memory hill

rare that a heart should

fulfil its own secrecy where

the sharp shore imploded

implies that love was never

meant, unfolded like waves

do after hurtling thru’ out but

that last touch makes itself


succinct how it was so precise -

a fall a labyrinth of blindfolds i

took to dislike, how scarce it

was to feel that blush become

a rouge mountain to quiver the

sky’s shouldered mind, i wasn’t

the self i was, and loathe became

quite the city

too near it was never found, so

close it buried itself, so tired of

those lit pale waves trying to

uncurl, always incoming tho

fewer than anyone, touches

choose scarce, can’t quite

remember how such holograms


so older horizons have been met,

where your body was built of kisses

mine seems to hold pages of rain

and cloud continues drizzled graphite,

nowhere is often, love appears

elsewhere, sex - shaped, that wistful

now whilst thinking backwards

the smell of your eye hot gaze

tried to undo the ravel i am puzzled

with, two average sticks worth and

plain as disinterest, why sir when you

are so glimpsed take to me so gaunt?

i’m nervous as birds but you made

my thighs thrill until trilling like a

songbird making its heart comfy

and bright with gleamed things

from the rust of where i am now

seeing the roads you made me,

some are twisted and made only

to go down, making such souls

owned, you aren’t worth a minute

lived in, still you line my thinking,

presently i’ll tie you in wire under

waters forgetful to watch you sinking

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