a smooth ooze and a covering

oh soothing tree beneath which we lay mesmerised

dew-like-moist in each other’s tender arms, “how

love’s conquest swarms strengthened by summer’s

boisterous warmth” so unwary of ghosts whilst

carving our initials with pieces of stone

ether drone

to us perfect song

come instruct this heartbeat to waterfall its want

cloud unresolved sculptures slide the sky’s measure

gargantuan snowflakes, midair mellow mountains

drift upside down, an incoming mask, there’s a

cockroach up there -if you squint- trying to be a fish,

a whale somehow catches sunbeams in a jaw-like precipice

cotton white seed heads afloat fay small crowns

he wipes them from his blond hair boasts their frail

cargo to unravel over him, oh dissolve frustration collars

suede hollows are accepting, whilst eye constellations

grope their glint n gleam and sparkled lustful fragments

your forever changing body leaves me quite uncertain

but certain of our gazes, into the flame of his blood

inflamed me, there glisters beneath eyelids

and butterfly-winged-whirlwinds, duplicate me further

incandescent arrow shoots oh honeysuckle wow

there’s an earthquake happening in us now

everywhere -


breath divided and shared stars

outside hid, has a harsh chrome world of grazes

jagged addicts requiring their bones to be loved,

vast holes lonely places loveless sea black tideless nothings

our half ghosting goes unnoticed but sped on a dark

collapsing axis, lifetimes of excursions and gossamer near

misses, i’m further swallowing ditches and poured pollen

thankful, we engulf wholeheartedly

flurry after inevitable flurry


cocked-crow-fuls awaken strewn


peal oh pearl a shocked roar, bud

does its clock and stamen calling

there in slick of wetly worded morning

stuck to a dream that is explicit, feel

wreathes of someone else’s fingers

startled secretive slivers thrives shivers

men-shaped-holes faded now sheet-

wise shame go hide underneath where

prying won’t learn of, come find me in

the undergrowth of losing myself

it’ll be captured in the nerve ending photographs,

fantasies outline the blood’s intake of

cathedral shapelessness, come lick up that

stem of fire, brightly desire gendered

“quietly” demands outside, go to the below

of normality and straighten, lest the red

besieged beaks vulturesque find you and

sail your abhorrent bones up onto crosses

i’ll stay in the sleeve of anorak boredom

trying to be in that skin of acceptance,

trying but the architecture of proteins

quite deafening, certain and not asking

you’ll find the sun-beam-less stood awry

stood in the linen of a lie whispering codes

from inside cupboards, corporate closets

for all those on fake taking it up the trousers

awkward around those skirt swirled persons

biohazard to look at, does the curve play itself

straight? pretending on remote the groin’s

lustre when in truth it wants other inmates

seeps a scent mocked treacherous ‘ere it

flowed, its sustenance makes feelings

borrowed, a locust constellation a filthy rainbow

to disown, weeps a scent, itself cuckoo bent

what shall his soil grow to make the abdomen

respond? do you alter or accept its glow?

should the inquisition dare to ask wear your

consumable skeleton mask

fruitful the body is plucked more than once

voltage sprays upwards thru’ the neck so

the pyre juices can collect, frayed knife

cutting edge, protein stars sexual orbit

so riotous lit


taken to re-sighing

the sea about that smile

has lips uncertain

strange proteins

unremarkable in their

fossil closets

view myself

unrepeatable mirrors,

an echo for a faded voice

what makes the blood

rub so, made far too curious

it’s starting to sculpt relapsed buildings

out of sleep out of waking

foes are about their sexual

offal, i am blundered with quiet

whilst all else has shrill trumpets

bones relaid to make for others,

i am lonely as

i’m wired to the frantic horizon of

cobalt blossoms buRning panic,

every cell-moan exerts lightning

stretches me further, extends the

height root-pushed-spires, where

am i heading? towards the bed’s flame

i am spiralled i am downward and

unraveled, the male knot is dreadful

and giddy with gulps and such a thirst -

it devours inside upwards, pulls at

drags down, don’t hide me in the

cellars of quite far below where many

lives hang not being themselves, far

fainter copies exist daily, still i am

every despicable want fullest on gasp

adolescent pearl raged then such tiny

cages molten worried and then some,

i am slivered right thru with hidden initials

now is neither before or an aftermath, aren’t

you “that unrecognisable” from kaleidoscope past?

