the wish

to be somebody else

to be so many atoms


a mirror keeps our conversation

on polished archives,

sometimes a stare is returned

most are gleam murdered and buried

how many cuts

fill the entire view?

can dna be usurped

or borrowed?

flawless curve

the satin tear

unblemished by the

lemon sour in people's faces

the sculptures of each day

you are the vessel

i want to wear

accept each visit

into befriended silver,

curdled glares back

twist like a daffodil's neck

discard my layers

to be like you



in night's utmost nothing

a burnt out angel stiff from chrome wings

lusts for wanting

and spoils it's heart sick

and i am stood upon a sharp poised pin

aimless as indifference

overly dream worried

it's frantic wish never dims

in razor cut sky

a blood edged sun

appears to die

the mystery of smiling

a blood puzzle to unravel

or bewilder, hoodwinked swooners

in kaleidoscope confusion sexual brim

swirl sounded thunder, bird sung lamentation

spills from the radio's bad born mouth

how empty can empty be?

i am all hollows for you to surpass

when thorns slide their squadrons

stabbing sides where kisses hold choirs

polluting with sharp fingers

endless yearning free falls within

losing thru' you what seemed myself

your's is a light for my soul to be borne

your's is darkness for my soul's return

am i nothing but mere guesses

upon disinterested fleshes?

am i nothing but blind footfalls

tripping vast pools

of ultimate affection?

an alias for timely rejection

wishing to be left unopened

for the rains to pass on by,

tear loads for someone other

than those broken


cobalt cool holes

where eyes are set

upon their blank ghosts

my love

what demons crease

your black eased blood?

what kindness

has been murdered

adds silver to the mouth

trust is now dead vows

my love

an empty grave

fingered for you

my love,

a cold abode

where traitors go,

become collapsed rust

my love

churn endless circles

inside the clothes of judas


easily knifes him or her

fake smiler paused upon the

easiest of liars

dead truths blunt upon lips

where scarce wasps

polish their poison,

lies lie so sweet upon their rose hips

my love upon a thousand shocked blades

this golden friendship has failed

upside down

the hour be late

falls softly spun-out-spirals

velvet to touch

as if wept

it's hours like these

that cause my own sea to doubt

like forgetful seagulls

forfeit sky to skim almost drowning

grimaces stroke listening clocks,

come-glisten-shivers thinly struck needles

so fine as to pierce unnoticed sighs,

my heart became built of disturbed fire flies

and kisses lie

like angels melted

by their sins,

it froze me in the dark

a dew likened whisper

thaws the clasps

drawing liquid pictures

snowflakes upon backs




the dizziest height i am it's

cool jewelled water edge,

arise wood stiff sculptures

abandon from surfaces of the flattened dead,

should i sip?

