death day

gloom becomes




dusk warblers

salute the passing

of shapes, perished

outlines -

this soluble day

that inch of edges

buries all, chlorophyll

whisperers, root to

anchor quieten

silhouetted traders

unwrap cinders,

charcoal nocturne’s

its gazing


daylight shrugs off

from lichen liked


an entirety of sleep

wades thru’  the

shadow molested


inked air

deepness into

every thorough


stars, pinched irises

of chrome-width yet

on full glint, such far-

away sparkles hint-

someone is watching

makes the heart glow

better, knowing, cold

is achieving its collars

a sleek glove of knives

patrols sliding thru’ wind-


leaf shiver and muse-

about the near rust that is coming

the plough is left awkward-

elbowed for dew to confess

oxides to fasten, wet and sturdy

for morning

steeples about repeat their

vanish, a raven’s wing

crosses the land where

scarce pheasants scarper

and the mind's

rubble vacates



a ghosting month

attended to by

another anniversary

attended to by


here, a copy of

tears is added to,

compiles my ocean

of deep shivering blues

i am sure i see you

roam where the pale

orchids grow and white trees

lean up against the palest hills

a river tends to and is


does the white hawk even


i am unsure of within my

own heart unsure of grief

that never exerts absence,

colour abandons grey

you are not stood or here

always near my senses,

where you stride in the

whitest of woods, do you

ever glance back to watch

the window occupied where

shade only multiplies? see me

in that wreathe of dusk

that continuous lane

arched over and ached with

rust, silent wrists shuffle

the barely warm sun

i am always thinking of

that certain someone

the voice of which i can

never catch

under a moon’s melted

beam scarce few lit

the footsteps i truly


moth stale

memory leafs there

thru’ the bronze and

quite broken corpses

yet another listening

month for the bare

boughs to approve

and winter to thicken

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