"a wish foradded to "kissing orchid kilns"


"execution dailyadded to "dislocated sigh"


"chest pains that are youadded to "67-71"


"someone else will fitadded to "skinny window"

"takes him to whereadded to "slopes of sea and..."

"90s grimadded to "dear deleted world"

"wishful truantadded to "dear deleted world"

"depressiveadded to "the-un-repair-ables"

"farewell no longer acts as..." added to "100-105"

"insert couches where we fall...added to "100-105"

"discontinue today...added to "100-105"

"storm petreladded to "67-71"

"winter world callingadded to "232"

"you were my honey chainadded to "199"

"she forms the starsadded to "166"

"a body breachedadded to "34-43"

"smooth all overadded to "34-43"

"narrowadded to "the punctured hourglass and..."

"you shall not go unopposedadded to "34-43"

"wastedadded to "the punctured hourglass and..."

"arrowsadded to "meniscus"

"about to be...added to "you're more suffocated than..."

"it comes from in hereadded to "34-43"

i am where silence is,

my soul is dead,

- unlock the abyss -

all poems written and owned by "l. drysdale"

copyright before 2012-24 and beyond.

"grammar is antique and left to rot sometimes"


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