seed beginner,

room for a spark

in a halo trembled


ensembles are

dissembling its soup

of scrapers and spires but

no breakers, no tides allowed

it’s tight here in here

a tiny buddha afloat

a liquid crystal clearing

in a cave in a pod trying to be

a slow slow albatross

a flotilla of loneliness

a ufo strange in

multicellular glisten

try navigating the

constellation switches

and the radio that

plays only heartbeats

this feeling of

upturned floors

sameness is


what could be a sky

could be below

beneath which i coil

in seas of red soil

clutching at writhing

and dissimilar thought

cloaked in growing fragments

dna wrought

float within owned

starry globe, a raucous

hole down below where

nothing is ever quite alone

peeling back feelings

rich uterine flawed,

pacing worn feather nest

hourglass blind,

come mother hear

your tsunami sigh,

i rapture alone

near to your spine

west of your hate

north to your love

south thru’ into

loudness, from

this unworded

bunker born into

patterns and bright

halogen patches

begins, i am

spring within winter

freshly hewn from

being splinters


the circle empties

emptying its raw gun

until that dna script comes,

that circle done for once

euphoric seconds -

a rainbow’s shudder gone

fortune spins mad-fish-

ceilings a gambler in a

sexual coat a head-rush-

avalanche a mind spilt

kaleidoscope, “come utter

me senseless” splays the

trembled body an ocean

under, the revolver shot

its fatal guts a slippery

moonbeam like creamy white

lightning strikes a furry voltage

narrating its groan, these aren’t

just holes but edible exits,

forensic spaces for love to

rid its stem

iridescent words during

but after is over and the

mouth that spoke them is

smouldering ashes, there’s

a planet that becomes two

then a multitude, a ball of

frantic messaging takes up

the entire shell, fits like a


calendars fall from their eyes

nine months exact a plethora

of glows, rosebuds and all, pain

is about to have its knife, holler

pink enveloped out into

excited atoms all fierce lit

seethes the circle quicker

sped up lifetime flickers

thru’ childhood dilemma

thru’ adolescent angst

protein grenades at

most raucous roar

erased boy man shaped,

what is to shatter, will

and often

redo lust, its gene is patented,

anoint someone else’s colour

a rushed scenic autumn

wired meadows meant for dew,

deep slopes ask for want

in such alcoves

burdens are bold and

red fleshed ivy infiltrates the

ruddy bowl pips and all

there entwines a line

a traffic light says “soar faster”

be filled with flowers from her jaw

hips wordless exchange’s

interrupts daylight’s shouting,

her honeysuckle cut on loud hum

joins to the surface to it’s liquid mane

tomorrow can always be delayed,

sublime ouch nectar spurs that sore

it was never that kind of hurt but

a wonderful kind of wow, the circle

completes itself

a bizarre sphere

a self writing constellation

a walnut, a cocoon

the yawn of their lives

stares back from the rust imposter gate

maybe ten minutes or several decades

to the very theme of heartbeats

seeing her in a screenplay of sleep


one love

from the other

shall never separate

the circle always entices

until nowhere is strode to

and death has interfering elbows

descend in pearled waters

move like a daydreamer up

the shore's stroking caress

to see the mermaid beckoning in

his bladder-wrack seaweed dress

anaemic as a slow dive

pale into muscular waves

twitch from cold splinter tingles,

eaten, the jewels that mimic rain

withering the then sun streamers

into carnival dancing limbs,

glandular creases the tide’s lunar mix

pearled, descend further

into a fluid soothing

the same shudder as ice

shaken territory

way up the thighs

up the gilded spire - seismic upwards

there’s golden writing exploded

in the mind’s lazy devastation


beneath oh clandestine under

that curve of sleep has tugging

entrails and persuasive veils,

corrodes waking

white molten dunes, lunar

thoroughfares and opaque

cradles, that anchor of is

tumbling to a stillness

falling, fallen,

deeper, yet deeper still

slip further in between spaces

i am slipping thru’