hummingbird come kiss

unlatch this trembling, eager wish

i am a moth

you, the flame's roar in which i flit

and the carousel spins

step in

circles reduce circles

until distraction commits

my flesh to diminish

upside down

ceiling onto the floor

crawling inside to out

suck these hot bones

first in, then out

upside down

the head is sky

within me fly

your expanse of violent wings

king salamander, you all fire violet swathes

slide your burning flowers in

like a hot stream's path thru' out skin

all that should gleam begins to glister

on voltages nearer the sun

glow, unzip me it's ingot hinge

ghost, were it not for the coming of morning

our hands entwined would reach the coast of heaven

like spears the fiery sun did remove the eclipse

and the cellophane soul shimmered

companionship into oblivion


on empty stalks the beheaded gawp,

taut eyes clay eyes grope towards sunshine

half eclipsing, half damaging thought

fingers croak open and worlds cave in

the bedclothes are frost

encasing skin

drowned pillows have mouths

and inch pointed teeth

this cotton creature devours

head, hands and feet

a splendid gold street

it's vacuous people leer

thru' the shared sheets,

legs are lead

and being swallowed by the floor

gaunt rages scratch

opaque inside veins,

scurrying mad paws

hammer the brain's metal

into passive butterflies

formaldehyde grazed winds

photograph each still

but my landscapes

are dead willows

so blackened sighs

stir amongst death's denying echo,

falling sounds caress mute

unspeakable mouths

then reoccurring you

from bogus shadows call

i am all splinters sprawled

stairs made bone

tempting gleams for sleep to follow

to lapse within your ultimate echo

and made so fallow as to lose

every drop i have ever swallowed

the sky is the medicated ocean i tumble

it's flat despicable earth,

the soil is decaying me

in it's putrefying bed

and from it's unnatural edge

that voice comes syrup calling,

i slip the final trap

awaken on my back

the sheets twisted

as if around my very soul


and the heart sank undiscovered flesh, wrecked,

skeletal fragments lay sleepless upon seabed,

drenched in dresses of unbecoming silt

her soul waged, began to wilt and break,

the love we took minutes to build

decays under it's own discord and weight

fathoms down our love has drowned

where even the manta rays fray

so silent a whisper does erode her

the vow we had disintegrates

i laze above you

where once we synchronised

your heart reefs a shark,

scar, festering below pretend mended surface

tending to it's hate, she makes it grow

adding cancers to it's shape

"i will wait" she breathes an azure arc

"forever if need be"

"this place our grave

our home, our keepsake, our shame"

i add veils

and drift the shallowest way

some say shadow instills in others,

those that have loved collapse this way

and when all is most shattered

come collect these addictive wings

where those dark birds sprawl

their relentless midnights,

come ply me with dark roosts

your voice silk as slime

wail deep shroud

a figurehead broke

her swan head bowed

we are lonely and thistle crowned

and storms the sea

yearns for me

glancing back

your tides your fury i know

are treachery


sulking happiness slips

it's joyous throat slit

thinnest moonbeam across lips

where no angel wants to kiss,

himself, slim slivered precipice

swallowing holes

brittle slick of hope,

sunrise demises thru' into misfortune

sad stares from floor to wall

wanting my heart cobweb enthralled

but desire rages comet bright

as if swords and sharp whistles

hot with s thousand glowing knives

dead lamps do not glare

nor do souls abandon but tear

fleeced by cold and frozen futile bees

hang harps by their bludgeoned flutes

unworthy of their blood deserting roots

forever falls

like forever residing sorrow

keeps nourished to shadow

and shade to resound bolder

yesteryear's icicle dream

slowly poisoning tongues

grey river, a river dull with blood

black refusing night, a thousand drawing sighs

into gossamer homicide


slow into a hole

there to be choked

drift thru' snared entangle blooms

evening's gathering suicidal gloom

despair in which my silhouette cools

further into sucked blue





all flattened heartscapes

soft sleepless rain ghosts silence

mute heartbreak

tender as a razorblade

you by different names

cold window shares vinyl

inclement weather

it's noose time for the one

in perpetual stare

happiness should such sad rooted things come

cut it out with a severing tongue

an old ghost

tiptoes an old

ghost of dead voltage,

cold gloom points

amongst elderly

stained bones

this room is full

of holes and rotten


an old suit of discarded


'twas evening eating dinner

when it's memory struck home

spooning the bitter dessert

feeds this mouth alone

whispers of wishes

fallen to a throat

hint of deed

has kisses snared

here fingers a demon

tore thru' the artery's highway,

you are the guest

within my melt upon clothes

glows brighter when thought

spurns thought

they tide phantoms

a tang of autumn's cobweb

stale thighs

where white ivy

shares it's grope

and obscene strangle

where archives nourish

lightning flashes

your nightly fingers ease

across each heart attack

a lover's unadoring scent

desire has it's molecule truly bent,

unworthy of sperm

passion erred, punishment earnt

ceaseless whirs

concealment of hurt,

the ache of waking

what was never meant

a slow thirst a

slow heartbreak rots

amongst old shadows,

a ghost grown bold

me, so cold, why?

