over into elsewhere

surely arrival has been reached

and the sky’s been stoppered?

nearly to the clock’s last minute

will i be nostalgic as rust

once that rainbow bridge has

been diminished?

tears are only salt nowadays,

only winter cries icicle masks

thru’ the ice of someone else,

no one eyed for anyone

this is the last window looked

thru’, that last tapered cloud

being swallowed by dusk in

a red almost fiery glove

where the horizon has crowded

antigens, skyscraper bodies all

there is no trundled train coming snake-

like patience, no announcement

no message upon broken confetti

or the wither of returning sap

this is that edge that’s waiting to be

leapt, for all stood things will fall

another shoddy breath as if trying

to usurp the lung, and the sheets

moon patterned cling, yet another

skin to be free of once the fastening

of light undoes, and that drop into

empty, no stairs can halt or slow

ceiling gone, awareness like a fading

autumn, replaced by a season of none

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