inches before dusk

in amongst

the glisten

faded dukes and

disconcerted pillars


one another’s


a robot bee

attends to the

foxglove bells

a warbler

enthralled by

glassy winged flyers

a stoke of roots

ink from the

graceful cripple

i tend your

shimmer that

sudden trembles

and tries to remark

tries to but the tide

of the mouth is well -

gleamed, a cathedral

even, swells with,

sighed with

an ache arcs

lightning thru’

the back

as if butterfly’s

have shuddered

thorough minded




in amongst

the glisten,

of spider cotton floors

and the moths

that assemble

there desiccated

the swoon of

bent worlds


so distant now

their grapple





that view roams silence

that seagull

soared window

an ease of

slow drifts grey

the solitary i -

find in watching

the breeze fingered


held there like

fly appalled

webs, breathable,

some kind of

lung shimmer

that tree points

from the wind hurried

cliffs, balancing birds

imperfect limbo hang

you can imagine

waves in mermaid

song, i drift there


thru the swirls of

ever folding wet

blues, drownable

and sublime

mostly i

laze there in

narratives of


staring past the

sill, staring past

rusty land, below

isn’t quite adult

it has severe paces

of drowning as if

everyone is filled

with rain

he’ll not know

oh trip of rain,

first sunbeam audiences

then shimmers greyly, tear stained

worse still, thumbprints

of water wields this

sadness further

wears us soul coloured

but sucks the smile from

its birth

of all the days a crew-

cut feels the knives

feels audible ice

cold cars squat and

gargling old oils want

to be full of footsteps

wants to be away in these

filthy veins, someone’s

eyes vampire’s refusal

a bent dog coloured

shrapnel by a dustbin lid

an offal kind of mirror

the day’s death is saying it is

unlit and won’t be responding, deep

in the armchair of morose and sulking

many are masks and droned

with striding, dreary has

come to rededicate its visit

gloom about, an oversized coat

of cheerlessness, air of dropped

pages bland as faces

a crow twosome tiptoes

awkward as rigor mortis,

anorak sacks of soot

watchful as i ran from the rain’s

frantic aim quite dewdrop molested

but root down warm

a newspaper chased

by an invisible lung

a gust of fingers

dances thru its print

coffee lures a dash into

buttery decor, a lair of

people gateau-lipped

addicts, confectionated

frothy drown-ables collect

stares, where the lonelier

go deeply into cappuccinos

go under oh collared throats

ah sublime glow-rush-a-feeling-

fiery-lively-lit, attention blazes like

yearning, on my wishful knees for

the strudel king scarcely layered

pastries ransacked with blushes

full of cardiac crawls, a cherry in

twisted mouthfuls, dreaming it

was you, there’s cream enough -

to make slopes sexual inevitable

to bury what truly likes to be

hidden, my life for instance,

without touches what is existence?

there to stride thru, to lie

in snow peak form and be

utterly consumed, thorough as

reaching i wish you were -

over me by the glass cabinets

come pilfer my intimacy my

secretive hinges, words are about

honey, come wintry meringue

take you by the zip undo the bored

planet that i am listed lost in, simply

fill it, make sore-sighed-eye-shouts

mauve fantastic

each gaze i try to stealth “of pretend

look aways” became magnetic and

refused every other direction

of all the smiles what would snare

most? my heart-soars-ballistic heading

upwards towards finishing, i offer

invitation and absurd anatomy

pirouetted sugar architecture

such wispy buildings, come

collapse my chest inwards as

you leave without notice or a

glance to make myself more

risen, leaving turns to gargoyles

shards and shrapnel eyesores

a departure of unlikely

unlikely as love,

mine is a dice

not going to happen

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