be not

far from the inconsolable-


my uncertain dusk companion

i think you thru’ the slow inky

trees, thru the shadowed latticed

fingers, tiny as shivers

thru’ the weird eerie worlds

i trace distorted footsteps in,

cell by awkward cell

there lamented cinemas of

living pile up in contemplation

in silver selfish arenas

where unkempt weeds

position their thumbs

and white hostile toes

where silhouette shaped

i build your bones, moans

glows and all

house me in your static

or in the cranium delved

with twenty billion stars

pigments of you coming

make the body i don’t

own rushed in

topple rainbows they can’t

outdo the eye or the mosaic

spiral therein

you are my only colourful

my only synapse reflection,

rid the mirror’s rejection

exact me nightly

shoulder up to the

dream’s unfurling smoulder

give me your pumice

bleak shore, edges

submerged sleeps under

continue perfect voiced

that every word resonates

shimmer, then shudders

be not i

would stride

pointless -

sinister mills

dead occupied


scarecrows in

blank crow-less


a whisperer

without throat or

lung gifts

whose to manage

me thru out aphid

infected summers?

worsens me until

lifetime appears




pale and receding

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