glyphs and glimpses



seeking but


are bare

and trees

lonely, still

greyness is lonelier

we curl into,

oyster in situ


and wait

whilst borrowing

from next year

seek but

no echo no

reply responds

why are we

achieved? a cellular

ask of full archives

i’ve piled minutes

in saturated corners

put stopped clocks for birthdays

this kind of seeking

the want i made a

lifetime for

is over and shared

with no one, nobody to

accommodate the page with

no one to incline

my dna with rude


and stupid still

like a mocking root

this low down

where the music of

honey plays thru’ out

other lovers


bones, and plinths

of rouge words shouted

stop the footstep

before it’s meant,

return yourself

into a most



there for the

kind skies to

evolve, to nourish

to placate the

everywhere that

everyone flourishes

seeking but i have

stood to it’s ceasing,

cut the journey from it’s engine

taken the road

and burnt it, what we

look for and

re-imaged it

and thin trees

slice themselves

thru’ sharp breezes

like loneliness

like being shot down

with quiet

now has been taken

it was then that

summer surrendered

and the breezes shook

their iciness, borrowers

of what chilling was to come

and the first leaf perished

in yellow curling, followed

by few then tens of torn

thousands, and flowers

undid their blouse hinges

letting colours fall

sad flags of an empire

akin to the rust that now

tastes, the air has

cemetery wishes all for being taken

find me


the deserted beach

cold waves glance

upon or

by the river’s slow

shrug of incomplete

mirrors, or the hill

crows are upon?

i could be in the sea

watching the land drown

or under autumn where

sleep’s gossamer shall hide

roaming the narrative of

woods where if stood shall

rot down to the messages

of the floor


when a minute’s last asking

greet my awake shadow?

by the flame nasturtium arch?

occupy my final step


i’ve buried well

haven’t i?

the nuisances

of prying have

been nullified

too much are

interfering eyes,

such tiny inquistions

are defied, still

such gazes come

i have let rust in

where it was meant,

and performed spring

where the hidden bulbs

are kept

bad radicals

and everywhere

went or meandered

at shop lavish enticement

there was sullen

eyes to the ground

where despair has us


takes us to the devil

upon me like a crow’s


like a heavy wing

sucks the colours out

minds to the floor

where cadavers grope

such thought

enthralled by what is under

the air is shook with

narratives, none of

quiet, the head was

meant for stars

meant for durable

constellation, to

write upon them

an idea among winter

and everywhere

be it room or

queue stood

molasses across voltage

shut off the smile for

it shares, and the breakable

horizon, take it off the


and the worsens

achieve terrible

weather, wrists filled

with clever ink

open routes of

red messages

hurt will out and

become skies owned

the worst of words

compel damage

to the shroud

or so the headlines shout


with childhood


at their dusk inch,


into perilous cave

a star less shiver

and rooted snake

or the wonder

that narrates thru’

sleep, a silver

dew scape

dream into the


into the spider’s


there are indeed

monsters at

your window


none of them

fleeting but true

with spur of


childhood tatters,

rags torn from the

tired scarecrow,

beneath is always

reaching clawed or

with a sinister paw

headlong into it’s maw

scarce reassurance

makes slumber scary,

it’s canyon deep creases

swallows every idle

dreamer, it soils the mind

with dented stars

my fearful

adult shiver

night is at

the window

eerie fingers

the moon

crippled to

a quarter

hangs hinged

like a

door ajar

a grimace of

blackness reaching

hear the laps

of morgue whispers,

become the voice

of it’s narrative

there are corners

with skeletons tried

there for waking,

headstones of shadows

surely are closets?

surrender to the sheet’s

strangle, hear

fingerprints cackle

as if someone other

there are winds across

the blown bay, come

throw your voices, hurl

blows upon the pane

the bed is drowned

and further rain where

sleep tries to entangle

is but an eyelid

forced open

there’s a floor that

won’t let footsteps,

and a ceiling that

leers suffocation

and the slope lists

to falling, topples

teeth like throwaway


convinced that morning

is never coming, it’s

applause of silver sprayed

gowns won’t announce

darkness forever schemes

it’s dark blink, a thousand

horrid greasy touches, and

gargoyles on floorboards slink

spider gussets throttle

the rafters and tie up

echoes to be murdered

there, scared lungs yearn

to holler

up where the rank moon is

pierced with a bayonet, it

seeps lunatic porcelain a

lunar wreath pale as moans

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