september's jewel

far from the

wave's azure song,

a departure from

mead roots

a tin sky now

neon absurd stars,

prolific people become

windows of ignoring

that easy clock

flatters, murmuring

to the honey soaked


out into a

shoal of strangers,

grey lids appear

rain whispers

inert moths

avoid drizzle,

autumn covets floors

with bronze corpses

traffic confetti roads

amongst gloom's insisting

voices loud

friday volumes

alert eyes


thirst awaits for

dewdrop deviant burst

fleeting did i

warily sneak glances

as i trespassed stealth like by


september's jewel

stood beneath

the iron hooded shawl

lit under grim orange sprawl

the shadow's still do

caress him closer

than anyone

could ever hope to hold

i am slow lingered

built from slow splinters

anodyne in my


was i to know

i would upturn myself

well daggered upon

disjointed fingers?


secured with

silence, a

morning convinced

with rain



into a


sunshine drips

in butterfly made sighs

but love is

drenched with cyanide

comets course veins

a believable page

come sear me your

white ink

soar over me

burst volts,

fingers for

all holes

but yesterday

is borrowed

and ferments

sleep's interpretation

gild you in deep treacle,

allow your lay upon

perforated bliss, attach

moans to the ether of my lids

a surreal bridge,

stood amongst constellation

fire, myself each nerve

ending lit

i think myself

edible wishes to

wish your existence


until lifetime is

swallowed, halved

until hollow

a fickleness, a strength

a desire so entrenched

it's picture and perfection

coerce the flower's wither

corrupt the bee's entry

here a person lies damaged

a hole of howling but

cemetery silent

your name upon breezes,

under eyelids, between

the clock's cursed song

coerce the nectar's

curdle further, kill each

valentine cold

you in every fibre

in every resonance,

buried to the skin

commit to this

collapsing invitation,

a mental annihilation

i so long your

heart whisper to flicker

it's strobe

to allow absolute mouth


but wishes are fragments

performing their axis

of being broken

the dismantling of tongues

you are the exact odour that is love inhaled

longingly it scents the abode i offer

you the splendour wrapping, unfolds,

you the light of thrones

the half eaten moon

the nectar, it's hemlock syrup

ailment kept,

you the stab bearer

crowns ecstatic

the countless breaches

that crack this loathsome heart

you are fuel that maintains the furnace scorch,

hot artery coals smoulder angelic pools and gorge

to swollen screams of unburden and delight

rapturous sung medulla

honeysuckle grazed

"fountains swooning blissful cascades"

drowns out our shrill clamour

further into explicit touches

further thru' male scented bouquets

shouted constellations

intrude opaque

oh decadence oh luxuriant seep, the elixir that

feeds nears depletion as if sea sucked and deleting

fingers become ghostly

heart stole absence,

caresses onto

someone else's blood stretches,

its colder now when sex is stung

forced lightning blasts

without love or conscience

elude me not, please,

forgetful eyes become ice, and

distant gazes as if someone else


you've become the appetite, the necessary food

i've become the bleak edged stone staring blank out to sea

why does thought lie treacle sinew refusing to move?