the many featureless faces

inhabiting pillows

downwards and spiralling

dreams and their cascades,

thru’ dream lit floors

thru’ sparkling doors,

into a room a shimmer full of

moonbeam forays

each room has an insatiable wonder

an appetite so large it devours entire souls

do with them what dreaming does,

sat unfurling oceans, pure-sleep-fitful-eyed

my world hugged close to my knees

the throat, its stairs i climb

wishes ignite their harsh chrome,

my hands muddy roots entwining adonis

my mouth a dew pool for recollection

bodies of a crept desert share thru’ me

canyons of memories

voltages are such narrative blooms,

the dragonfly’s glassy catch of

gleams, a sanctuary a tornado,

wistful, whimsical and flawed with

dead windows, ten thousand gaping

i am sovereign of myself a king of

simple ashes, a killer whale in the

ink of a page, a sin in a moral land

compass in the mind of god, i sip

your mortar blood and grow tall

within a seed’s dormant thought

i was caught aglow upon his torso

we ate each other’s words, how they

blazed windpipe southwards, to wake is

cruel enough but to be this alone is

painful as blazing, several worlds

hugged closer to my knees


over the brow comes mist

comes softly inspired touches,

the heart is being delved into

in its silver paralysis, has

the rhythm of slow, slow sea

before the glossy tide is accepted

nightly, do this for me, make the

sad world around me more estranged,

comfort me in the deeps of entangled

grief, such sharp harrowing reefs such

wreckage for the soul to twist, each

fragment each sliver a memory precipice

and thru’ the dark’s litmus thru’ the

conference of muted glimmer falling

occurs often dashing it’s jaggedness

dashing it’s painful planets splinters

and innards, come crashing like

dropped skyscrapers

so whilst hurt is about like a coat

and holes are adding to further holes

for greyness to wander, come to me

like a worded raindrop upon me like

a moist narrative, rise like a phantom’s

exhale oh breath of mine

you are mine

a gathered chill

beneath my spine

another sunset discards low into the

night’s entire embrace, the aeroplane

abandoned sky is full of stars now, yet

another day dies, most are dreaming

or trying to in duvet sarcophagi so

sighs outside dreamily and fading

there are breezes conjuring stirred hair

to grasses to a stiffness that only winter

achieves, glide on by foxes in guise of

rust, “houdini’s of the dark”, such magicians

of departure, as if such paw prints never

existed, boughs creak comply to the wind

that slight curtain sway, that tremble of, a

millimetre’s inhale, sharp moonbeams try

and reach where sleep is pale and quite

opaque under fathoms, fathomless drifting

curved coral cities,

breathe oh breath of mine

you are sighed

a flowerful breadth

a deep stem to choke on

along the vein’s river of red song an estuary

flowing with fingers, come insert these snowflake-

brittle kisses, arches of nectar arc like the body

under gasp and siege, throat collages fluent ingots

whilst elsewhere can go to hell or rot, immerse me

further intercostal glows, blow by immersive blow

slumber is unfolding, i cherish that fading,

together we stroll immense shadow, your

aftermath being borrowed - sea sounding

on a silent lung, the tide’s glisten is calling

you home calling your from here and now,

eject the moon, apparition gone


mister-fat-belly, all swollen lips grotesque,

thread-worm-appendages imitate eyelashes blink

sharp brows adorn sunken delirium

full working cadaver network of spider cunning

bloats full-crackling-voltage, a sickness under coffin lid

a beguiling bed enticing sugar filth, a wayward sex,

tonight’s mire a culprit from a teenage menu

assume a niceness

a persuasion of, easy flies

upon a dirty plate,

kamikaze fingers

defenceless assassinated

mister fat-bellied

praying mantis that you are

a mischievous grin-slashed-pout

lipid greased entry seethes out,

the contents of desire squeezed shrieking

remarks to ease the gristle

a plausible vampire tongue

seeks holes to exit from,

there is no humanity sliver


he, meaning him displays

intention from behind gauze gazes,

pulls needle atrocious digits

till they go cracking-sound-tumult,

such adult palaver to gain plush

abnormal groaning implosions

audible body splits broken,

descends again oh butcher fiend to finish

in hungry exerted enzyme grimace,

red ridden stains pollute the white

halo sheets, discard the ultimate kiss

it is rank

“swivel, let’s see your face panic


that symptom of loving assumes

a sickening glee, blunt spoon

interrupts skin, a penknife named

avarice rips open

all plague consuming

he, the obnoxious unhinges throat-fully,

lungs on gargle garble and gargle

there the blood’s willingness broke

a swarm of tiny adorations a

parasitic vigour a fleshy envelope

sticky as deceit engulfs stiffly laid

bones, wristwatch dead at seven,

aftermath limp-limbed-heaven

window of overwhelming

audio on disquiet,

reset the room’s damage and

the bed’s appalled appearance,

two teeth kept for future reminiscing

“would you eat your own son

to better your own hole and make it fuller?”

“oh fuck yeah”

some motive for happiness

a facelessness

has come to revisit,

dreary has brought

yesterday’s mausoleum exhibit

paused there stiff there

a post mortem of an

afternoon, stillness like

a hangman’s thought

there’s lonely and it whispers

like frantic pages that never

tire of turning, whilst the coastal

scenes buRn behind eyelids

then a wall turns into a circle

wraps like a strangle a tourniquet

that refuses to unravel, rip down

that awful sun that has too many voices

here is trying to gleam to bury

the gloom that is a mountain

has dreadful roots passionate

as toothache and raw lanes

there’s an audio of elsewhere

a gnawing of better, but the stood

here of now ruins of a man

counting teardrops and shrapnel

oh tired is the blood its red a counterfeit

sunset, a flourish that isn’t fresh, 

yesterdays dragged with their lived ins

pale as the accomplice occupying flesh

“i’m a spire that’s being folded inwards”

