the day is dirty unreadable ink,
there’s lifetime fragments
on the cool linoleum
a squat ocean, kicked dead water

the clock last night was disarmed
with a scorpion meant hit,
i think it’s eight but wrists
are sore with exorcists

gazed thru’ finger clue panes
outside is a nowhere realm,
the populace falsely smiled upon
panoramic angels in ordinary gutters

pigeons in weird bread crumb waltzes
annoying one another’s wings,
there’s too many pale perfect people
but none are singing

now the air is ghostly changed
my perfect predator enters here,
balanced upon lips
words well aimed

one discarded kiss barely nudges
the cheek’s discordant stubble,
tepid it punctures silence

affectionless heir
a garble is murmured,
a touch returned
but refused

your tongue leaps
watching other firm buttocks
annoy desire by repeating
down the street’s for sale gut

the window’s innate stare
coldly becomes loneliness
that is felt everywhere
every atom is planet alone

the delivery of a smile
blond edible fur
disappointment comes from anywhere
a doorway erection failure

the ghost visitor gone unread letters
pale into the traffic’s mutter
the carcass you so lean towards
is oxygen swapping with someone’s handsome fellow

jealous green pierced roars then ebbs
into vacant emerald sea spaces
deeply coveted
in obsolete rib cages

minutes staring, how gruesome “his” groin is,
tonight might unweary itself and
kisses maybe different from their usual templates

the hollow rooms suck
echoes to their death, a thin voice shoutless
smashed trousers with a puncture
laid below where dust inflicts most

tonight his gaze might find you irresistible!

the flaw so obvious it’s blinding,
gnaws thru’ the cocoon’s healing,
a voice, an inmate consort
pushes advice and disquiet

pushing you to acquire the scene’s
fresh killing, the entrails from borrowed beginning

sharp fingernails
bludgeoning thrusts
“was it good for you darling?”
he knows it hurt,
“you’re my unpaid vessel for semen”
the opaque sneer was spat inside

let’s vanish those stabs,
the crime scene reset with kindness

tonight wish yourself
into archived bliss

where skyscrapers gleamed
sun spilt beams,
blossom blew in panic
dances, borrowed pink and white
winds over silhouetted bridges

entangled with one another’s gazing

the ceiling bold with stars
boughs on creak and whisper,
kisses ignite ingot horizons,
you intrude the nectar of my soar
be upon my wings forevermore

shut up, shut up,
oral interference insists
“what about yesterday?”

crockery weapons, vases shatter
noise pollutes ordinary violence,
semi nude hid in the slivers

shut up, shut up

“what about last saturday?
a gift of fingers four to the throat
one to rust in the door’s hinge

next time i’ll be breaking your fucking neck

how many heads have interrupted the floor?
seen decayable stars as they drip thru’ wrists?
daytime, eyelids nowhere conscious

oh fuck it’s him sliding in
meaner than a boxer
with anger written on fists

the door is on howl
where will he aim now?
subdue standing by crouching, re-curl silence

but the suited panther never
and the door never ached open

panic wing beats resume
heart bound, footsteps are for
hiding from, there is a wire thru’ an idea

comes this voice of easy silk
a gossamer aperture
listen to vocal intuition

persuasive, like a new lover
about to fuck, before you
filled with euphoric wasps and nectar up to the armpits !!!

what’s your unfamiliar poison?

eyelid dials exhale
stale toxic clothes,
enter me, enter me
allow yourself solace
euphoric thru’ the holes

tangle amongst vanished fingers
squeezing pictures into ghostly disappearances

the assassin you have left
forfeit the last deflated puncture to a memory now dead



stood back and see the dead me
childhood fading before
fields turned twilight

the clock is aching me to extend
my bones in calcium howl,
i’m thru’ out the noise of someone else

the wrong curse, was it meant for me?
scarce few are beyond the touch of others,
find myself in a mirror of brothers

there is an echo of model trains
but rust has thirst for them,
borrowed playground angst and wintry ailments

proteins jagged architecture,
what was quick, now slow sculpture
lazing under pearl blank sheets

detectable musk anoints the cliche' of lust
word throbs turn the body ash
commit to the firework’s ambush

in bedlam’s adolescent chasm
each urge is upon lifelong spasm,
blood energy cells lit red aching, no comet delaying

two figures repeat shyness and stubborn silence
engulf one another’s taste, the deep bed await
it’s dwelling alcove, pillows spread battlefields

a newness exhibits roaring,
somewhere on the sheets
we are both soaring

complete my entire burst,
the white shadows i massed are converted
innocence diverted

the echo that was
a boy stood in a childhood fortress,
remove me from that person once

