sublime sexual

it’s a grower of sorts, a

scattering of

teases, petulant

and invasive

interpret the

protein message

it sings of billowed-


of the blows there

are several suited

the first is sparkled,

becomes stiff shark fins

others, total statues,

and occur width and

moist stems, excitables

are pollen in the wings

i’m dew all over with a

wet narrative of anticipation,

a climate of silver charged

atoms a weather shrug worths

in the mind’s in-escape-ables

an intent spire of, a glove

about to be filled with a

panic’s startle of breathing,

consider the blood’s waiting

networks synapse cities

from filthy constellations,

a hummingbird pound of

blushes into muscle rushes

a cordial river about to

burst it’s precise gleaming,

purchases the floor’s

explicit intimacy for others

this murmur is peddled

faster, up and up to the

soar of shudder, collect

jewels around the cave’s noise

i’m adult in graffiti splashes

limbs in multiple explosions,

stretched winds of gasping

lungs full of earthquakes

tiny seismics, combustible throe

i’m riding the headlines of

secretly entwined fingers,


ions lashes the linen

can mouths be this

early, this edible? tongues

have such familiar waking

and probe like questions

intense cellular song

electric rain and intrinsic

petals, stains galvanise

the sheets

tendons heighten their

limited sky’s, only

to find inches burning,

two in aftermath judder

my sighs in a sling

with sleep about to

escape it’s splint,

gone is the suburb’s moan

fold away the sea’s tears

i’m disappearing connected,

a synchronicity of dying

rhythms in a wreck of


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