a secret held like ivy clings to a wall

when that seed was

faxed, it’s tiny

heartbeats grew,

the assassin and

sinister too

unaccepted colourful

bloomed, tireless a

rainbow noose, uncurl

from, how?

the flow is about it’s

glow, wants to outdo

what’s hid, wants voice

that has storms for words

oh the inert of quiet

this clandestine boy

resides entwined in

the protein sighs

in amongst that

moonbeam vigor,

come suck sadness

away, visits anyway

the rain’s been

gathered and tears

exhausted, for what

use is crying?

stiff blood fearful of

being sought keeps

desire silent, witch-

trials are about

much hidden thru’

out millions of buds,

that dreadful winter

can’t perish or expose

delete those glimpses

those who know nearness,

wall up the root that yearns


sparkle pool my

mind exists in you,

careful shadow lies

if you knew

hid with all i could

where the cobwebs

suffer and corners

double their stealth

hid every hint of

a message that

knows it’s stems

are wrong

hid with the swarm’s

entire camouflage, doting

upon silence just before

sleep’s downy arrival

knowing then that knives

are being hatched and

hinges pried of their

oily legs, come find me

there’s ritual further of

hiding, scarce connection,

a loner in a private wood where

the scant hellebore’s lean

now adolescent ribcage

where the recent man walks

from, beginnings are building

their pyrites, false hiding

but the heart’s grenade

an egg timer, is fierce

and won’t be season

ceased, nothing stops

lust the red bouquet of,

it has too many honey

licked journeys to happen

its doses want further

keep the door from the

sky’s vigilance, hurtful is

certain, the gallows of

their eyes say so

oh sparkle pool, the

mind’s litmus terrified,

walls that have nurtured

will be found and what’s


put to light and put

out upon the headlines

for crow dining, my

serial deception my

oh so duplicate lover

days are armed with

witnesses, no clue

or radicle pheromone,

no flag is given

i hide slivers of myself

inert despite ignition,

unfurl wants to undo

the room that is delved

by no-one

mermaid of zennor

where wave and sun

crash and bleed

a wretched lament

of seagull screams

secret enchantment

tumbles butterfly wings

her unforgiving ocean fathomless to all

who sail





the gleamed-surf assassin

in eroded strange words

sea spoken winds

caress the sentinel cliffs,

there, draped in seaweed brine

dwells beneath the maelstrom tides

fluid sequins repeat, gleam folding their aquamarine

fingers slow-lapse-beckon, mathey

enthralled by wanton beauty, wends his

silver stride to the cliff's undivided root,

of his passing, there was no forensic clue

there was hindered mercurial swirl

much shimmering woundfuls

moonlit daggers every moss hand print,

ignores soft lung breezes and swooned

barren, her aching coastline

strums palest summer enticement

involving heaven to turn last air to quartz

a silhouetted swallowed

by the water's mute muscle


heartbeat echo voices thru' moonlight entangle

come swallow the sea between my legs,

be that forever, that bereft flotsam

down where the parcels

of heartbreak are

and unravelled

salt his blithering kingdom

of devotion

"i am ether now"

