now is nowhere

i don’t seek

the yesterday’s

that i barely

starred in

or the roads

that when looked

back upon are


the hill’s shadow

is darker and

more swallowing,

entire lifetimes gone

but the


of now, each

minute devil owned

usurp the current

root that feeds off

fear, truly let’s not

be here

the air is anxious

missiles, and

blame is epidemic,

lucifer has a parody

impurity in the white-house

beige politics sucks

the seep of kindness,

every bough there are

millions of these arms

for rent o’ gallows

every cause every

page assassin, until

misery is flavoured

and made palatable,

shame should have

worn us into guilt but

money is such a

masturbatory god

these horizons should

appear bright, and

nations full of wonder,

we are eyesores to


there’s this cup of

tear stains that has

become symptomatic


and climates rebel

against our swarming

multiplication like a

teenager rots in


somehow the past

entangles it’s warm

roses, it’s where i

want to bury

in the gentle angst

of soil next to the

laburnums of rust

where wither takes

on it’s slow engulfing

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