tired of the mausoleum

tides where grey corpses

go unpaused? my sameness

my lack of consistent stride

worst waking ever

hoarse sunlight out there

bird affluent sung loops

and messaging, too many

words drop out from skulls,

now is more than a mouth

the day’s awkward molasses

deep in division, mind like a

ravine ready for folding, where

the sky’s seagulls crack, this

is half a wing of a horrid world

lace up those voices with silence

entire months are poured empty,

killed clocks are uneventful and

yet the pace rhythm’s itself towards

abundance of nothing

like the head almost is fast chased

with weathers, i require stillness says

the reflection from no-one, a nobody

won’t be missed as if kindness is

rain, the shell almost done

place the walls everywhere and over

ensure the floor is devil proof - can’t

allow such cloven prints, hoof or otherwise, weld the

sky shut, don’t return where you were

seen or prowled half reality to living

where voices sang into the heart’s rip, tip

such cloying such are friendships, observe

them gutted, closely filleted, that starry

doting how elemental now eliminated,

take the moon and hide it behind quiet

be that silence stiff as a grave’s bed rest

be paler more, approve the myth of a

vampire in ailments of aloneness for the

rodents to find and play bones with,

whilst outside unravels its hinderance

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