,

silent floors

sunbeam gather

upon eyelids

heavy thumbs,

noise is taken

where sound is gone

dreamless drifting cloud

drifting gossamer wakes

of cascades and other soothing calms

we slumber a shell's spiral width

tumbling shallows, then further honey deeps

sounding spider lace sighs

completing our velvet canyon leaps

lullaby disarmed

we stir like fish disturbed

by glittering heron gaze

a scattering of scale

sea horse sudden mayhem

a stir of manta rays,

ink quick hares thru'

dandelion skyscrapers chase

burst buds frantic awakening

escape sleep's narcotic fastening

we gasp from ether

and shatter the shell's ambient grip

apparent rain is quick

hasten quicker,

faster labyrinths blur past

the poet stood over a tear

dark horses

gather assassin and

trespass in thru'

ambient crack or distorted sleeve

in thru' broken wonderful

a wave of curved night broke,

repeated heads in bruised worried rooms

corpses extend their lifetime sleeps

from this rehearsed nerve

i grew dead

day of hourly holes

swallows as airplanes fall,

i wither all those on soar

a sunlit afternoon

but removed

too shadow swooned

black lids, succumb under,

nectar in song

feels wrong

the forecast gave bright adolescent weather

everyone in lustful glamour,

words on sparkle from one another

cheerful kites outdo the sky's warm announcing,

where is the rain

to inhabit?

i want birdsong muzzled

and laughter

drained of every colour

those on sunshine


here every sharp edge is faded

every yearning expired

kill the optimist

drown the positive,

expire from day time's loneliness

and sleep broken

flailed by the serpent's tongue

this heart tonight is dark

it's direction leads to damnation

and sexual constellation,

we all need protein salvation

instead of newspaper annihilation


murdered the man too young

at his similar roots,



by readable wounding

by alienation


gave sapphire enough hurt

to wander suicidal sites

a terminal finale for newsprint to wonder

tonight the heart is sprawled

where obscene gazing crawlers

collecting dna as it's offered,

lie amongst the married

stood like a pink assassin

half a supposed feeling

distracted and speeding,

instinct crucifies a fellow

over horizontal tree

whilst ghost suitors wander freely

violated by

numerous eyes


loving the radar's deep stare

silence met and meant, speaking is for breezes

disallow names, accept polite rape

there's a silhouette in every pocket

wanting to be nailed

kisses prohibited

a museum of holes

loneliness exhibited,

the howling "O"

squandered pip waste

onto the weed rubbed ground,

moon fluid on the latest fetish

once aimed then departed

do the dice

of hiv

we try in vain to snare love's firefly heart

but deceit is a coat worn by many a smile

twilight almost fused unseeing lids

moth ambush, fly squadron audiences,

mouths on continual voltage

keep repeating "starling young gulpers"

only to re-desire again

to orally re-offend, where's the anchor in your trousers?

the thin line the spider spins,

footsteps memory ghosts, loneliness is like

the death of a close friend

or realising, there is no one

this heart tonight is shaken by the hardest insert

hurting beyond newly acquired bruises,

a tally of fourteen and still the mouth is more

come invest your poison thru’ out me

aftermath everywhere upon infected floors

onwards to oblivion

the motor way i maelstrom down

there the sculpted dead ply their stares

withered ones increasing by the month

passive lightning

lights up their stained eyes,

to feel the stench that love demands

until curses come possession to take command

there is a noose of want

thinking of skirts whilst lifting shirts

"cock will do when cunt is none"


be mine



entwine suffocation's deviant trip

dine upon a lover's interference,

corpses indigo with bliss

let nerves uncurl pubic furious fires,

a gossamer bird taken to the sip

of a gilded meniscus

be my valentine and rot amongst chocolate, mildew and mould

disposable roses are for no one

valentine, be mine, your soul is earned to be


be mine until quite old, and memories are antique

together we can painstakingly gather the arthritic bother

of our bones

draw love's collapsable heart until angina pulls

such blood promise apart

we can view the burning metropolis until

despair threatens us into a place of erasing

beheaded love letters burnt at their paper stakes

their fingerprints scattered into a shallow card grave

i'll throw your love into hell, i'm still waiting your thaw

until tomorrow is rotten

and milk turns into night,

when amethyst is eroded

and the last star is draped spider webs

i'm still waiting

neither with face nor eye

the light

cooled to a mere gem,

static, cloaked

in a vast hood

of tranquil, plush veils

comes slumber

to have the living forsake

and nocturne peers lustful

the great charcoal rims of night

eagerly awaiting to pour an army

neither with face nor eye

pale red pictures of home

hollowness rings empty

yet fond,

memory ripples vaguely sigh

over millpond

this no ordinary alcove

a rainbow sprang from

haven no more

a feathered nest longing,

may as well be made


or quartz

or granite tor


remember the closeness

of thoughts, two entwined

synapsed weathers sparkle along the spine,

blind gazing sphere lagoon

joined to your mind, in situ, snug fit cocoon

my untimely rhythms

banging against bone

the heel of which you feel no more

red heaven remembered

feint as daylight moonbeams


this estuary divided

punctual curlews flown,

atoms vanished within

the space of a yawn

a trace of kisses

on the wind well meant

the direction is wrong

the echo unmet

mother, i miss your hot blood

the red wallpaper glow

not forgetting your heartbeat strobe

pale red pictures of home

carved figure of brother and saliva

mild climate thought brood

sometimes a strangle noose

sometimes delicious in it's ooze

sometimes gnawing frost

more often

rotten disgust

pink scars

alienated by god's swarming,

biblical towers, suspect and lied from

sunday’s in straight jacket suits compress

the firefly into a squeezed kill,

execute the truth

oh i'm stood

at the end of childhood,

a constant tooth

hammering thru' the heart's lid

i forfeit my old dna

seismic protein won't alter

this is a single footstep not chosen

amidst cormorant wings of confusion

so it was,

gloom, extended

thru' every stared window

now, what was a hill

of stop signs

a canyon of ignorance

either side,

blackberry stains

upon my groin !

i am my own weather to succeed

but it's the hurt of

not having,

itself a poison

and silence whispers delight

to my porous jack o' hearts,

delight that is tampered with,

every romance is out of place

like a smile at a funeral

i created masks, developed veils

to no avail

the bed is strangely


ruin upon the glossy page

the failed always sleep in my arms

within two sleepers

a fist made from mother

a loneliness keeper

over gazed

opal stealer,

what will it take

to feed you


is a self explicit circle,

there's ammunition in every groin

red scenic muscle

inflammable snake between the orchid's split

sparks secure

nerves to reanimate sin

realism pictures

excite the muffled engine

they serve burning for brief whiles

stumbling from one sex to broken other

another sleepless infected occasion

to fleshes out carved figures

surreal confrontation

crawl inside another lone night,

another blight blights him of his disguise

and he is carved

truly as one so alone and discarded


the shore is sighed over

listen to waking

dew shrugged grasses

momentum of wings

and trees that extend thru' heaven

where is idyllic?

paradise cancelled

suddenly the day

is broken

polluted voices

inhabit the addictive world


let us inherit

grey air

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