in a most drowned shell

in which the sea flows

your abnormal skin

concaved to where a hollow dwells,

oceanic crumbled breast

between lands rugged ends

vascular, converging

as the thames in veins

they flow towards you

the ever-beating heart

forever rippling folding glass

perpetual past and aftermath,

all comes gushing into jewelled brine

mermaid, myth and the like

glistening flies scuttle

where edges begin,

waves break with obsidian

until horizon touches the sky


she does rouse your devote blood

but ignores the sun who swallows

the entirety of phantom queued heaven

oh raindrop gatherer

meniscus keeper,

what soars can easily

drown, and does

abhorrent swans glide

coral skyscrapers,

aquarium of ghosting

your surface quite unbroken

explicit sunbeams roar

but cannot reach, photon

across photon slides but fails,

a shipwreck silence kept asleep

these swarm of sighs

liquid constellations glint

an aquamarine ladle

tomb grey then nautical green

the snarling gale

interrupts silvery lazed mirrors,

trespassers in blind built vessels

wary of such siren peril

and terrestrial as i am

i no longer fulfil the treason

that washes through your polluted corpse,

such are farewells

in shells, your oh so distant voice

held amongst brittle labyrinths

for me to cherish upon land

dry of your watery floors

childhood amongst the incestuous slither of dreadful snakes

awful feeling creeping,

shivers that are trying to be frost

gargoyles watchful

from yawning closets

shriek and slashed, the wind

with it's tongue lashed whips

howled breezes beneath floorboards

echoes curse, sprawled tinder-crimson-delirium

unseen branches crackle, shouting fingertips upon

the grey abysmal window

tantrums, thick voices boom

supersonic thru' defiant air

shatter the third word assault,

murder the axe meant stare,

razor blade aims anywhere

the sitting room curdled

with one throat defeated,

weird silences interrupted by wrists

creaks aren’t clues or helpful,

a faucet drips like a sloppy mouth

there’s someone underneath

glueing together shadow,

scarecrow murmurer in the dark

watchful is best from under

polar bear sheets

the mobile of uncertain planets

is half a spin from falling

there’s scared breath full of


beating wings are frantic

pummelling aorta panic


quiet daggers downstairs

the storm outside


idyllic air replaces



so the noose was made

at birth, the bible insisted,

if certain blooms realise

make inert or exorcise,

bludgeon badness back into

devil shaped heartlessness

comes those sobbed years

rich redness, turbines getting

hotter, wistful is such gloom

music whilst the proteins

start to rebuild and repossess

startled cathedrals

in among those faces as

so often is, loneliness and

disliking and frequent

scathing, there’s a score

to be had and it comes

from the stem a whiteness

of stickiest heroin

more globes are fur and

getting more addictive, more

mouths are wet and attentive

obsolete of diction where

kisses are sucked onto and into,

lust an inferno-buRning-incentive

yet hideous is a feeling that is

habitual and knows it’s bones

well, that skin is a scowl over

it’s own disgust, why delve into

continual thirst? an entire

sea is needed

so quiet lasts fewer and repeats

less for those moments of stealth,

flatline isn’t but keeps on steep

steeples adding spires to already

brooding want, why is every minute


each contour with finger followed

necessary inches being swallowed,

insatiable swoons desire with

hailstone shortened spoons,

a crumpling of defences that

desperate act "love" loosely wired

each pool of sweat

know the meaning of,

a hummingbird whirr

from a three eyelid flutter,

such ugliness clutters and

endures with ugly others

corpse-like moments

stiffness if you will

rekindles passion a

lurch of one thousand

tiny famines, comets

aim heart-wards

fragrant yet so spent

we are outcast eyesores

peripheral nuisances bothering

mainstream compliance,

small wonder we are lonely

ghosting one another’s fingerprints

alliances seldom meant

a glisten truly bent

a calm beneath ice

this is where

noise exacts penance

where the root struggles

to be heard

over is a head’s worth

of interference, of verbs

clashing with annoyance,

terrible atoms too loud

is the yearn of the wave

once it’s broken to disperse

to be elegiac? wet thru’

mirrors lapse into gone-ness

aren’t we all cathedrals of

sighs of jagged burden

wanting a statue’s stillness,

wanting relief from waking?

turn from the tide’s sharpness

turn from online prying, i’ve

packed my ether and refurbished

the cocoon i’m protein building

below a shell’s purist white

there dwells a calm beneath ice

a seldom place where none is

known - a stood still - a precise limbo

think stretched swan horizon

think gossamer tear thru’ a

blizzard mind, where furious

water becomes watchful glass

think nerve ending exits, followers

of dead rooms, a cerebral invite

where voltages-tired start to sing

to behave meteorite glamour

cellophane quiet stops audible

worlds stops their insufferable spires,

cease those radio inspired mouth -

engines, cease the volatile

raucous are neutral coffins now

and persist in the deafness of

thinking, whilst anywhere is

almost and continues shrinking

feint corpses float windowpanes

an arctic eyelid,

in between memory spaces

silences strew and fade

this is where, hushed

i feel so utterly alone


abandoned from every touch

vanity crush

“i need more ugliness”

states adonis flatly as

the sky he strides under

morose and pouted

“i’m a polluted self-worth”

lately self harm has

caused the headlines

to stir, pecking their

gossiping butcher birds

telltale maps are a life’s

readable pain my head

tells me, this is a sleeve

where everywhere is

watchable, warm evenings

are making the blood worse

much tequila in that song

of lovelessness

go on slide down daylight

to your photon perish where

dew hastens coldness, where

stars prickle far away

you’re “worthwhile” is on

a wonky respirator being

barely lungs or so the mirror

spitefully stabs

can days be more hurtful?

