flavour of the wind’s

change is rank and

tells of the monsters

that lay in sticky wait

there’s a murmur of

uneasy, warns of a
maladjusted scarecrow

in a ceaseless suit of soot

a wig if you will that

medusa would be

embarrassed wearing, either

way it will surely stone the world

gallows approved of,

and atrocities defile

countries, ancestors

approve of their shame

shame long as a stalactite

reaching it’s grope towards

hell, too many secrets are

toothed in graves in skeleton mouths

so the march of

vigorous shadow

is as bold as it’s

ever been worn

deep as a blindness

we may as well

blindfold ourselves purely night,

ruin is about remorseless

that was the year that

brooded and from it’s

ink laden larder taller

shadows began

that damned wound where

populations grew over

one another, intolerance

and severe worked by the devil

does the dreamer know

what jaggedness approaches?

slumber won’t protect you

from it’s air full of knives

i felt warmer in winter

when the stiff earth

imprisoned it’s roots,

what comes now is

shuddering to think

about, it shivers

waking thru’ out, it

fences compassion

there’s mayhem in the

cancerous cell building

ideas out of broken torn

down cities

the darkest wing is being

brought to dowse the light,

scatter those who do not


bend them, break them let

the media tear them sinew

from spine, the new flag is

made of bleak blood deception

what comes is horizon

gargantuan, spindled

with a worship'd lie, unforgiving

as a glare of chrome

you won’t know living

from the dead stasis

when bed begins, noose

all daydreamers, tax them

who will heed the tide of

being pushed, being told

what to pursue? made to

moan when the lung’s commanded

mornings feel execution persist

like a grime that cannot be

dissipated, there’s a claw in

that perforated voice a berating voice

like a rummage thru’ shingle

like a vile headmaster with

notches on his bludgeoned

cane, rules officiate for persecution

harsh nations devour what

can be tamed, otherwise

filthy others ridicule with

blame, ditch the cots of malfunction

discrepancy of dna, torch them

with religious hatred lead on

preachers with your diamante

studded scythes

stupid wanks stupid, idiocy

presumes in caviar throbbed

towers, lord of all surveys

misery a geology of grimace

and there’s plenty, the dead

sky is forcing oppressive

thumbs upon the ordinary, and

people pool in suffocating drugged states

there’s none to shimmer about

the glade has been tarmac’d

and kindness reduced to

stubborn grit

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