repeating gleams

unravel only to

return to the wetness

of their sleeps

and the sky is

full of nowhere

far over from the

bludgeon of

religion where

toothed skyscrapers

rip at heaven

cities where no

angel would dwell in

and jackals prowl

uncertain morals

here is freeing of

so many imprisoned

atoms where thought

turns itself into a

wind’s worth of sighs

there’s a liquid song

being played under the

moon’s stage, immeasurable

shimmering, are the edges

on fire?

there’s an anchor of

compliance here upon

the shifting roam of

sand, an empire of

forgotten strides

let’s watch the softness

of dusk ease with dark,

come to covet, come

to cradle with invisible


wrapped in a cot of

blindfolds and charcoal

touches listening to

the lungs of the sea,

advance with whispers

all over me

i’m far from the steel

and the worry of stood

bones where towers

appall every kind of


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