becoming echoes

there are not

many moans left,

i am a hollow

waiting for its jar

to be star loaded

to be glistened

upwards, make

me a constellation

across the jugular,

make the moonbeams -

thru’ out my mind's

shudder, that once i

saw you first a waltz

of proteins built their

desert into a thirst

how gazes had you

caught, photocopies

of for the retina to

replay, sex is faster

when scorched

i was in true orbit

and a comet with

every heartbeat,

it says “come rip

my blood apart”

secure in this

drowning amongst

the tangled cotton

reefs, how the white

waves leaned

how the arch of my

soul learned until

everything about me

buRned, took ownership

possess the red hot moon

a watchfulness come

too soon, do you think

me in the shadows of your

wife? slain there post


was i ever noticed a

thorn thru’ out, wading

like a footstep way out

of depth? there’s that

smile that hangs me sideways

another dream where

the reservoir fills wet

where my is head at,

with the meteors and a

bludgeon of unmet blushes

near wasn’t enough

nearly misses of being

bent backwards, if only

groped by the precipice,

there’s a mask to stride behind

so the sky fluttered under

eyelids made the cinema

surreal a man dressed as

a swan and i broken bits of

pond you immerse in

surely that voltage had to end,

rid each nerve ending, that moment

so wished for still, that perfect

inside out rainbow, the never had

the pretend i built around

an entire falsehood city inhabited

by lied to people, it was a

happening of sadness to glimpse

you gone, but gone implies that

you were firstly here for real

daily back to your marital bed

back to the honey of your true

song,  i know the shells you

are strewn for are feminine,

whilst echoes line another life

my every glance exhibits dusk

whilst waking, edges of loneliness

are lamentable and sigh soldered

a heart’s worth of faded flowers

the pastel of feint summer

scented upon memories a touch

taken by bees or so i dreamed,

words whispered whilst retracing

those connections of dew, but

quite in the dark i knew it wasn’t you

once was being remembered but didn’t

really occur, its outline is vague and

wanting to disappear, an echo not quite

reached as if tomorrow never existed

there that unlovable silhouette ceases

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