the sunlit  about burst

the air re-tasting

syllable syrup spirals

resonating sighs

roller coaster swoon,

heart space persuasion dazzles,

elsewhere butterflies

illustrate voltage

indigo arcs of sexual

vapours rise from hips


from lifetime’s eclipse

secure ether possess a

sighs diminishing

unravel ruin

reward the eye with glisten

and roads that blossom

rehearsed vultures watch,

ignore such rude assassins,

continue blisses

azure lid

that which covets light

brings the grey army closer,

obscures the lit sky

and depression moves

mauve suffocating lid to

rid the heart’s rich gasp

terrible silence

is a soldered wing meant to

conjure suicide


oh hush across me

with beneficial fingers,

sexual murmur

illustrate the mind

with constellations at play,

muscular shimmer

an intact fullness

has inches unravel stars,

indigo furnace

to the night given

the solemn eye is

skyward, rid the night of lies,

gloom ghosts it’s own tide

retreat all despair

and those broken from waking,

undo the dark’s shale

mischievous sunlight

unravel the devil’s yawn,

light up those looked for


awaken said roots

there is too much seed recluse,

come thru’ dull surface

illustrate skin with

intimate dew wanders and

star sap lit runners

let the sky take you

mouth first heavenly rain quenched

blisses glow-tail drenched


the devil doubts the sky

preferring illness of mind,


those who suckle dark

shall be absent in their lives,

thin mirror slivered

copies of shadows

slimly veiled in burnt out eyes

for rain to admit

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