she forms the stars

upon dust worn lips of splendour

"come forth" he said, "bathe my adult nectar"

"taste my sweet chariots

racing thru' blood"

and skies went

easy under into

azure blisses

she turned shimmering gloss star tides

glistened eyed,

garlands began to burn

and swooned him deeply to the neck

drowning, drowning him

inward fountains compel bursting

a barrage of buds and long rainbows to unfurl,

blazing bones

melt against each touch

colliding rhythms come full struck

a spray of stars did entrust

rubescent howl then emerald blushed,

he turned to drift

and sank like stone thru' innermost mud


in purest limestone melted gowns

amidst shadow wreathe cadaver crowns

speak her sweet unreason

and language lunacies

a lover's sculpted craziness

a tirade of sustaining howls,

into a clay pose

outlining despair's true inch

carved shall her white polished

fingers extend

thousand jagged star crossed beams

enter minds

a feminine frost of anaemic jewels

erotic hang wintered bodies of men

would be grooms for so fortunate a bride

stares too long, un-blossom sanity off

from tongues,

icy slow

shall shroud you unbearable coldness

silver sworded thru' neon hurtles

where freshly cut hearts curdle

"impale me more upon bough of night's crook"

"let drip with your runniest silver"

mandrake impassable roots dip from

wounds and weave thru' out

my soul's whispering song

madness's brim evil doer's


repeated rainbows broken

untold crimes commit beneath

her unforgiving ice

moon sighed

mourn when morning rise

i, would be groom

and you mine

my hanging bride

sky rid your

solemn traces

as if your snow curse

never existed

not of your flesh


no not i

not of your cambium creation

an emptiness gone from elation

a starlit lost shimmer

a maelstrom of cells borrowed


from your flesh not,

not untied

from your instinctive knots

in weathered chrome

i find rust

and unbuilt bridges,

if i want such crossings

to exist

but all my touches

drift wide of the

mouth's acceptable abyss

and shadows glance

off my own light,

wondering which membrane

i sprang from

flesh, no not of your

flowing glass skirt

nor from my father's

serpent stir

came from another's gleam

a spring's secretive seed

both tin struck

a celtic sea

no not i

not ever

this bond will

not sever

i belong

like a stray

not of your flesh,

yes undoubtedly

i belong

your'e loving touch

imperfect heart overwhelmed with cold

oh you'll not rust, keepsake of chrome,

the blood trophy has slowed

and near to ruby dust,

devoted eyes love

brim only loam,

and the see thru' seasons vanish

my life would forever dull

without you reaching

an inert spark wants invigorating

with love with weeping

so gentle so kind

desolation thoughts

let eclipse and leave loneliness far behind,

a touchable vow

a strengthening bond

sets fire to constellation





glistening mycelium

come to take your tongue

amidst pearl slime

and gossamer infiltration

unfair weathers

downpour cellophane

thru' out the poise

of chilled conversation

a frost earnt communication

our readable synapses

coldly slipped from a mirror's step thru',

yours of stone

mine of bone,

i stay above

you below

how i long the length of time to shorten

bring to an end the strength of lust

upon leaf spoiled grounds

every flower has shadow

every worm sung salute

compelled by dusk

no rainbow can break

into earth, my hands are sown

if only to deepen this caress

downwards and forever

someday this vigil of soil will end

night of last morrow

night of last morrow

beckoned unwanted ghosts

"this day be the deed"

he deceived

"handsomely behead me"

a lover's trinket spilt

frosts over,

undo the years of us in

bland shimmering bond

fifteen years of why?