grey is future where the rainbows dispersed,
from now on, alliances
encounters are cursed and not their worth

vial (the mind’s ink)

the door is gloom
want to wander thru?
i’m good at blind circles
and holes to revisit

most are few shoulders
deep for burden to exert
or ignored hearses but my
glance is suitable and sucked

smiles are molasses interfering
you’ll not satisfy the puzzle

some are ravens in their sunkeness
watch as their cheeks create ruins,
apply the day well with defiance
but footsteps continue to sink

medicinal mirth
make sunbeams work,
so false a fake sky
can make the ceiling higher

the door is toothless
but wants swallowing,
people are edgeless
three surfaces below

  this landscape of
abrupt flowers

watched from all sources
the silver of sanity
nourishes the dead curtain
but the abyss is certain

the door is thru’ me
and wounds are bright
but sparkle less
than the greyest oblique shore

everyone’s laughter is sutured
and pale pigeons stare
at crumb confusion,
confetti sigh mediocre breezes

falling forwards
but never low as
the floor

numb talk on constant,
the cocoon i wear
of childhood fragments

grey music, grey trees in
suffocated stance, grey
everywhere appalled, it seeps
dead hands

moth meant deaths
in suicidal trances,
we dream of lids
a sleep succumbing

twilight those
uncertain romances
to quickly vanish
as if an exit was meant to be chased

stood where words have fallen
and fruit pierced sour,
curves are met with a soar
that makes plummeting worthwhile

the appetite of shadows
a greasy mouth inserts it’s bland taste,
how corpse like the day exists

staggered spires of perfect angels,
accept the new heir
of blue beguiling
and nooses for summer wear

and the door swallows me

deep’s demon

sanguine suits and
scarves, a cracked
kite, where shoes
attend in tombstone lines

gusts wheel in
pretend places,
i’m a vegetarian panther
crouched in shyness

room fleeting
i specialize hiding in,
seven chairs beyond

the sun in fading hum
corners sharpen,
thru’ bough of childhood fingers
where shall the moon caress first?

a special kind of thirst
where all is enchantment,
stood toys consumed
by growling silhouettes

the mind is on snarl
and butterflies somersault death,
there is a quiet that
is scarce locusts coming

shiver,a thin ghost ascends the opaque stair,
all at once
mouths are everywhere

whispers creep sustainable
spider fear

 turquoise ceiling
of planets
a fixed star in
startled panic

into thin transparencies
that cup
dangerous chased

i can get smaller still
further into a scared shape,
wishing cracks would appear
swallowing me elsewhere

closer and
closer, the dance
of the marauding shark
is nearly here

suggestive thumbs
glitter the shoulders
with almost
whisper grenades

all fingers and smothers
one hundred affectionate bites
are eating me,
windows copy the devoured reflection

 then into howl
the ache arcing
thunderbolts rejoice
thru’ out this ruin

a turmoil of limbs
like broken blackberry wrists
aroused in the oddest positions,
into the honey moaned hearth

afraid to lose life
explosively fixed to his chest,
up we went chloroform numbness

i was implanted deeper
than any mine,
infused with choruses
of muscular romance

its better to feign
lifelong departure,
he knows i don’t exist
and leaves me for damaged

a footprint nearer oblivion
and the floor’s horizon dissolves
and thru’ it’s hole i crash below
the bed awakens me as someone else

the nonsensical whirrings from cogs a turning

the crow is calling
from far away fingers,
imagine hearses on
grey, bloated motorways
all travellers slip by unnoticed,
resemble suffering
words on twisted voices

snared windows
share no other
cobweb veil,
opaque bland garden
of lunar white disabled,
our mouths disowned
by hourly dopplegangers

a cell
for every broken face,
the years are clockless
all jagged pace,
featureless passions
have peculiar
estranged inmates

we were freaks concussed
with too much sparkle,
groan out from the hive’s
ill nurture,
re-arrange our stay
in fairy chambers
citizens of ether

with tails we dipped until
our tips spitefully retreated
smothering escapable places,
medicated diets separate language
we move within our own entrails
thieves hijack thought

we give chase
rummage thru’ the clutter’s panic
we smash it’s indirect beauty
belonging to the vast attic
but wardens
ufo the perimeter
until derelict

 hidden, with wands we impaled
mightily ourselves gushing,
chloroform the skies happening
return the page to blank,
gleam commanded
on all narrow fours, like pigs snuffling
for the bones of truffles

from mouths shared tongues
with daily perspex jumpers on
only smooth sounds and a
seldom swirl disturbing,
night time surrenders
as the sun gropes
thru’ its ingot hole

we glide closer fingering the lid
and other such moanable things,
there’s gruesome lust
beneath oppression
how we spoon fed it’s texture
to our liking
is not for dead saint’s ears

 expelling planets
we cannot manage,
melancholic moods
stalk corridor
panthers, we are
paper kites in air
launched tsunami’s

why is starlight tethered?
why is heaven undernourished?
where are the wires that opaque us?