beautiful embellishes

everywhere it’s graffiti,

those that are reluctant

and inward

hate your own dna,

refurbish the soul

with go faster chrome,

people are bored protein holes

i honeycomb mine

with dreaming,

never felt that

immersed, reality being


can’t achieve belonging,

too many are occupants of


glued-in reflection

too many are immaculate

perfection, whilst drab others

are ugly and rejected -

shipwrecks whilst trying to be


deceitful out there has much

thinness, too many starved

poses, sacrificial-page-altars

under a preening meniscus

a stare imprints onto filthy

glitter, does the returning

gaze make you feel pretty

or dirtier

i am suited to

a stare-less world, you

make me unnecessary-woeful,

unfurl your cunt elsewhere

ok? no in disarray

a planet spilt

mouth consuming mouth,

eat your own sinister hollow

i’m wrongly wired sushi

an alternative flesh that

fleshes no one’s ardour

discarded as ignoring

quite boring this anorak-

living, there is a pill to

make the sun stay down

to ensure those tiny harms

i’ve witnessed enough my 

own window pane and what

menagerie exerts outside, 

a lie, an expansive lie

it drapes the sore reader,

you are unworthy of bright

ether, you aren’t quite

human either

why is need a drug to

blink into someone new?

murder the hen so a revealed

swan is born thru it’s stab wound





climate of chills

teenage lilies falter

abrupt mouths cease,

the advert is appalled at

such premature ghosts,

oh fearful watcher

anxious eighties, gloom

seeped tv screens, is the

horizon’s view young coffin

lids? are we death’s early


wept a diamond as i weep in a throe of ice

frozen soaked in bedrooms cold

where warmth should gnaw blissful holes,

pleasure grenades with us no more,

nowadays always afraid

we, the young, etched with cobweb

some are ruins after, some are

glow-abouts before falling broken,

torn by the headlines whilst all

else is frightened

dead disco’s no music wants to

dance, fleshes can’t tell if there’s

poison in your advance, fashion

hanging off from bones, there’s

a twelve inch dirge about

creased lives are protein gamblers

almost tombstones, bamboo sick

fingers and shadows upon coughs,

we are squandered by many a

secretive winter -

- ambushes artery arenas

in amongst casual beds we caress

one another towards ravine edges,

twilight shall we fall numb and listless

having heard the phantom sigh out

the diagnosis

fearfulness has "bedroom hostages"

watching you fall slim this fallow season,

pale to paler and see-thru’ thinner,

“being no one in particular”

expiry sooner than anticipated

starved of affection

the veil

absurd here,

feelings soar

then resolve under

watchful strictness

how to keep the headlines

hushed or sparse or indifferent

stared to stars

beneath nightly spying,

imaginary exhales

buRns the bed under

quite shivered so

then completely dissolved,

abandoned from comments

stood lonelier still

can you connect the holes?

make the smokescreen clear?

watched minuscule ripples i’d

lie in your muscular grasses pitched

headfirst into forbidden trousers,

afterwards such aftermath corpses

blissed there then vanished,

whose to trace such crimson kisses?

sperm managed furnaces where the

pollen shrieks when blushes court

awkwardness, half a touch too far or

a glimpse that shuts it’s own aperture

disarm the prying radars

murder those usual detectives

the swarm has intention so unnerve

the hive's balance, graffiti the inquisition,

if sneaking into that slice of my heart

prepare for blindess

eyes aren’t they readable instructions?

do you interpret my blood’s menace

or the shard i wish swallowed? is my

shadow that worthwhile to obsess over?