now that corners turn

and pages return to boredom

such archives abandon

under weighty wings

but gleams have a way

of lazy returning

and root mind to tiptoe

short circuiting every glow

i thought the protein knots untied

and metal left to shackle other minds

less robust break upon their breath touch

the day is more beautiful as it bleeds

more tomb-like as my every forgotten, feels

blow sighs across slow skin

it's kiss, chilling,

smelt the sounds as if we were

walking permanent afternoons

last night felt the pillows dripping

where dream scapes were staged

it gave me false honey

bone edge sorrow,

where you stood an outline displaced

numerous roses began to poison sense

and bring kites to soar into and

thru' heart rip

i thought this armageddon

too late to refuse your usual flutes

and made you mine

please be the morrow

of our last night

and diminish in

set alight petrol

but he smiled from

anchor-less heart

knowing that

it would not

hollow'd bird

on tarmac skin

in air like sweat

resting like a dead insect

unfolded limbs

stretched for wings

with feather

not of the living

sinister hades

during sleep

your cemetery sleep,

cremate the world's

paper spires and

it's paper frequent people,

burn until the horizon scorches

slouched like

a squash of corners

still as a coroner's thinking

a predatory bat aware of it's


like a squat mushroom

do your hallucinogenic worse

sky worthy angel

swifter than a bullet's pace

a heavyweight nightjar

a murderous lark

thwart those dragonflies

that posses every red kite

butcher the panic below


swarms thrive

a stride of lightning

a molten furnace of flies,

your mechanical eyes


every cynical winter

release your sky defying shells

topple every wonder

come splatter us with yolk

an inferno always follows,

reek the heavens

until such gods

shatter onto their defiled cities

remurdering romances

torn from




lonelier hole

insatiable grows

and grows

and grows

seed head first

then thirst

such roots

swarm thicker wrists

always drinking


caressing nutrients

find the

lust lake

gulp it's fever


thru' out


abattoir of

the bed,

a mapped scent

sends alerts

to ward the mind,

he neglected or refused

and yearns to

glisten fishes

in flesh


catch mauve


where red cells

commit to

the aortic bay,

lust obeys

cascade you

all of a swoon

thru' out the

carnivore's wake

flowers smile

melts all withstood,

within defences

like a knife gone mad with

too many horizontal cuts

noose fingers pluck

unguarded lover eyed



tore thru' his heart

such haunted laughter

bleak wrought as thunder

his throat lies open

for the rains to gather

and for kisses to dwindle

come falling minutes

decay amongst the rotten potpourri,

wrapped in handprints

sleeping adorns such blasted, broken acorns

until eyes crystalline form

i shall collect his sorrow

his dusk, until i

murder him once more



those crystals form

in warmed suspensions

of stupefied blood

small triangles and

diamonds enlarging

slowing flesh down

fossilised in throttled years

an angel slumped

so boldly corroded

shrugged at, neglected or unloved


an afternoon beyond

yesterday, a gloom

persists it's murky demon

upon shoulder's sit

most are broken

and relive their own ghosts

by tuning into cobwebs

and bygones rust turning

it's as if autumn

has us all

in quarters where colours

sanguine leach from discarded leaves

we are stillness

not quite stillborn,

each night the sun declines

even lower and struggles

to thaw where past weeps now

unyielding it's hailstones

movement turned old

like an obese ballet

or star struck at

death's door

the swans we were

the vampires we now feed,

is this how antique skin feels

not quite defended?

we are cemetery pauses

here at yesteryear's summit

flower strewn paths, pollen flashbacks

cruelly revealing like a two way mirror

one is too old and too soft to touch

the other is bright and newly glistening

as if lover's newly fucked

death is the only entitlement


no longer do gush forth

sparkle and jewelled

i used to swallow you

the snarling stone horse

the twisted dog rose

blooms from lonely fountain jaw

mildew grows

it's eager stagnant fashion

caressing each stone hem

ivy mad sprawling anchors

gnaw like slow aphids upon

chlorophyll banquets

our love used to

cartwheel the moon,

why was it all to vanish

so soon?

hand-prints across old moss, like old sheets across beds

ghostly fragments over you

moths tonight devour the light

and in his great bower shall we be obscured

long intrusive velvet seems darker

but thanks be to whoever less colder,

we are grateful to be engulfed

to be silhouette saturated

oh lit eyes

why in curdle

why the sneer of


my kiss is for

the clone of


my whispered brother

my adult suckler

intrude my honeysuckle hilt

interrupt the voltage

of the dew

explored spire

spun upon the cobweb loom

oh ferment of the heart

within it's soft walls i

cobweb from being

a thousand strewn shards

restless dwelt in cobweb kingdom

crumbled with towers falling

and ivied quadrangles sprawling

like a statue's spilt mouth

my breath lies amongst

flowerless stems

brightly dull flamingo stance

attentive stares inert to

any other purpose as if


spinning yarns and spooning

shrill blood fermenting the brain

memory reawakens

stirs from fleece of frost,

bird instinctive beckoning spring

and it's decadent bud hidden bursts

but in halls of bright withstood carvings

and knotted flowing scars

childhood bruises are owed

the ones thought borrowed

each nocturnal curve has

it's own incestuous kind of hurt

an awaiting throe for me to cherish

oh ferment of venom enamored hearts

you spoke of tidings

you hailed bloom of thigh

the budding of elaborate birdsong

your brought the spring where it belonged

and let winter be crossed

then the blizzard knives came

to cool my searing veins

you cobweb, eyed

strip into my flesh, slips

ghostly draining fingerprints

and into cobweb my love was spun

inert as a cryogenic bloom

a memory hugged

lit stars acre across dusk hit skies

cold smoke drifts shoulders of shadow

then vanishes from it's apparition life

he raptured among phantom violets

in nearby crocus field,

hear his smile sing

but every glimpse

is near disappearance

like shells clasped in

last breath echoes

forgetful of the seas that

cast them there

forever is tinsel

in perpetual christmas

where every angel

hangs from greed

blackened anniversaries shimmer

upon sour defiant birthday cakes

swallowed by candles

as if each year was a birthright to delete or take

held him by a sliding stream

the sun was low and the first

arriving star gleamed as if on

selfish show

placed kisses in deeply inspired places

mosaic eyed brims raucous fireflies

no physical outlines could remain

eclipse our tongues

from words, silenced

from their insides

a curious route

for affection to linger,

the white muscle

spilt onto fingers

remembered slopes silk with dew

how i slipped fully thru' you

nostalgic caresses abandon what should

be forsaken, it's a farewell fond

if not truly mistaken

and fading promise

becomes parting


a moment later

only regret to savour

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