this is nowhere

so this is nowhere

the mind is against

the fence

against the steel

precipice, out there

becoming absence

becoming spent, a

tired voice against

the silence

an emptiness so

entire devours


facelessness normal

now, can’t read the

sorrow that thrives there

everyone buried in

their screens, none

to notice me soar

once but that was

many times before, i

was a gasp waiting

waiting the length of

lifetime to unfurl, to

uncurl its noose

wanting yearned but

desire was never met,

undiscovered flesh

yet so many fleshes

persist in perfect


no one glanced over

no one took to the

clock’s avarice

i’m dwindling as no one

watches, a diminishing

that’s always been

now the road that promised

is elsewhere, the

approaching hills darkness

a hurried hearse

getting closer, days

hang rustier

lately sunshine seems

a little lower, a bland

room covets me most

unsure of what prowls

what tears the swarm’s


lonely ever is a medicated

quiet, a stillness that entices


so this is nowhere where

greying is a pastime in-

between the cemetery bones

and the finishing of blood

which kept all its messages

fades fast like quenching

this is nowhere where the

clocks are cold, precisely

counting down lives

been brought here too

many times feels i occupy

this blank page far too well

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