you archive voices
and think himself slower,
this room of seismic towers
and withered howlers,
where did that drab angel come from?
thought departs
into deep chinking pockets

such lovely ladies
and weasel crouched men
glove the air to silence

terrible syringes
twitch their hologram seas

ceilings further quiet
scared trumpets scream
we swarm mad barking
aphids, enraged hounds
with similar tales but
sleep penetrates like
a nettle’s needle deafens

mama’s coming

insert clocks with future life
afflict the morning noose with
direct sunbeams,
worse wires buzz
the hum in roots
from the honey affected bed

the moon is hers to have
a suitable suitor to wreckage
a lunar disclaimer with
sadness pointed at,
off with the lids
jagged interference

everywhere opaque sunday
clue enough that sanity disperses

here comes someone
pretending to be broken,
tiptoeing on the frayed carpet strands
on panther heavyweight prowl,
a noisy vase sprawls loud stems
"you are a howler of an assassin"

she veils faces with smooth trembling hands
like scattering hummingbird breath
“guess who?”


“no glimpsing
or peeking”

a giggle like
starlings thru’ out hair

in replying i murder
”is it the pensioner diluted lavender next door?”
“or the troll from downstairs cracked floor?”

assume the pose of early anger
forceful wrists
vigilante vengeance to stop the
throat to it’s mouth

then collapsible her like
fragments of pages discarded
from skyscrapers,
hurl herself plummet first

her thoughts red compass eyed
unreadable camouflage

later tears are deleted
and gifts sent,
stale stiff toys without heads
stems without plastic petals

i love her even when curdled
or nude upon the stairs
snarling at males
  who lick right thru’ her,
posing hormones all purple protein
whilst go-go dancing on the precipice landing

 experience sleep in this cherry
churned house of lime eyed patterns,
dreams are creased and chased
pursued thru’ night’s tourniquet

i hear squeaking,
curious, i never knew mice existed,
i seek out these whistling mammals
i burst thru’ each room

 there she was in ivy silk unfurling noises
upon the steep stakes of men,
i flew from this distaste
thru’ into my pale wounded bedroom

now when mice are heard
in their usual ecstatic screaming
i’m well pillow buried and all i see is
avoided eye spat lust craving adoration

the rational behavioural patterns of hatred

think petrol up thru’ the nerve
each red thought is a tree itself
blood shouted leaves
hair consumed by edible fire

suck the idea of it’s poison
i yearn you to please die, if
only to soak my happy mouth
in the pool of your aneurysm

your inner tantrum
a window thru’
your face, shard obliterated

how i spend each sustainable, drifting
,delicious night dreaming of
the ways i could kill
the hole you speak from

infected meat
in a dead dress,
i’ll carve out your eyelids

i want you in
as many deaths
arcing on howl

wishing you unwell
in pale leukemic daze
an icicle in the
roars of hell

if old scissors were blunted
here’s to the tetanus in it’s rust
take it’s lethal brown thirst to the wrist

not stalker nor obsessed fan
but iridescent want
to film your body
in a car crash event

ease thru’ the purple comets
thru’ suede swathes of petal gazes
in terminal tents
falling thru’ white, harsh deserts

morphine has such
a soft shores
forever a second's lifetime sprawl


a soft white
throttles the calm

queer proteins
intolerable alphabets

consume the heart
with pink tactics
crackle valves to reopen want

fizzle firework blood
all mooring’s weaken,
the comet’s on suck

there forms a kiss
onto the molten

imitation rain
hurtles pistons to
exceed limitation

tense, streamline fixed apocalypse
the basking lizard flickers, popping
crackling mayhem worded rapists

a crucible white sea
indigo geysers
a flame for straw fingers

soar thru’ cluster fused
orchids, this garland
dainty swallower

intent blisters
spit red ego heats
ice shoots hot steaming

the crevice splits
irradiating the swooning
debugged flower heads

a body alone collects
the aftermath tangle
of ghost coarse flesh

to exist
this prolific thirst

how luscious the very being of you

expire final kiss
the snare was in a glance
but unsaid,
being of fickle male mind
a quiet calling was enough

the pier is a grey limb
into emptiness,
what roared with
sublime song
is lifelessness

complete the hurt
without being here,
swoon of the continued
thru’ the spire’s drop
a fall of infinity

adoring sleep withers,
there is not dew enough
or nectar comparison
to fulfill the circle that
commands weakness

there wounds
the horizon of my blood
lie upon the tear
that split open,
loneliness has re-awoken

we hide in runner-bean wigwams

“why do you bury bones in the earth?”
“will they grow into people?”