a tuber's-worth seldom left to become its flesh

i’m moon soaked worry and the sheets will

betray, such secrets don’t leave dents but

bury such sharp acorns

there’s resurrection, an awful spire, drenched

with unnecessary weathers, come fill the skull

with obscene blushes

am i half of clandestine someone? now is nearly

done with fear gnawing as festooned mammals

with blunt cartilage and enamel

gnaws so deeply to infect my un-resourceful

heart, eroding something suspect into lesser

than was wrought

delete the person that came before, i am going

whilst convinced arriving, come strive me with

confetti bright men, a feeling gorgeously shivered

tho slightly absurd

come, we must hurry

come, we must hurry

the day is doing itself in

the boughs are preparing for dusk,

the quiet of my heart wants rushing -

with the fragments of someone

skywards cloud shrapnel begins to

dress the horizontal skeleton, come,

we must hurry before tomorrow is

upon us deafening shroud and all,

come commit to the rivers of my sex

i am a swirl of mixed up mirrors that

can never quite capture my face, i elude

the root’s touch yet want so much

to be loved to be entwined in the

trelliswork of someone rubbled with desire

come, hurry, the moon is slid downwards

and drags their white glared dress, time

is eating itself, future moments will become

sparse, none to spare loneliness that is

a castle now, impenetrable devil on a plinth

hurry, before the hidden elapses and age

becomes indebted to being still, strive

until the wish itself collapses, and night will

sew us in into being anonymous, there’s

a bed unshared finished with failure

an ultimatum of now why my inner of all

seeds still waxes, if kisses were true they’d

drag me thru’ the light drag me until soaring,

but truth is unnecessary crocuses frozen

under metres of non uttering sadness

where is forever but brief and held in a sped

second, a shutter-eyed-lense’d-intention catches

him looking handsome, aware of your nectar

shirt and what thrills lie beneath cotton hiding,

i am unwilling to hurt, explaining the bed’s desert

if this lifetime is being hurried i have not spent

that long, headstones are for oneway sleeping,

try to catch with eager mouths damaged rainfall

whilst the last flame guildes the final horizon, hollows

exist for sorrow to persist so commence fleeting -

before glooms exerts residual blueness and lonelier revisits

the maintenance of flow


rhythmic pendulum blows

summer strokes tick over

the maintenance of flow

i was wooded once with

a shyness, awkward as

shoulder blades, quick gazes

and maleness

- cactus wearer -

throw out your grenades

each cell throws harder,

protein phantoms start

their cities mumbled and -

shuffled, wires all places

push their fuzzy electrics

where smoothed childhood

now furs with panic

exact whirs are quicker

blushes much speedier,

the heart’s indulgent-

sway a boomerang rush

not knowing which way to

return and from this axed

moment will never stay


bones are stretching their

calcium rubber bands,

that voice now nested in

sounding of gravel

it’s the blood that hits most

desire made into gargoyles

and mountains, want is want is

want, a must have

outsiders acknowledge with

that same slant, tho the

camouflage is rich, try finding

what is expertly hidden

try oh try and i try, am i

such an eyesore obligation

refusal is too often? makes

the shape of alone

the hedges risk are thick

with unseen hands,

feel them, wear them

be them

my ambient brothers,

the moon has grip upon

mirror mounted lovers,

secret undercurrents waist down

my advised stupor inert

belongs an unwanted gift

suited to a waveless sea

secretive other kills the other

how to guillotine the past

a new seven inch limb

from perforated masks, proteins

work there atrocious dance

impacts and blows, the wick

of inside, petrol, an altered

tongue quite lit, i am seeded

to snare, to entangle

succeeds me with another’s

weird wired shadow all casual

thumbs that will go back to

anonymous when done

in repeated blows

summer’s addictive pheromone,

maelstrom puzzle confuses

the hell of everyone

plain ether

mitosis-scarlet finishes

crimson-blazeables diminish,

maudlin minutes drift those

dutiful mellow corpses -

balanced and blown dirges even

there isn’t much listening

the moon will soon take its

shape, full as a hole of snow

and brighter more whiter still

silhouettes live among their

anonymous selves, fragile when

morning takes them width and

whole and consumes their carbon

having time like these of

circles being worn and

re-birthed from a line,

a seed’s dismantle, then

a skyscraper

now is interrupted waking

whist the shores of self-

inwards are breaking, the

almost of having, taken

weathers are grey faces

even in july, incriminating

cobwebs are body saturated,

re-continue myself erasing

constant blows of wasting

are indeed wasteful, can’t

return from the past where

they are ingested into brick

the radio’s inmates are

gnawing, bulletins bored

as paint, another worm

of a tune becomes hateful

delete the heart’s agile soar

what was wonderful

is a gleam-less current of deniable

sorrow, too many swallowed mouths

inert to their dead words

laze thru’ out that unsteady curve

sunbeams ache awkward afternoon

a slow sighed man full of punctuation

is quite punctured inward out

head spaces dim corridors downwards

narratives that fume only with pyres,

wander yesterdays, is it cruel to revisit

what has already gone?

an edge like a severed forest or a

moonbeam slit, a puddle of a broken

bottle, whilst in its precipice falling is


erosion is removing me smaller

here loose dust drapes a

fashion-less exhibit, feeling quite


insides of



car crash





bring ether, bring faded people

least likely to wither, whose to

consume me from this quite

terrible winter? anyone?

it comes from in here

home around rooms around

a body filled with wet, waiting

to be sung out of but this kind

of voice hasn’t happened yet

outside has worse shapes they

are gnawed faces and wreathe

about daily, they are merely outlines

devoured by what slowly eats them

sadly seeing decline where the windows

pour out their eyes, it is afternoon a

buRning afternoon my voltage mismanages

flung and thrown about in cells secret

momentum began its wrought buds to

elongate out from the shyness i made

deals with, words like yearn added to

already want, a cut out boy with the finest shoulders

makes me mauve into orbit not knowing

why i soar this way, to stray is to fall to

have heads bent in the railings, gallows

for sunday’s reclamations, damn the bone’s hum

exactly when the word itself quite bending

occurred? i am unsure of, seeing him in

the sweat cluttered changing rooms glowing

about testosterone, initiates fingers into

what girth will tomorrow be quite absurd

there is protein troubling into planets, rooms

are for staling in and panic, must a mayfly

be hid in the clothes of a lie this way?

