love me

think waking, so be

the lakes of drowning

my prince on a torn horse

now is the hearse of

morning, feel commitment

almost counterfeit

whilst the window is

a throat outwards onto


the pillow now wrecked

i dreamed was a lover

opened as a dirty envelope

lonely did not exist, wreathed

in sperm, sighs and spittle,

heavenly hole for the heart to crow

thirst had to be caffeinated

and that wakeful already

fatigued, anchors from under

where sleep is a kingdom of

false clothes and has the harmony

of tongues in addictive song

but daylight won’t have it, the more

my body languishes the fiercer more

halogen-like brightness becomes

and those corpses out there lead to

queues whilst sinister traffic

exhales poison

i’ll not mainstream today, am too

heavy lidded and elbows wanting

to share the floor, let ceiling gazes continue

was i only a two glance worth last night

and both shrank? no invite to rip me to

find me other than ordinary

i have palaces that want to be wandered

and fingered for the shivers that such

touches bring ignition

this gash of old lonely, i am not solved

was i not meant for that regal curve of

a benevolent universe?

love is adjacent to seldom i know, the

obscured of heart are beaten petals

and frozen rope for valentine’s to hang

the longing ache to be loved, the longing

want to be included in someone, may as

well shriek the moon downwards

desire, its lust, these futile ghosts

flee tepid warmth into a refugee of

coldness and snuff out intuitive sparks

a moth in night flight

small sewing machine whirs

all fluttering wings

caution from mayhem

where the night jar sings

aloft shouting owl

and vixen bark

past crippled branch

from drowsy lark

suicide headlights dash

come false bird velvet unheard

thru gossamer slept streets

and hallucinated cement

amidst breathlessness

black drifts nightly cinder

where death sews anew its

genderless nightshade fingers

fake firefly no-glow-no-belly-

coals swoons against yellow

blaring window panicky almost,

my stillness almost broke

glances exchange this uncertain

night, the shroud we both stare,

exiled, you mosaic eyed into,

and i drowned depths out of

you seduced my untrue fire

condemned to mesmerise

until spiders

have you murdered

and me upon which unfulfilled

wishes try breathing should they

learn of the sky, as damaged sighs

they would flee buRning out -

mismanaged desire

the onyx womb-an

this a room of near stars

if scars succeed, stopper-

the comets to come, a catastrophe,

a silence will have dirge begun

honey deception for that planetary

martian where want is more desirable

than god, a bee carves worship and

a tongue that knows the right lanes

comes to this adult addicted terrain

where monthly a lunar dot furnaces,

“i am full of sharp indecipherables” she cries,

shakes a cut from trouser vertical smile

oh absurd swoon, repeat shudder whilst

gazers soar their “elsewheres” then

deleted mood an aftermath-slovenly-pyscho,

out-glowed and what insisted, shrivels

returns him to the soot of boredom

renowned for its daft slumber, she’s

indigo weathers all clattered mirrors

in seismic applause and spasm

what has the serpent done to the wound?