thoughtful fingers
stem the thick pipe
borrows time,
forms swirl smoke petticoats
flimsy draft dresses
grey vanishing places
treasures an answer then reveals

“well sonny jim”, grinning i know he is
beneath the wire bird nests
sewn thru’ his face

“you see me ‘andsome, i plant these ‘ere”,
he rummages vast pockets and
shows these funny, smooth speckle pebbles
“now these are beans, and i’d put these
‘ere beans at the base of each bone, ha-ha”
”they’re bamboo's me lover, one bean for each
stick, they’d help to support the plant
when there a growin’ !”

the now overhead sun strums a melody warmth
and i am filled with the knowledge that
from soil a tree shall grow from pebble magic
held by skeletons of strict bamboo

grandpa winces a grin at every opportunity
as if in elderly sponsorship, and
the friendship emblems burn ever brighter
something precious to cherish
especially in afterglow sadness where we all perish

late afternoon i see grandpa struggle
with barrow, rook and sparrow as if
ten thousand of their wings weighed upon his shoulders,
he swears, i giggle at such red words

my bandit clan, think sherbet and liquorice
unfunny jokes court idle and rust,
we’re raving birds soaring the world,
we’re dreadful monsters devouring fungal girls

boredom conquers and settles vacant dust yawning
we lounge upon cold garage edges
watching carcass flies buzz mid-air somersaults
never colliding near misses

distracted, a fleet of spacecraft roar overhead
we are silver pilots destroying discordant aliens
and a planet spins in the kitchen unsuspecting
this is where grandma bakes children
into gingerbread cripples

we smell cinnamon buns and blood iced cakes
we creep thief spiders from window lairs

and stealth raid the larder’s inviting jaw,
grandma gaoler tuts teeth, exaggerating menace

chase us witch quick broom fingers
“you little buggers, come back ‘ere you monkeys!”

we run and run gasping not knowing that gran
is gasping too and at flamingo standstill,
frantically we search out places to disappear into
i’m sure she’s following sniffing out our trail
looking for footprints with large fly eyed magnification

we stumble awkward into the over yawned afternoon,
“quick in here” whispers secretly coded,
invisible by cloaks we pass the spy flower beds unnoticed,
who can see to radar us now ?

we rush we dash into a skeleton wigwam
made for such a purpose as this,
safely hidden from ogre harm
as freedom fighters we plan our next campaign

we change as young hearts do
smoke peace-pipes made candy
red indians we are tomahawks at thirst ready
who shall we mohican next?

and pale-faced grandpa waltz’s past our hideout
winks then whistles
ever onward destroying his chores

then deny this

abattoir altars,
convince the adoring mother
to smother her adoring daughters

the seed foetus
succulent squalor

arrive at laughter
the victim’s neck

appall good news
abhor curdled


exploding floors


in flesh



uterus shudders, blood churches
dead constellations in disintegrated gazes,
brethren earth tremor birth
suckle such poisons as to make our stone
hearts purr malignant curses,
rapist molten father of kisses
we deform our twisted limbs
hurt is yearned for to kill, to menace

skywards collagen rock surface
lurk sad, shrivel things of withering,
by bones held to be upright
bound by nuisance of the sun,
cancers, cankers soon to oblige
we shall rise up
the hadean stem

uppermost, miserable animals lurch
shrouded by the umbrella architect
who delights in the smoking of ready-rub
and anguished soul
he coughs, spluttering upon believers
chokes mildly on their intestines,
she doesn’t care his visions are blurred,
distorted and slightly lopsided
for she’s drunk
wallowing in distilled lakes of gin!

lives via scriptures
mere pieces of blood paper
meandering popes in filthy haloes

unholy words sung
in themes from slaughterhouses
oh christian abode

your dying religion

deny this upon
stinking bones of
broken cheated lovers

coin adoring,
molest the swarm
with righteousness

i am born from
morgue maggots
the slop from stillborns

found your wife
in the disease of another,
smile slow murder

childhood hangs in
drug inflicted playgrounds,
go commit holes

discover the riches
in sewers i am a
holocaust waiting

i am everywhere
in the stagnant populace

the unswaying
achieve homicidal

all faiths are
holograms of

mine is the
only mouth so
slide your empire down

the care home dead disciples
the psychiatric ward
atrocities in the mind’s wound

the arsonist convinced
to make ashes from
this breeding planet

deformity for
aghast parents,
a cripple in the cot of the hideous

deny this, bastards !!!

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