goodbye happens

now the unfurl of

into wakefulness

atoms don’t seem

to have their usual


and what used to be

wonder barely gasps

nowadays, where

youthful roads were

limitless, full stops

exist now

climb the day with

jaded worth, there’s

struggle as if entire

roots are clothes

pulling towards sleep's dirge

breath has such lived

in undertows, witless

cadavers embark on

their daily roaming,

i drift on thru’ quite alone

and estranged, feeling

the momentum i have

is borrowed, myself

uncertain as a tremble

or nervous intention

i’m owned but belong

to no one, what used

to soar and glimmer

in another is quite

lonely now

companions are

silhouetted minutes

slices of speech

and fragments of

each disappearing person

some depart and

will never be talked to

again, some are rain

and will damage the

quiet shore

sleepier now than i’ve

been, opaque friends

diminish from what

they were, perish

by disintegration

it’s the way of all

nearness, that closeness

of fully earned blossoms

lends to comfortable

alliances, all become gone

lonelier days are hole

shaped, and time tho’

steeper still is hollowed

out for constellations

to be swallowed into

that same glanced at

sky changes but always

appears the same, that

boy who grew from a gift

of honey stiffened hips

a man now stood at the

grey edge, greyer still to

come, seldom has future

looked so expired so

poorly written

“come get me horizons”

are unapologetic tombstones,

am i too early to go? to

let the black waters soak

and wrought sunshine undo?

momentary kisses were

once, gleams held in a

retreating tide, can’t quite

reach those prisms now,

arcs so often in the gloom

what used to dash as

excitement could bury

an entire mountain or hush

a waterfall’s loud nonsense,

can hardly get the head risen

from off pillows

there used to be startle,

and such awakening that

time was enough to burst

in, ferments like good

blood compliance, there is

sung competing rusts

that heaven was in your

thighs, and laughter meant

jaggedness and angst

was elsewhere destroying

someone else

the years took many

tho assassins of health

tried to derail the axis

it’s why i’m always

balancing every sigh

heartache collects as

weather and is grim

with tear stain grime,

each tells of a winter

that brought ending

to each and every song

when? don’t quite remember

those sugar awful daggers

repeating their crime scenes,

they weren’t often but hurt

as if hell embellished it

so the discouraged peaks are behind

and fortune is scarce, ideas

have fallen where those

blank pages curl, there is

nothing more coming from

the worded river

it did it’s life proud taking

in the outside well, given

spirit when the storm was

fierce, now pack away

the clock’s pace




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