a drowned god

i grew the sea,

grew the assassin

azure bright daggers,

terrible tempers

tho’ upon touching

slid water’s sleep

manes of aquamarine

what inks lie beneath?

what fingerprints?

about me, drowned

moonbeams, even

the horizon submits

into, how many whispers

nurture, how many ply

the salt drink? lungs

about to happen

to extend their reach,

do not enter me with your

poison, your excrement

abrupt shipwrecks give

up their bones and the

souls they’ve achieved,

i let your ribs darken cobalt

deafened coral cities no

manta ray will visit

no echo resides here

no memory exists

but compliant wetness,

mountains of such

steepness a sky’s

eerie wilderness

keep me here prism by

murky prism no sunbeam

admitted, the depths are

unnatural skies for

curiosity to search, i’m

every droplet everywhere

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