because it's being is mesmerised in you,

you and your teeth thin wraiths

they dine upon soul that wants complete bruising

by day, by night's unyielding flicker

you are anatomy of

a possessive shiver

a slid thru' victim with

hostile kisses,

ink black mouth intruder

phantom's it's moist cave

electrifying synapses into raucous gales

even sleep's narcotic veil cannot drought

the un-ebbing tide

lengthens his abdomen

there in head's cradle

but here are dead windows,

continual, discordant

incessant wheels and

occurring self polite annihilation, a lunacy seed

spoon the brain's tempest chatter

a sky full of glitter, and shatter,

nerve endings contain word weeds each of a

guillotine sliver,

burnt cooling, a handsome blight

leafs thru' whispers, a

single voice kinders

assassin of screeched fingers

tried to spurn, i died to hate

your shadow's inverse light, your dusk of forever

several voices enfold me like a

startled web wrought for hummingbirds

to strangle molested

this everywhere

i'm no closer to


this spill of


this everywhere

ruin where gazes


this sleep

obliterated waking

root buried bones


undermine sanity of


out of me


congenial rapist

i want your sickness

rid of me

to be

an echo of yourself

slowly killed

i'm amongst the

ruined tongues and

blasted rooks

a cinder to rot

the sun

you were exquisite


a disease to make

all honey sprawl

the devil and

you fucked

my soul


pause from those few incursions into dew,

a precise dusk is becoming you,

an interlude of ruin

impressions in those lonesome eye pools of yours

where once so beautiful and beyond sadness wilt

only bleak thistles twist there now

tugging weeds and ivy blunt thumbs

feeble light fingers where the crocuses wither,

estranged roots knowing nothing to touch

a whisper deluded by rust

dust is for the lonely heirs to cherish

keepsakes of the broken,

sanity vanishes into collected silence

footsteps ghost the soul's uncarved stone,

tepid, the stranger advanced fathoms then withdrew,

drowned so deeply me thru' you

into steadfast rain, a glistening weep across bones,

and memory, like footsteps in a persuasive dream

never quite knowing where such preludes began

follow sparse paths until they meet ending

honeybee scattered corpses where laughter hints upon

soft southern breezes, these opaque roads

i'll not roam again

how many chills in my possession?

how many crooked sunbeams fall at my feet?

it's like listening to song slow and
inaudible that goes on repeating

upon many a mute morning

i still listen



soft howling strummed like bodies

where harps are broken

and flutes scream

undulating rivers over skin

an imbalanced haunting

repeats to bleed again

cradle cold momentums

imperfectly pure

shivering every memory

i hold in there

glistening to a tear

inertia full

but falling faster

where discovered rainbows shatter

i am but cracked colours

spilt as if my universe has been bled

my thoughts winter blessed

leaf strewn silence across beds

a half glanced statue

an illness of my own decadence

my defiance

stands unresolved thunder

but dissolves easily under slumber

oh soar of inviting

all trembled chords

a sensual lustre

of accepting muscles

disregarding last bastions

of wakefulness sighing

gilded mouths indulge sleep

a phantom of caressed slivers

begins chilling

an opaque under

of gossamer deeps

and deep shadow lapses,

floors of eyelashes

visions slide from soft perched


i sublime a thousand ills

by lullabies

thawing reality

into melt water swathes

sleep that is truly numbing

such pity

you are not here

to share this bed

scarred with squares

jeweled so beautiful

my ornaments of frost

their deceits pinned

to fallow pillows

coffee gone cold

breakfast ruins

across the floor,

lawn un-mown

house plants dead

layers of dust

infiltrate flesh

within continuous hours weep

wakes of screamed keepsakes,

commend heartbeats to a dangerous pace

each swooning shudder

i utter

is a lapse into dreams and it's knives

courteous cuts are polite

but hurt most when edged with ice

to eat

to feel

to seethe

breathe you

justifies damnation

every molecule of desire

craves you

each twisted dna

and strand of kept blondness

shadow slides the graceful sky

like dirty sheets of black grimacing cloth

come to dishearten


phantom touches grease each nerve to buzz

electrifying sighs to tumult, to burst

un-sleep ice, statues dream cut laid bronze

enchanted heads,

me one strand of


shard seas glanced bright broken mirrors

reflect unchanging stares



pounding cogs whir

turning last complete thoughts

lifetime blurs frayed

discoloured atoms

and forfeits

any kind of waking

a shade less waxen

head over precipices over heels reeling

a disease in which the lonely weep

a kiss

a blush

a deluge bliss

then drenched

a wish

a gift

a pleasure sip

then lament

eager steps, like a child who first walks

into the crack of his yes

melt did i seep held thru' out lies

i suffered the wick's subterfuge

a shade less nothing

is a space more than love,

a shade less waxen

the first imprint, the first touch,

it's last sigh means not tonight

kinders rejection

here a nightingale chained

incarcerated by regret and what could have beens,

the misguided lover is blinded veils,

the liar wrought from the strongest flaw

all else fails

feeble steps into the lair of his gaze

again, and again the soul is burnt then quenched

heart spilt starlings with raucous larks

deafening upon dust

they burst with song but

will never sing

sunset dowsed it's many hopeful tongues,

i sink like a sun into it's desperate ocean

still kindling a flickering

no one hears the tide weep

as two lovers should

lets falter on the rainbow spilt floor

there's knives in every fuck off smile

poisoners for every differing mind

occasion to worsen wounds

until bruises thicken with glass cut wines

how do you sever the sun from a faithful sky

borrow eclipses to shimmer unnoticed behind?

