tears from the cello as

music played a piano

and a drum

sometimes wishfulness

wish it numb, can’t

believe what once was

had gone

rain rides the window

pane making out the

smudges as it gains wetter

was high as the mind’s snow

line, inspired once, that’s how

you used to grow

softly cryable and used to

shadow a comforter of sorts,

quiet from where the storm

decided to rage

then was how it felt

all reddish pace a

lifetime’s ripen

blushes were sung

to, and dew left wet


so now is here bold

and pacing, i’m tracing

a feeling that can’t quite

find itself

the room i tire myself in

is like a room full of


i knew you once as

everything, now the

idea shimmers strangely-

nothing, something unclasping

absurd, for time was

shared and groans


today is uncertain and

acclimatises melancholy,

that melody i forget you in

all and everyone quite missable

faces where names were attachable

now clumsy and untraceable

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