duly noted, time is almost out

years have seeped -

faster than could

have been imagined


some days were elusive

mostly were illusion

paths quite mortuary


fitful, forgotten

was that all?

i was an armful

of sighs

where antique leaves

can’t blow but lifeless lie

achieving gorgeous bones

dissatisfied fleshes nonetheless

admit such deaths are rare

enough blisses

my body


cave of clocks

speedier levered so,

whose to catch yesterday


turn darker

as if blackened

further, and eyes-

gaze towards rotten

inwards, defunct palaces

strewn-broken a liver

of a sky, living is listing,

chandelier drab in a skull

happening somewhere

surely? is everywhere

alone, bland and hell?

mundane is yet another

lipstick proof shell a

bivouac of nailed poems

this bedding i know

too well full of my

own disinterested touches

surely they have had

someone else? surely?

but the mattress knows of

no other names only bored sweat

hasten as always months

lick themselves wasted

i was born once

elbowed out

pitchers of chemical

swirled petals, alien insides

influence the moon’s luminescence

white cartilage rooms,

it’s quicker if the lung

is let go

now that summit, the one

that glared tallest is downwards only

was there ever a thrill when the

first comet shot? addictive perhaps

and daily

is it worthwhile

waking yet to remain

stiff as sheets?

oh vertical damnation

bottles itself with such tiny


hey future ahead

aren’t the signposts

wrong and diminishing?

blank pages unwritten where

lifetime should have been-


there was no description no

proof a life was actually lived

in, merely a suggestion of

an outline for no-one

noticing, not even a crime-scene

i am heading out gathering

pace, my blood knows it and

chases towards leaving

oh such lovely listening to

what is already fading, knowing

the ribcage can’t last

when circled comes completion

a robust glow of just the once

then flickers into nothing into somewhere else

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