made magma its groan but loneliness a

bandage no amount of crowding will undo,

the wall will always return unlimited staring

that kernel-bowed-buckled-bower

a soil of creased sores all folded

floors, a heartbeat’s red cargo,

flotsam grenades honeycomb furniture

ah dull bright insincere everywhere

oh flesh-throe and cordial twitches,

seamstress how it writhed almost

holes broken, comes home fading

strummed its violent discord -

until oneness reunited -

a double sphere worded outwards

a clay lounge

of confiscated senses, we

trod as aliens but felt quite at home,

inside, our wishes, our demands met blind

this yard a finite cosmos

of wet capillary dresses,

no trolls to harm us

no horizon to wander

eddies secretly sighing could

be languages of air, a

constant stream of see-thru

no visitor can intrude

that arch of warm discolour

there the nets fully wince,

we peer from sideways shaped oceans,

a foetal poem of stray rearranging atoms

not quite breath

in a pendulum’s swing,

this space that visors

that incites the hinge

strode blackness to this unique throat

noise ablaze shout-ables,

voiced thunderbolts and

surreal clinical flavour, ufo’s

repeating tasers

the hourglass we shrug thru

from apparent seed

flimsy as parchment to

sturdy-scaffold imago

transparent and hollered as an image spilt window

drowsy, then swept as sea horses in a tide

slow oh slowly dew apparel

hasten slower, mellow mallow

sculptures of ceilings flow'd over,

interrupts the upward’s jagged

watched grasses laze their leaning,

breezes hardly leafing hardly breathing,

considerable sleeping much is under

eyelids, bees subdued musicians

there yawns glass enthralled wave

onto quiet grey idyllic shore,

silent floors sunbeam gather

no sharp insect or raucous flutter

ether, gossamer thumbed -

disturbing nothing, noise is taken

when sound is gone, the underside

of a coffin's peaceful residing

quite dreamless quite ethereal

watched whilst walking amongst

cloud, drifting moist wakes that

isn’t rain and tearful, cascades and

other such soothing calms

we slumber among an ammonite’s spiral

tumbling the unlit shallows then furthers deepness

completing velvet canyon to precipice leaps

lullaby disarmed, we stir like fish

disturbed by murderous herons

amazed at such fleeing, metallic

dashing and gleaming


a stir of agitated rays twisting -

blackouts and tornado scarves, ink

quick hares thru’ strewn nerves chase

we gasp from quite underneath

shatter the shell’s ambient grip

dash thru cellophane grasped shimmer

whilst sleep thaws its strangled hinge



failed seas

tipped under








trespasses ambient


in cracks

where mirrors

are told not to

no room

for the clown’s smile

about to be beheaded


is emaciated,

night broke its terrible mouths

a lifetime’s

filthy sleeps or

so the corpse feels

from this

rehearsed nerve

i grew dead


in a dismantled


star rotted

the usual mindfuls,

days, minuted holes


mortuary themselves

stillness and ill

limitless everywhere

exception being this selfish prism

a fence inward turning its insults

black lidded

cumulous inch out

the rays

birdsong muzzled

and laughter

drained of every colour

those on







in a jar

of electric blazing

dead skies

dead lightening

rushes in



grows awful shadows





here to


and does

by slow




flailed by the serpent’s tongue

this heart tonight is dark

redeems damnation a

sexual re-constellation,

spires often, protein salvation,

instead, immoral annihilation


re-murdered the man far too young

took him by the rhizome and tore

it unrecognisable, tore it right thru’,



by readable wounding -

by alienation and evil readerships,


enable self loathing to wander

its rank feeling a suicidal comet

about to hit for tomorrow’s

offensive newsprint to gloat

tonight the heart is crawled

obscenely with, sprawled with

lips that always misfit, feral,

frenzy devourers, half others

lair-watchers upright stiffness,

once had, back to the marital bed

fled to that unaware carcass

addicted and full, oh what a

labyrinth stickiness, what a

fool, regret has more teeth

and gnaws, how to outwit the

lie becoming shaped

but sex is about reinfection about

reinvention, blazes its long reservoir

of want, a dirty genome a mouth

on wordlessness eats anyone,

moonbeams drop down filthy

suitors phantom towards the

misty gauze of handprints, to

clamber, to cloy, to swallow,

gasp horizontal benediction

as if touches haven’t been seen


numerous eyed,


exaltation, senses


such statues met

and meant, speaking

is anonymous for breezes

only, disregard names

but accept polite rape

this is how lonely is

exhibited, we try in vain

to snare love’s firefly heart

but deceit is a coat worn

by many a smile

so many treacherous smiles

guilt is a worm that reoffends,

eating, devouring trying to

devour the blood’s lantern,

the mind’s traffic has the

orbit of a liar and refunds sadness

how many masks make the

possession of a man? tallies

of them

the heart tonight is obliterated,

aftermath onwards to oblivion

the motorway we maelstrom down

there the sculpted dead ply their skull stares,

withered ones increasing by the month

passive lightening

lights up stained eyes

to feel the stench

that love isn’t, love

simply rots

“cock will do when the chalice is none”

