love me

think waking, so be

the lakes of drowning

my prince on a torn horse

now is the hearse of

morning, feel commitment

almost counterfeit

whilst the window is

a throat outwards onto


the pillow now wrecked

i dreamed was a lover

opened as a dirty envelope

lonely did not exist, wreathed

in sperm, sighs and spittle,

heavenly hole for the heart to crow

thirst had to be caffeinated

and that wakeful already

fatigued, anchors from under

where sleep is a kingdom of

false clothes and has the harmony

of tongues in addictive song

but daylight won’t have it, the more

my body languishes the fiercer more

halogen-like brightness becomes

and those corpses out there lead to

queues whilst sinister traffic

exhales poison

i’ll not mainstream today, am too

heavy lidded and elbows wanting

to share the floor, let ceiling gazes continue

was i only a two glance worth last night

and both shrank? no invite to rip me to

find me other than ordinary

i have palaces that want to be wandered

and fingered for the shivers that such

touches bring ignition

this gash of old lonely, i am not solved

was i not meant for that regal curve of

a benevolent universe?

love is adjacent to seldom i know, the

obscured of heart are beaten petals

and frozen rope for valentine’s to hang

the longing ache to be loved, the longing

want to be included in someone, may as

well shriek the moon downwards

desire, its lust, these futile ghosts

flee tepid warmth into a refugee of

coldness and snuff out intuitive sparks

a moth in night flight

small sewing machine whirs

all fluttering wings

caution from mayhem

where the night jar sings

aloft shouting owl

and vixen bark

past crippled branch

from drowsy lark

suicide headlights dash

come false bird velvet unheard

thru gossamer slept streets

and hallucinated cement

amidst breathlessness

black drifts nightly cinder

where death sews anew its

genderless nightshade fingers

fake firefly no-glow-no-belly-

coals swoons against yellow

blaring window panicky almost,

my stillness almost broke

glances exchange this uncertain

night, the shroud we both stare,

exiled, you mosaic eyed into,

and i drowned depths out of

you seduced my untrue fire

condemned to mesmerise

until spiders

have you murdered

and me upon which unfulfilled

wishes try breathing should they

learn of the sky, as damaged sighs

they would flee buRning out -

mismanaged desire

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