a wish for

sat in the saturn of

a room, counting

rainfall as each wet

hand happens

ignite the hills i

wrought you in

blaze me about

those indigo briefs

down in spasm

lane, there are

such lick-ables

upon complexion

fountains are up

spitting out glass,

a tornado from being

held unwraps itself

wish myself around you

like dew-ish-ness its

silvery grasp unique as

spider web illustrated -


your silence

hearse like

a glance

without root

into unnoticed

into a burial of pillows

precise hiding in

the dark’s allowance

if i was rubbed with

flames, if bronze layers

muscled, perhaps the

sex of it all would catch -

itself aflame

have your tongue lean against

make the countryside tremble

how much harder is it to wish

to make its substance add ribs

to the lung of a dream, to make

desire rename ourselves?

your silence


a feint

smile distant

how all recedes all collapses, my honey made cathedral caramels into darkness, cuts outwards like a blush like ignoring or refusal

yet longing is a canal a

lake of dispossessed pines

fraying, an ocean of sharp

glassiness re-owns reflection

try oh try, burial by clandestine,

immerse in several other faces

in bodies that do not have the

same light, a writhe of, my icarus -

stupidly rising

airy nowhere where the shore’s

sinew is lapped with sheer

colours of regret, where traces

of friendship go where tides swallow

left here to enrobe, to emblazon

lonely libraries, another heart-

wishful embalmed diary, certain of

its thorns whilst empty

skeins of intestine still house

butterflies blissful tantrums in

tiptoes of explicit sugars, come

tease the nerve’s citadel with

masculine and lightning

foray into the bed’s asking, commit to under a moonbeam’s sticky mask, be raw there an effigy of punctures,

let all light leak out as tiny treasures oh my throated-orchid-accomplice

sucks the greyness out from heads

gilds untamed and seas i know

you keep shaded and secretly un-

worded, i think the pace thru out skin


for that is all there is a wish in heartbeat only

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