insert couches

where we fall

upright sailors

would blush

something of a

dirty smile

covets us

unlike snow

hot you rose

a statue to glow

the unglowable

spilt torso's

i orbit the sockets

eyes so blue famines

vision eaten

more moaned coats

this liquid veneer of

deep white splinters

bury me

collect me

in tripe coloured molasses

dissolvable stars migraine

intolerable flashes,

a pause of paws

then abrupt pistons

a mosquito hot

makeover, then ice

thin slivers pretend kisses

vaguely thru' me

imagine noisy sheets

soft silken snares

drape like necessary air,

this night

neither shall drink sleep

turn upon cold pillow

empty as always

empty now as the days

will be

farewell no longer acts

as an apt gesture

exchanging trinkets

swapping hearts

is is not enough to bury

ourselves in each other's frozen warmth?

surely not i hear you spit

all mad thumbs eye lit

it's easy to let the pieces

stay in bed or on the floor,

this empire of fragments is

building broken fingers into spires

why don't you

come and collapse me further?



forty four days


why haven't i

become a final archive?

a surname in newsprint

come laugh at this ink

there is no more to borrow

no more murder to add,

tomorrow is blank born

greyer than text book bored pages

furthermore is required to

fulfill the same awkward space

beyond expiry,

decease your touch from me

loved you

in ways that bring perfect rain

mine is the howl from a man

stolen of every colour

farewell corduroy angel

your entangled sleep visits

cause the somersault of my heart

to crease

the train gloss shimmering grows faster

painful departure from slate discoloured shores

twisting thru' sudden tunnels

as i had become quartz

until there is no more

holocaust every heathen

every cross a martyr sermon

a saintly permit,

come rid the pink swarm

bleach your own conscience to

subdue or fit,

collars go deep into

the perpetual abyss

like thirst worthy wolves move

godless thru' priest clothes of soot,

lunatics, possessed predators

unforgiving of another truth

were you in it for the kill

to watch the rainbow suffer?

bibles sanction murder willfully

oh vatican smotherer

indigo massacred

intact reds eliminate,

null the blush brimmers

azure murdered

beware beige polluters

purify kimono colours,

there prowls at the perimeter's ghost

moral poisoners

ignore their march of yuk

flamboyant flags

and deviant sucker,

a diseased enrobed people for culling

righteous aim from

fearful chapels

churches of built bones

lies will always air their historical graves

no collective

no narrow thought atoms

no despicable rhetoric

can annihilate the puce boiling sea

two fingers up to

the blatant spire infested

horizon no religion can


like nerve endings the grope of trees

hold the slight stained sun

in vain to hold that sphere skyward

but twilight's fingers can't be outdone

we neither tended fear

or embraced it's gathering ice,

stretched like forever on dew sprawled emerald traces

taut as if hold the world's very edge

day to ashes rekindle us awake

scowls of dusk imprint

caresses over each face,

this perfection yearns kissing

we watch the flame circle fall thru' into the demon's jaw

and hold each other to the ground,

certain body items are stood stone and


beneath such advanced silvering

us upon moonbeam floors drink,

thru' leaf guardians snipers cannot see

breath ghosts of what you meant entangles me

we allow ourselves eaten,

why must there always be shadow?

why must there always be dark?

discord shrapnel in our secret made heart

it's the way we are,

we in corners

or under bramble hide




i could have died blissfully

drowned in you,



such gorgeous blue-eyed-flare

bluest cut robust splinters

swallows me in there

body and proteins all

how intimate those

curves are, a

secure dew i

thought i would

find there

this be your mouth

a foxes discreet lair,

what skeletons shall

be gazed there?

