and so the hills were taken

the hostages hoisted red

as stiff flags

he who has the devil in

a locket stands like an

approved of shadow

the entire sky you’d think

was his, the booted foe

that is indifference

tramples forests and

dismisses scientist to

drown in their state test tubes

democracy held underwater,

compassion has turned icy

turned flint, defiles welfare

tho’ trees have become

sour, and the climate cold

as a butcher’s knife

tho’ unbelievable has

happened, do not

sanction this vile god

an indecent usurper

groper of underneath

where hell surely lies

commit to the roar that

will rip him lie from lie,

tho’ the wheat of contempt

is torn and trodden over

no amount of pipeline

will strangle defiance

breathes are being

summoned and the

stern storm stirred

where darkness stains

the white linen of truth

know that your malice

will be removed, brick

by malicious brick, and

where stood a tower

will be a prick of a


and so the hills were

returned to freedom,

that male witch

that deceiver mere

fragments of blown

particles upon the wind

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