best to as cruelty is looking for a kill to

make headlines with, weather-me-outwards

to a conclusion, i am a kiss eating its

within to out, the dye is written and the

heart is said, perhaps i’d rather vanish

or be anorak re-hidden, if i could i would

have initialled myself gone like any other

teenage disappearance

playgrounds full of easy assassins

quiet really isn’t the best form of distraction

i was picked on magpies butchering in

a chick’s nest, can you imagine?

no edit to withdraw with a white flag so

the stone can't be crawled under, see

another white flagged also being dragged

towards and the thru the bramble clutter

hell isn’t this hell enough to have desire

re-gutted out, seeing a friend as something

else but not having, to set fire upon the

bed sheets nightly, to rinse the flames of becoming

lucid tuesday drew to its fresh close having

had the vigil of wasting, what pinks itself

with fruition with entire mycelium exerts

rainbows, myself included am a glow-about-shameful

dance me thru the bleak scarves to discover,

some are suicide notes in untidy blossoms,

bring on the holes to bury me whole, precipices

exert terrible religions

what comes from here can’t be disposed

of, or re-written, some say an exaltation,

it writhes it seethes its blood fountains

thru-out and re-blazes me

those termite minded have bibles for

thoughts, you cannot undo the winds

or reverse the sea’s pushing, whilst

you in your religious arson in such awful churches

mouths are simply hostages for sperm

you shall not go unopposed

there’s grey in this world

an assumed killer

elected for

there’s stealth beyond the crosses,

a red abattoir

prayed to

the dark it seems has a

lie to tell, a swarm of, even,

to be misconducted, misdirected by

lies are the city lived in,

what wakes in the night

isn’t fear but conniving

accept dreaming as blindness,

acceptance in such private stiff


there are many blind

pages, obsessives and

disloyal suffocations

possession of power makes

the gold gilded towers blinder,

somehow greasy, grimier

lies are being honoured by

secretive donors no antidote

can recover

out there killing with a word,

the murder of minor names

will be halo cleansed holes

furnace shame, prohibit

science and its scandalous

devil in a sirens blare

you own the summit,

disposable populations

genocide below it

no shore is without historic

blood, that legacy is stale

stained reddish and deep -

could swallow entire skyscrapers

there is a vacuole of hatred

a regime of squander,

falseness and now has no wonder

a derelict cross for

doves to spoil, hopeful

has a bayonet thru itself

assassins are the eyes

of others, are the watchers,

shall we comply in our dead rooms?


smooth all over

in amongst those jagged upright fingers

among those ghostly and gossamer grasses

windows appear dead

i hear you suck

kisses swirl the once

frozen momentums

where the winds of

autumn argue, shares

the corpses in its breathy waltz

tongue touches

tongue touches

glistering this event

whilst feelings upward

the magnetism of blood

blissfully becomes bent

in amongst the post mortem

where the crows have been

exact, explicit surgeons

where the crouched nettles

can’t, beyond the curtain’s


air advances rust advances

the long sleep of most, ignore

the calendar’s slow rant

tear up the sighs as they are

spent, seeps us in where quiet

the moonbeam colour was meant

grape ghosts in rich raisin cups

soars the blunt of awareness and

the floor postpones falling

taken whole to glow-gilded-

inertia-soul'd, there both seeped horizons

quicken, quiver

arc my ordinary spine such palaces

sings pale lightning, oh synapse this

silver message into mountains

flotsam everywhere opal as it spiders

smooth all over, entirely engined out,

outside wakes with a pierce, with a howl

a body breached

lay like stiff afternoon

waiting to be appalled by

waking, or re-cocooned,

daytime’s curious leaving,

several boughs eaten, the

lawn devoured by shade eating

scalpels everywhere, slimness

then disappearances, out here

gone to wherever elsewhere is,

unawares edgeless-ness nerve endings forest

where coolness begins to enrobe

begins to dew, slain there like -

loneliness exhibits in at an unlooked

museum, there are in such tinier

breaths, what blazes remembers

is going vague going into mercurial

fading, think “love drenched novel”

with only a nowhere escape

veined dusk rips the light, fading

is about time, all is, a view and an

eyesore eliminated, a coffin soft

room where explanations roam

deceitful and explicit, illuminates

the atom in its dreadful furnace

pale liver from a valentine tutored

homicide was immersed in some-

one quite insincerely spent, blisses

rented until the spasms got bored

and dented, left there a guillotine of utterly

no-one, a body where all seams swollen

childhood scaffolds proteins disaster

such internet monsters, visitors that require

wounds, a library of deceiving, of failed

sexlessness, never a gift but decimation, untidy

infected awkward roots reaching

yet always motorway-ing

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