sunshine is kept under a scowl

here, moonbeams are allowed

long silhouetted fingers of discoloured ashes

invert the day's spectacular sights

come the mood of dusk

air of grey ink paintings

a surplus of insects dance

panic on theatrical webs

we survey the magical melting horizon

a burnish of marigold petals burning

this music deceived city

hell is where the unloved roam

thru' out her broken veins

to one another's lips

we cannot come closer

until the sentries are dulled and

the soldiers muted, no prowl of

churches shall find us

a slick from night's over oiled mouth

approves wolves for the hunt,

kinders pink flickering

should it be dark enough

to wield our kind of shadow

she lurches thru' sky

the gown of her undress

over opaled sweeps over

like disposable breath

secret eyes thaw

their dust fastened locks

and secrecy undoes it's fragrant heart

to invite

we are slow to wake

but eager to flirt

with swords always upright

stirring, leaf joins leaf

whispering excitement,

beware the skeletons

from each careless bough

for sure they will hang you

if found

quiet as field mice

nesting in pure velvet

two lover's meet

halfway between horizon

and shallow skies

flames flowered lace, trace


rainbow lure


my only sigh

to cascade

thru' wonderful


golden tempts

by desire alone

to wrought hearts

into willing folds

damning both gold and chrome


it's daily sting

daggers into loving,

my every bough

into wanton


it's the beautiful nets

that are tiger claws,

entranced, held nectar-gloss-eyed love

enthralled, snake limbs twine lengths of mind

enraptured, by traps cunning-most, of sharpest kind


it's usual to keel over open

like a wound

waiting infection

ravine wide mouth

canyon sorrow writhe

sounding their apt cries

when in shadow do not lie,

above your sleep chosen face

all petalled colognes becoming

flames flowered lace, trace

shiver along nerves that

are stupored and struggling

oh alphabet trembler,

dreams surge pictures

that out do rivers,

migraine constellations disconcerting

confoundable blossom confusion

flowers it's most scented invitation yet,

inwardly tending snowdrifts to melt

it's opium echo, infuses empires with rust and regret

lair of spider

over old pages

ruined words

see into them

bruises, a roam

of blackened waves

over old creaking days

a wither, rust has a

complete empire,

saturated clocks with

too much rain, stop

within these windows of

cotton killing,

in corners murder

occurs too often,

my purchase of gloom

tread careful

my oh so fragile petal being,

crawl to where this thirst

leads you most inflamed,

one falsehood or keepsake

and be spurned

anxious cavalcades

of desire,

i am like

broken pieces of sky

sun refused and black moonshine

if wishes could become exact

shimmering events, if such

protein could build edible sculptures

i'd reside in absolute nectar

instead of being mirror eaten

like shadow swallows

daybreak blindfolds morning

with a cold lit noose

it's butterfly dead


few will ghost the cold

inviting sheets, and

nearby hours call for

caffeine instinct

weather me once more

approve my song of

lit dew, but there's no one

to fulfill a touch

doors are so silent and

windows full of autumn

gaze these spilt streets

ten thousand bronze tears collect

where so often my

heart adheres

to spiderwebs for

harm to rot

the one night the caged bird flew

approach dusk with easy silence

but a humful of butterflies flit

excitable blood, hours nearing

exquisite interference

intention is a honey poured

synapse pure with want,

come resonate childhood foes

addictive adult holes

shadow filled face swoon

beneath the sky's cinder roam,

pearls dew cloaked so frowned upon

quietly as a whisper's discrete din

he forms wreathes from each of eight fingers

knowing how to make all nervous twitches groan,

complacent lamplight leaps eager shade struck walls

almost a strangler appears to reach out

the pink rubbed clown, the foolish king, kingdomless

undresses before anticipation,

peels off clothes, onion veils, chain mail slow

for all of the hidden exposed

interpret this white horizontal grave

where honeysuckle hearts have been slain,

all of inserted touches phosphorus white

moans eyelid scared rainbows

muscular noise, of fleeting sensual hinges

a mouth hopeless with edible whispers,

no ordinary sky will hold birds

approach morning with desolate unease

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