how loneliness is


full of geography


and hurts like

panther gnawing

thru’ eyelids

punctures like

a badly worn


excess sky is

emptiness, no

peak to manage

the boredom

eyesores at the

periphery, secluded

in their blue metallic


damaged somehow,

refused shards of

another’s blisses, a

deposit of hollows

come like

mismanaged bones

a headache of


a crown of despicable

chrome, there’s no

interest in that floor

of ignored flesh

and that hill won’t

break it’s sadness

won’t allow the

mauves to caress

whose to plausible

pause for the anchor

to slip the treasure’s

throat? when the

ceiling is at it’s lowest

and the creek is a

dim mutter, defences

are malnourished

inflict the first glance

like the lash of a

pale hot orgasm,

as if geckoes flame

and spurt with flowers

all caught ingot bursts,

galvanised shudder

exploits of glistening

then shimmer tiny

deaths into that

blond hearse, where

all moans are metals

there’s plastic in this

arsenic flavour, been

had by and left discarded

for kisses to expel out of

like unwanted sewage,

a hinge of intellect

“let me wrap you

up in a flimsy grave”

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