insisting-ink-bleeds, the pen

a black blood

crime scene,

neat tender scratches

thru' paper tears

a wound for more ink to weep

sprawled is love

in spider tongues

unravel words

that hurt me now

glimpse back


you tore at me until the

axis cracked

i foiled myself

unbelievable wishes,

such dreams truly cut

plough deep and narrow gashes

your cadence trickles

like feint chloroformed cloth

it feels like the closet i will

get is your permafrost

it's cold slides into every abyss

in every flaw intrudes

sloping every statue i am

into rain

and i

dreamt your slick touch


when i was a most gleamed

come to me in iciest flow

raped body of it's keepsake throe

your eyes of dead indigo

how many times have i died in you?


greasy slid rivers

steeped with angels

dissolved from their wings

childhood statues perish

all alabaster cracks

and taints until

now becomes past


do not let fear compass

this soul's direction,

quiver not

walk by the river's greasy sliding


with lonely wings intact

tremble not

and trespass thru'

this noose of said lies

ignore such deceivers

and become me inside

my loneliness covets you

unbury my emergence

in all it's mad roots


turns to greater

faded fields

where men sculpt themselves


into desperate suicidal pyres

i yearn but weathers have me scorn


my falsehood nearness

to someone else

why are so many winters

mine to hold

for you to glance at

lit with dead promise

your aim wants me to perish

your smile

claws me down

into places

screamed in

so tangled by your

adult addictive eyes

brightly dimming me

sleep is no veil

it doesn't cease your permanent stare

memory feigns resistance

in truth unrepairable existence

imploring each atom to perish

to sprawl unleashing stale souls to freedom

words do not repent but reposte

more pointed

ever insulting

swarming alphabets a vicious tourettes

in spilt rooms

we spill ourselves,

a dutiful calendar

patrols our deaths

sitting room full of

vacant hisses,

cadavers in comfortable


froze there as

if formalin has

got us ghosting and

pure granite like

intolerable bones

gnarls and nubs

and grimacing nodes

necrotic breezes shall mow us down

disjointed everything

distorted everywhere

focus bleeds descriptive blurs,

outside the black winter hearse

pale thin mouths crowded

promiscuous skyscrapers

leap from

fall from

but don't watch

pernicious tongue shape

white coated prowlers,

this memory is grasped

much too close

locusts feed off perennial tears

abound like deep elderly puddles,

bolder comes influenza

like wintry slaughter knives

i am glimpsing incoherent pieces

what is there to support me now?

it sure isn't bone or even

laughable splints

dentures and vitamin strangleholds

to keep warm will i have to eat coal?

blood refuses it's tide, stubborn

was my youth a laid lazy

ass stain

now i barely push myself thru'

the next coroner's day

what light there is

cannot be stoked in a furnace

that has not been fueled for years

brittle hair of un-shampooed twigs

ill fitting skin drape as would a

body bag, corpses always want to sag

dissolving under thirst proof lids

tell me lover

in strictest confidence

do i with my abrupt skeletal clothes

add to the gesture of fun in your eyes?

do i spice the taste for exercise?

am i your slut magnet

your centre fold, a rust hinge

with my fractured speech and

sagging sloped cheeks? want to enter me?

come lounge like young things

and tongue the past

held midair by medicines

wearing nostalgic masks

the way we used to dress

an aftermath of tiredness

oh smooth away my soul

with a fucking caress

i am ancient webs

almost bloodless

photographic taunts from

images that persecute picturesque haunts

into places so loveless

had i imagined your kiss?

tide's time bursts from watches

as if i was never missed

and coveted by illnesses

assassin softness

oh it's you again

spilling words, hurling tantrums

imaginary stab wounded


more than hurt,

come point my ribs in any

aching direction

where emptiness travels

fluid swords

cold rooms no echoes waltz

shadows in aftermath of their fucks


where my noosed heartbeats cool

oh scald these blue lips

with your amethyst,

bring blood to colour your kiss

a tooth to contour my neck with

into gentle paralysis

shove my heart onto spikes

that's what it feels like

i'll conquer the light

that is delicate scars

and drapes across minds

colliding-star-fractures and sparks

that's what it feels like, a swallowed firework

here, low to the floor

i spin for the world no more

i wait for you to be the sky again

and i your ground

for you to thaw and rain upon

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