she forms the stars

upon dust worn lips of splendour

upon sea-shaped glisten that is

muscular eventful, synapse arch

and glow, constellation begins to grow

“come forth bathe in adult nectar”

“taste my sweet chariots racing

thru’ blood”, forfeit elsewhere

for elsewhere is numb

and skies went

easily under azure

wonder, under, the

most moist a cavern

she turned shimmering starry-gloss and tide

coruscated-full-witness-eyed, garlands wet as

tears yet began to buRn, oh swooning him deeply

to the neck, downing him, blissfully drowning him

eyelid under

comets streak throes

quite the wonderful

blows upon nerves thru’ the ribcage’s iron

unsettling the sturdy horizon, a raindrop to

a thirst into a desert that will become much

wetter, sighing him, oh spasm king

a deepness to fathom yet, so deeply does

the mind’s roaring, and ingots of shivers

writhe gleamers writhes the rivers of unsettled

mirrors” “i am moonbeam soaked up to the jaw”

“i am terrible bullets about to reimburse”

“about to rupture neon and vein”

barrages shocked-buds-chandelier-headfuls

melt me against its blaze-ables

her bay arcs and the spume that bled there

a spray of unreadable planets did entrust stale

tasting yesterday, rubescent howl then blushed,

turned into a drift and sank thru’ inner confit of mud

lit there

untamed untethers


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