“a spill of birds that wants out so tear me

out!”, what was embellished is hooked

thru’ and down with the precipice

waking’s an illness and way too long of

an eyesore to be strode thru’ daily,

medicated skies are tongue blunt

and always crashed car aftermaths

it’s easier to assume winter to assume the

white ignored envelope, a tourist in alienated

ice adrift the loneliness of everyone else’s

glassy and disinterest

daylight living has come to dusk diluting its

bright skull, dull and dull is the pastime of

observing walls, pictures of ink, shadow

lived in, a dark countryside of deleting

come around like a ghostly coat like a worn

shiver that is grasslike in movement, the clock

is a mouth that is dining always on the life

that it wastes, and this soul is wasteful

a statue on a sofa waiting for the moss to cover,

everywhere a blank horizon, no birds bother to

rise or engage lustreless breezes, rooms pour

empty, a constant rain glazes inside dull

stares bleed skywards

some motive for happiness

in small flurries

in small flurries

i see you hushed

like secrecy unspoken yet

in small flurries

blows softly

blown upon

senses ache their

yearning soils

blushes red rushing

roots their silvery voltage

are reachable now, up

to where elsewhere soars

about to as if anticipating

lightning, undo the moats

as gleams are announced

in small flurries

i feel you drenched

and certain of collapse

sticky, sticky snowflakes

finally those snowdrifts

hem us in

in small flurries

they flit like mad things

hurry against window panes

so quickly made

so easily slain, by

careful morning, gone

their flutes

quite moaned


the craftsman’s cocoon and cuckoo moon

delete the constellation that

does not please or the sun

that will not fit,

undo spheres that methane

dances upon, prevent the

comet’s orbit,

from nothingness

strides existence


the photon

that wants

to speed

across the



omit black holed artwork

it sucks the stellar mosaic

rids the atom as it

tries to resist, complete the

gas giant, patent its dead

oceans, pace the dark matter’s

silence, this particular globe

is wasteful

your immense eye

opalescent, rises from its

tearful lake, from its idea

conscience, dreamers so

unaware drifting in their

ethereal strode gases

some are amongst the

shells of ocean floors

trying to hold onto the

echoes they have become,

some are soared trying

to sigh across peaks

anaemic within blackly

devoured heaven,

so albino crayoned among

star and their like

an opal set in the robes

of tarmac, white staring

gushing radiance a hole

of white fire gowned still

as watchfulness

the sky’s jeweller

is proud and

wastes no atoms

never shall we glimpse to an understanding

love is an ocean

neither to be conquered

or vaguely understood,

unfathomed as ever but as shallow

an atom’s width then a sheer glass precipice

a free fall of pauses then dashes,

the heart's shareable, breakable

and cursed

this is how love enacts its

nonsensical head, all car crashes,

meteorite collisions, attrition, at worst

a pact turning into disagreeable ashes

bed stiffens solemn shell occurrences

both loves maelstrom and eddy out,

kind of hell if your think about it,

a photocopy of one another’s shimmer

don’t like the way it makes

the bloodstream feel

all seething scarves

and skyscraper collapses

there is no balancing upon a

pin whilst stood in the wind,

makes sanity, lunatics, makes

neurones half witted

it resheaths consciousness into

stupid theatrics, a serial clown and

a wired nymph, such damaged

partners irritates straightforward

has unlimited faces

passionately imitated,

unfold or crease the facets that could be,

like possession or being unnerved

do not glimpse kindly the gargoyle’s fanatic greenness

i’ll not borrow another’s hurt,

mirror surfaces stirred by tears

or wakes from deceit-wreathed-entrails

love is too vast

too unlikely,

i’d rather be deceived and

quite lonely


last train snakes, tries not to scarper

across the viaduct’s dark aspic,

slow wheels bring boxed shadow

arches submit to a dull onset of

bones, slivers and beams, an

owl pitches into death duty

window is on sigh, fields towards

the bay reaches, silhouettes in

theatrical stiffness, in theatrical glass

a voice repeats from under


an oyster gleamed throat a spiral of want

he stirs within dreamed thunder,

comes fingerprints of summer

an exhale of almost spent flowers

sees temptation at the gossamer gate

synapses soar for tides to meet,

stars pile should that wetness reach

the salt across him is asking for thirst

wants tragic moonlight to insert, the bed

is drenched with that wished for universe

sees himself sleeping like an ammonite in such

curled rapture, a resonance of being intruded

then inverts the entire ceiling

wanders down cobbled modest street

past dead, dead cafes and the startled crow

spirits now too drunk to offend or tell

assured as any horizon where the masts

are almost bells, waters speaking alongside

the jetty’s creaking, in moonlit knots stood by

fatal crab pots and the crane's rusty stooped rashes

accept and be oneness

come deny parents their only son,

hints of heaven and other such pleasures

there is an entire city of rudders waiting

dissolve the harbour behind you, swoon down

to mauve deep palaces, where the wrecks

are twisted beautiful, let muscular waves

break above dark ashtrays of blue

where the body was found,



wanders the cold corals to watch the rays glide

upon their flint capes,


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