seeking but

afterwards is

bare as bile

roads aren’t

taking me


and trees stiff

and surgical

lonely as lonely

not finding


nowhere is lonelier

greyness washes

wreckage wakefulness,

cemetery stupor

alibis aren’t clues

whereabouts aren’t


so hid here,

seasons have passed on

by their ruined trumpets

sadnesses many are

leaflike, shaped as

rain, eyesores of hurt

too much eccentric

lightning, too bare

a heartbeat’s secret

those that were dream -

wrapped can be again,

only half a sleep away

a solitude, curl into,

like an oyster

roomed around itself

and wait whilst

borrowing from

next year’s disappointment

seek but no

echo is replied to

or mentioned

why are we so

underachieved? a

cellular ask of archive failure

i’ve piled un-lived in

minutes into stray corners

put ceased clocks for birthdays

this kind of seeking

the want i made

a lifetime for

is over and shared

with no-one, nobody to

accommodate the page with

no-one to steep my

dna blissfulness

and rude answers with

and stupid still like

a mocking root this

low down

where the daft music of

honey plays out thru’

other lovers

stop footsteps

before they’re meant,

return you to yourself -

into a sketched mirror

there for the glass to

evolve, to nourish

to placate the

everywhere that

everyone flourishes

seeking but haven’t

stood to its ceasing,

cut the journey from its engine

took to the distance

and burnt it, what we

look for, re-imagine it

and those thin sickly trees

slice themselves thru

with inconsiderate breezes

like loneliness

like being shot down

with a killing quiet

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