the wasps are about 

you safely in dusk

whilst coffee performs

it's soothing shield

eyes were

upon you today

like rattlesnakes

words were convincing

like a murder



how many bridges

have you hired?

snipers at

the keys like

a gone off piano

purchasing airplay

like underwhelmed


cruel about

your lipid waistcoat

lime jealous

how many pills

access the world

for rainbows to ignite?

there’s bilge in the

critic’s potency, a picnic

for rippers and stabbers

without is those so full

of hollows, too many

holes to fill up with

toothless when you

are all mouths hidden

behind the staple

there’s talent in evil

sure the swarm is

cannibalism and edible

devils prove spoiled ink

they carve up the poet

into a bankrupt carcass

so come at me with wild

aim, with sights set on blaze

that misfortune cookie grenade

i’m more than daylight more

than blank, your “impotence”

can you defend your self-

righteous mirrors the ones

you fiddle ugliness in?

why can’t you simply delete

find no purchase of air,

we seldom care about

you anywhere

those tongues of crooked

are filmed over with disgust,

simply cease

tourniquet’d by loneliness

you add nothing to the

spiteful globe’s turning

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