a smooth ooze and a covering

oh soothing tree beneath which we lay mesmerised

dew-like-moist in each other’s tender arms, “how

love’s conquest swarms strengthened by summer’s

boisterous warmth” so unwary of ghosts whilst

carving our initials with pieces of stone

ether drone

to us perfect song

come instruct this heartbeat to waterfall its want

cloud unresolved sculptures slide the sky’s measure

gargantuan snowflakes, midair mellow mountains

drift upside down, an incoming mask, there’s a

cockroach up there -if you squint- trying to be a fish,

a whale somehow catches sunbeams in a jaw-like precipice

cotton white seed heads afloat fay small crowns

he wipes them from his blond hair boasts their frail

cargo to unravel over him, oh dissolve frustration collars

suede hollows are accepting, whilst eye constellations

grope their glint n gleam and sparkled lustful fragments

your forever changing body leaves me quite uncertain

but certain of our gazes, into the flame of his blood

inflamed me, there glisters beneath eyelids

and butterfly-winged-whirlwinds, duplicate me further

incandescent arrow shoots oh honeysuckle wow

there’s an earthquake happening in us now

everywhere -


breath divided and shared stars

outside hid, has a harsh chrome world of grazes

jagged addicts requiring their bones to be loved,

vast holes lonely places loveless sea black tideless nothings

our half ghosting goes unnoticed but sped on a dark

collapsing axis, lifetimes of excursions and gossamer near

misses, i’m further swallowing ditches and poured pollen

thankful, we engulf wholeheartedly

flurry after inevitable flurry


cocked-crow-fuls awaken strewn


peal oh pearl a shocked roar, bud

does its clock and stamen calling

there in slick of wetly worded morning

stuck to a dream that is explicit, feel

wreathes of someone else’s fingers

startled secretive slivers thrives shivers

men-shaped-holes faded now sheet-

wise shame go hide underneath where

prying won’t learn of, come find me in

the undergrowth of losing myself

it’ll be captured in the nerve ending photographs,

fantasies outline the blood’s intake of

cathedral shapelessness, come lick up that

stem of fire, brightly desire gendered

“quietly” demands outside, go to the below

of normality and straighten, lest the red

besieged beaks vulturesque find you and

sail your abhorrent bones up onto crosses

i’ll stay in the sleeve of anorak boredom

trying to be in that skin of acceptance,

trying but the architecture of proteins

quite deafening, certain and not asking

you’ll find the sun-beam-less stood awry

stood in the linen of a lie whispering codes

from inside cupboards, corporate closets

for all those on fake taking it up the trousers

awkward around those skirt swirled persons

biohazard to look at, does the curve play itself

straight? pretending on remote the groin’s

lustre when in truth it wants other inmates

seeps a scent mocked treacherous ‘ere it

flowed, its sustenance makes feelings

borrowed, a locust constellation a filthy rainbow

to disown, weeps a scent, itself cuckoo bent

what shall his soil grow to make the abdomen

respond? do you alter or accept its glow?

should the inquisition dare to ask wear your

consumable skeleton mask

fruitful the body is plucked more than once

voltage sprays upwards thru’ the neck so

the pyre juices can collect, frayed knife

cutting edge, protein stars sexual orbit

so riotous lit

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