the thin lines a spider spins

like nervousness like time,

footsteps ghosts and falling,

loneliness is like the death of

someone or realising there is

no one


ah sway of



be mine




desire does, detour entirely

wreathes me

in thirst

that isn’t forever but pretends to be

connives thru-out

into possessive mad enthral

into abstract fractals of flame-less-ness

into dismay

into discordant

ailments and discomfort

certain limbs

are being


a suck of

in continual

flutter, panic even

makes the

heart manufacture


ah climb that blood

spire with many

inflated tongues

be mine

eternally cloyed

and dealt with valentine


suffocation’s deviant trip


upon a lover’s inheritance

be mine moaned

fester amongst chocolate ridiculed with mould,

diagonal roses are for no one


absolutely mine

your soul borrowed, hollow and noiseless

be mine

until overly old and derelict,

memory antiques and creases

together we can mismanage

the arthritic banter in our bones

until the heart’s cathedral collapses

we can watch the buRning

metropolis whilst despair

threatens to involve us


beheaded love letters pierced at their paper stakes

their cheap fingerprints scattered into a shallow card grave,

i will throw your love thru hell, still waiting its thaw

until tomorrow rots itself

until milk turns into night

when amethyst is eroded and

the last star spider’s its death

i am still waiting

neither with face nor eye

the light

cooled to a mere gem,

static, cloaked

in vast hoods

tranquil, plush and veiling

comes slumber

where living forsakes

where the cloud corpses float

as nocturne’s estate grows its

charcoal kingdom, a dark heir

eagerly awaiting to pour an army

neither with face nor eye

pale red pictures

bunker? cavern? absurd cave?

red lazy words chase

graffitied redder tails, cochineal

comets, cardinal drumbeats

rush hoofed and rufescent

coral coloured ambience

claret sails losing oxygen,

reddish pyrexic house a

mauve room of logic a

tiny planet replacement

that awful season that

dropped it’s skeletons,

sanguine listener upon

a flared screen, perhaps

a firework of limbs

a hollowness rips its bells

scarcely fond its geography

expelled, memories aren’t

entire, a bloody alcove

of misspelling


in situ



walled quite up from the world that knows only sharpness and striving

rhythms won’t weather

along the spine’s sparkle,

dragged moonbeams

surrenders closeness,

haven no more, town of quartz

spilled out like a slick

made to feel blazed by

ufo’s ceiling stood, don’t recognise

other discolours except red

and thunder from inside another

traces of kisses went

the direction is wrong

the echo unmet, all hollows

now unable to refurbish,

a collapsible universe, doubtful

i miss your hot rapids

of blood, the wallpaper’s

living glow, its rubescence,

its heartbeat strobe

pale pictures of home

carved figures of brother and saliva


in the blast of




whilst proteins

city the playgrounds

fairytales cull in

a derelict swing

where gnawing

succumbs what

stood for

a finished slide

where yesterday

post mortems,

husks of toys -


now that more elaborate

daggers are carving out

the hillsides are carving

out nerve endings

i was childish then

in the furnace's delightful

education, the dirge of

puts doors to then

the younger of me where

measles punctuated, is

confirmed dead, an ease

of, skin and under

a constant tooth

a hammering thru

the heart’s gorged


refurbish whilst bones

start to motorway start

to stretch, a rooster of all

blushes, inflames blazes

this is no mild climate thought

it rants and carves out intimate

strangers, resumes and re-clutters,

lonely, assumes sameness

there’s satan in my sunday bed

a cliche of bells that each church

bleeds out, pointlessness inside my

head, the 80’s is scaring itself

“go kill yourselves”

falling inside, falling hasn't chosen,

desire being woken amidst swarm-

wing’d confusion, amidst the

flutter utterly-comes-shrapnel

and silence whispers delight

to my porous jack o’ hearts,

delight tampered with, each romance

out of place like a smile in a morgue

i wreathe my own failure

creating masks that were daily,

dreamed a lie so see-thru and

unavailable, the bed’s stillness is

bipolar, an arctic for no one

this is where i grew myself

a shape that won’t fit itself

and lie there like longing,

a part of but never belonging

red scenic muscle, the sweat

off the shore sweetly does the

inflammable snake in-between

an orchid’s edible grin

oh moans up thru the bay's moan

upwards, soars, excites the

unretrievable engine, there’s

ammunition in every groin

only is for brief whiles, the briefest touch of them all

carve myself broken, there’s

enough hatred out there to

wake the world, trolls enough

to purify their seldom churches

into grotesque ailments

there is still a child within

this adult capable of re-

drawing the past to remake

each silence become her and him

stars thru out each victim


did you think the

mountains would be

replaceable? life

is becoming fossils,

sparse trees in museums

the shore is sighed over

inconsolable as the winds

shorten, momentum of

wings that will never reach

incarcerated heaven

where is idyllic?

paradise cancelled

suddenly the day


polluted voices only

inhabit this addictive world

let us inherit

grey air

whilst perishes


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