i am inert rainbows

and dead smiles

emptiness, the dining

room where voices rust

solitary corners where

loneliness flourishes

so often thru' draft

or by crippled creak

i hear you gently scream


smudged affection

treacle in which we persist


my croakless accomplice

eat thru' me

like a syrup

corrosive at it's

most sugar edge




oh cupid stupor

in stirred up rainbows

and swarming senses


by ghosting

flesh curves

both colours are


and deep thru'

with spires

made to moan

torso's and infected

butterfly lids

curdle the bed

with a sniper's


continue me

in a throttled


the kiss is greyness

an echo


hate is a remedy for

this sickness to snarl,

the wish to forget you

slumbering hesitant beside ice

voices prowl thru'

they whisper you, become you,

why am i in continuous

broken leaf fall?


in sleep the dawn of which i would forget

and recline ether

swirling honey reclusive dew

and moist cooling rainbow

reeling soft trembled mist

chains like feathers carve upon wrists

the hardest heart

limestone drought becoming felt

like tiger rage

into a baby's howling delicate foam

as obvious as a child splashing in blackness

or in blood

within us float the minds of men

it is here that i flicker on

like a shy tempest

wanting storms to command

upon slime sliver ropes balancing edges

mouths open way down below

wanting to swallow what's not theirs to own

imagine snakes

wayward thru' veins,

and silent fingers lie as smoke

unfurl, curling into us both

till dusk performs

when the body sinks


i would walk thee alone

upon blind sand's forever chrome

not even heaven

or meandering clock faces

could ever summon us back

you in brittle wake

in breathy undertow

mayhems circle

and the skin do seethe

with lover intent, angel speak

outstretched thru' out fathomless sleep

pluck me down

into your sober hole


silhouetted silences

until inferno burns fiery dream hurtle

a comet's brilliant white hot heart,

from chilled forest into sublime barren desert

dry winds suck the dancing enraged flame

me it's tinder, a lantern of fire

hot hands flicker,

and sheets of frost

and my clothes of cold

writhe volcano

interrupting the larva flow

we were petrol mouthed firework's

blue touched and fuse lit our salamander eyes

face like smoulder ignites thru' into each other's indigo

writhing expectant eels dart thru' colourful speeding

exploding crimson, petals the night with

the slimiest skins

from frozen we in nightly womb burnish bright

our souls made to calmly blister

firefly blood bubbles manmade sisters

in you i dive to burn off the skin's restraint

you all consuming geysers and steam filled kilns

we turn and scorch inside ourselves

every indecent colour, worlds within us sphere

onto dissolving floors

to fire with it all,

burn down angels

an abyss in each one of us sprawled

thirst suffers it's promise

to have more

but the desert is bleeding

white hot bare

into waterfalls cool

shatter across spines

like needle struck dew

our tears

on cinders howl

burn indeed does the man

who ventures thru' veil and vein

avoiding rain

come like gold of the sun

foiled with your burning explodes

warm and un-lonely,

togetherness glows

the hot intestines of the sun

unafraid with icarus wings extended

until killed by frost and made numb


so cold

so blue

the inside ice of you

so coldly still

and smooth

burden of dead seasons

slide over you

my last tear fell a year ago

i hold it closer

than i ought to do

stars crash down

less majestic crowns,

the sky is not worthy of jewels

i'll not forget you

chill inserted gazing

where the mermaids stray

all kisses afloat

until each breaker breaks

unspoken descent

where i brushed the sun away

to thaw

to pause my world in shadow's


drenched blue

my thoughts long for you

but the voice i hear

is one lamented

a sweet ghostly song

truly bled

so cold

so blue

tidelessly swallowing you

and to the depths

languishing upon seabed

am i lit

as frozen as your drained lips

i know beats the heart's subtle plumage

softer nectar lurks

in fleshy cabinets

one single gasp

unlocks the throat

and from that pipe

a chiming note

an echo

shall infinite ghost

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