i perfect deeply blurred gazes no glance

is strong enough to undo,

find me and you’ll find absolutely nowhere

a nobody where once i stood

there is a smile that no one knows

not illustrated or worded, a secret

curve when talented nectar almost hurts

it’s the sweetness of it’s maleness i serve

i’d rearrange heaven

or usurp the half lit wife this

world of savoury moonbeams,

discover me, i silhouette

disgraceful yet untraceable

far from this

could this be the stretch that

depletes itself? i’ve not enough road

to follow whilst all else is


cannot conquer my own dreaming

wanting seems fortified not to happen,

there like a wisp of hopefulness, then

sparse as mismanaged ether vanishes

close enough to the core’s narrative

could die here as easily as passing,

precise “here” isn’t wanted, i’m three

sad minutes of

a compilation of boredom

two minutes and 59 worth

of what? few kisses

fewer bodies delved in

exact nothing is what

the sum of all is

a clock built entirely of rejection,



and that is asking

the mind to respond with a

climate that is otherwise dagger’d


wishes would comply

connect their mercurial mountains,

if what was dreamt would

live instead of skeleton drifting

would life be worth striding or

the destination just as bland?

am i losing that impetus, that ballad of striving?

the horizon’s dullness is quite blinding

despair is in courtship with my

soul’s verse my lazy lie where

that filthy tide investigates,

smothers me dead thumbs and all

despair’s every-wearable-gloom-

infected-weather infecting the now and

near, i am sought after for falling

to be kept there like a seized teardrop

hurtful because everywhere else is

soaring, ideas tho’ i breed them are

unsuccessful but disrupted cots

my journey bled from

no man can borrow a lifetime from another

no man wants a coffin-lidded-sky,

achievable nothing from the day of being born

once was stood worthwhile

daily i am someone other

otherwise bleak as a funeral hat

where the mouths of disappointment

point, euthanise tomorrow

could the moment assume its rainbow

resume its cocktail gland? i doubt

any colourful would happen

if only i

could chloroform



my husband is skeletal

a white hot limb

starved of spring


possessing only the rust

acquired from years and

failures of often, we met in a

gaunt cafe, the coffee was sour,

it’s people incomplete

thin as sickness, thin words

seep and pile fat regret, a

jolt a prelude of once was

he drank me as a tide would drag

its corpses to lie under with, there

to sing the rattle of it’s cage

eyes about stare-less-ness

sobs framed within blinking, offers

a black bleak gateau slice

moist and miserable -

innards of temptation, it says

“come wade thru’ lifetime’s docile

disappointment” “come partake ether's

polluted poison”

and drift, how i drifted, there’s a precipice

velvet-torn to slide thru’, and there was

rapt, a dripped consciousness

was wowed by peripheral thirst, it asked

me deeper, deepened daggers as he looked,

a swirl of dead crows in his midst, oh how

i swooned beneath its coffin lid

a machete of midnight some

betray, an altar of raw senses,

my jaw can’t complain can’t undo

those bony vampire kisses

they insert a soil that knows my stem

sends this cremation into ignition, my

blood spoilt and parcelled with

mayhem, hear crackles of red

it’s a redness a nude road of exposed

nerves, and lightning hits them hard

as if the ceiling is about to blow

of all the beds you’ve taken me

all reek the same, death has been

homicidal shuffling tarot

in the shadow’s unseen hinge

they are gleam-less now, one an

anniversary of phlegm, a daughter

cried over like birds feeding

that third bed where the liver

wouldn’t respond, blue enough all

dreaming gone, 3 cups of,

did their terrible drowning

“exits are a plenty” he tells me

as if giving of a gift, that pill-full-

boy blazes stiff against paleness

folk are such superficial crocuses

not even elbow deep, the blisses i

acknowledge as fathomless and know

only the furnace they come from

“aren’t i exempt from hourglass

haemorrhage, from the tireless

suck of wasting?” “you aren’t” he

enters into me like a drought

there’s a bar called “erebus”

got me drunk on “limbo” it

tasted of otherness, a rotten

digit for a cocktail stick

roams the dance floor a predator

dark as petrol, bare wreathes

each bud stale, seldom can

summer be trusted

my handsome fellow of soot

in a coat of flowing undisturbed ashes,

that stare bodes infinite my

dreamlessness forever

my shadow taxi

my irreplaceable vacation

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