culled generation

you have




hope i thought

normal skies

footsteps going

backwards into


into charred days

ruled by asses,

stupids on the rise

like a sickly moral

molasses, diverse

being bludgeoned

in beige abnormal

hospices, chambers

of grey sucking

bleaching rainbows

into bland, there’s a

stuffed cartoon

stiffly surveying the

carrion land, elite in

caviar carved suits

the rest of us in

nooses, shortened

food the colour of

bruises, this a

rotten episode

where “off” is denied

you have caused

curdle, caused


and thugs, religious

stompers portray

biblical hatred

intolerance flags

hoist above killed


you have dealt

a futureless dice,

blows of ignored

climate, unmake

the birthday cake,

improve the passion

of poison, plinths

are being blasted


eyesore rhetoric,

a suffocated

century applauded

by fanatics, tomorrow’s

cadaver minuted by

now, want to proceed?

mauled by lozenge

large mouths, headfuls

of interference

this is addictive

suicide, waiting for

edges to dissolve

and death harkens

to silence, a mortuary

slab for mankind

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