12 dew creeped

with lit fingers,

spiders ensure

childhood lunches

horizon hinged with

fresh sunshine

penetrates the gazed gauze lids

stupor well from treacle

snared slumber

root deep where the fossils are bedded

the curled up angel could no more resist

than ignore flesh,

wend explicit proteins thru' quicksand

subduing haloes,

this body nasturtium choked and kept

a mouthful ocean roar

with waves ten inches tall

a salt poison swallow

i am secrecy


with you sprawled

icily across the

sand dune bed

were you trying temptation

ghost enticing fissures

for me to collect?

is this pretend or

disbelief that false

angels can resurrect?

"heaven towards you

i will send"

heartbeats across thin voltages

plunge until we maelstrom further

deafening constellations,

i'm sick of tomorrow's taste

murderous crushes

fire wrought rushes

onto icicle bayonets

did i notice?

not likely when the peacock is

in full tarnish

trespassing whispers move

in spider spun shawls

and the body falls

wedding itself newborn

to a wolf

oh it's warm,

aphids melt across

the hole you tore thru'

inward smiling

begins disguising

and throws caution

to a bullet's aim

i wonder if i will feel it's wake?

caught tide like throe

down sustaining honeyed depth

but cruel love

begins it's fade

like diminishing rain

guttering sliver screams

would that heartache

be so easy to wash away

it's fingerprint trace

13 "i am without

horizon" he said

these footsteps of mine

tend ordinary circles

repeating the same

concrete oceans

the spires are sharp still

and the crowds move

hunting for a kill,

monday is broken and

waits for emptiness

to be filled

self same sighs

doubts borne from cold interiors

are antigens of self loathing

come clone this daily hateful uproot,

how much more can aching allow?

say the sky cracking or love i must forsake

whose to love this tepid hearth?

the dust of once passionate flames,

love, where is that vermillion now?

the bed is empty,

body silence where

you slept

and gave occasion for


- i am butterflying onto a spider's bayonet -

eyes alert

this fallow expanse,

the odour that identifies clothes


like a reprimand or

sleep slivered haunting

that wants hurt to upturn and

murder the living room


caught disbelieving,

curdled daydreams orbit

blank bone theatres,

this blank planet

wants to be

fulfilled with stars

and other such protein oceans

wish me, wish me not, wish me please,

pretend you naked here

uncurled from oyster silence

rust ridden eye prints below eyelids

14 this head

kingdom, cobweb,

dark sleeps

it's bending wheels

cambers thought

to their incomplete

nowhere is a place

i'd love to visit

blinded blissful

raptures drip

tho' open eyed

i'd rather die

15 tonight, there is no other,

tomorrow breaks open

lucky dip of wounds,

tonight, entrails of saliva

in-between sober

quietly killed to

make heartbeats chloroform still

tonight the statue of my

stare iridesces

everywhere you lie

this gaunt night,

forever is minute long

swooned off my continual

axis, into the brown abhorrent abyss

silent throat upon it's groped petals

white explicit stuck whispers,

a sigh kept too long

happens to gasp

recurrent hummingbirds,

today becomes


why do i breathe for you at all?

this surrender of edges

where my silhouette suffers

it's own allegiance and you

begin, stood in your empty

ghost my lovely intent

resound, echo-shimmer-glisten,

smooth as you are

like a well earned drink

your snow is for frost keeping

seeps the insecure hinges,

tonight, slides in flesh knife

until tomorrow gapes it's tin horizon,

emptied yet whispered full

onto a thousand bodied littered slope,

all eyes glittering the same fucked stare, alone

and discarded

16 loathed to be left cold

the taste of you tingled

like electricity exposed,

the smell of love hangs

gently wafting it's corpse

under for scent to rise

explicit as a pose

confused with ghosts

i've lost you thru'

what seemed myself

the obvious flaw


aching and sorely wanting more

to soothe the rubble filled rivers

that flow thru' crooked


they sculpt ecstasy

hidden kisses

beneath the stiffened grasses,


lengthened shadow inks mosaics upon skin

smooth and sweet and foreboding,

upon lips completely slain

the air was majestic with stars

like a motorway scar full of headlights

blooms yield their secret keeping

and soil the sense to heighten protein kites,

the faintest beings yours is the one i

remember most

if only to soothe this knife filled river

it flows sharpened

17 desperation snows

steady and slow

aching somehow

long looks stare back ages

but nowhere's gaze is

a lengthy stay

to rot awhile whilst love

passes on by

grazed skies abandoned

forfeit with rain,

no birds fly now

unless so low

they are pinned to the ground

people swarms din thru' veins

as if their souls

are being replaced, louder,

and wall paper mouths

keep quiet from showing

their tongues

wordless touches in amongst

incessant hives,

set for honey all of their lives

but emptiness is a dish on

everyone's plate

it's jagged now, sharper now

when the first coldness

began to bite

wind teeth glide their steel

shivering thru' trees that shape them

stirring where dust yearns sleeping

and me, what of this pity?

glimpsing thru' the personal parades

a cold coffee in a cup of stains

wondering which rejection

to be impaled

the expanse of hours drag slow

nursing home deaths,

heat from hot breath wants escape

but fearful feelings might expose

what it most wants, perishes

and leaves grasping empty handed

now whose to watch me fall?
it's what i do best

glassy and glossy like

to be drunk behind your eyes

or tides

in your concealed heart

to understand why

icons on anorexic pages

i turn each victim

until their myths thicken

and explicit,

i am not like them but want adoring

it's a slow pyre that conceals

it burns out of rage

twisting, wishing, thinking

wanting more than anything

there is something so worthwhile

in hugging knees to the mouth

securing dreams, becoming smaller

it's the floor i always walk

as if my life could be summer

an adventure of flowers

but the path i wander is always scorched

and knows no other

should i tend to the fires

that gasp each day into

copied brightness?

i've branded you in every picture that

falls or slides or shows or draws

an exhibition of crooked

man shaped

upon every wall framed

with a tear to swallow all

i cannot free from it's wake

even now

i pin you in glassy lit cabinets

and hold you beneath sleeps

continuous membrane

i stir but never truly awake

18 protein conjure has

silence rapt

there's a glistened surfer -

thru' out my blood

splendid at first

the kiss did split me open

and rifle me with ambrosia tasting

the skin did fast ripen it's

red rushed hinge like a

crocus from seed to bud to bloom -

within the blink of an eyelash

this sugar song

ferments bliss

sublime seconds gasp

the feast of

eating it's


to ever-last

my body is all thumbs

talkative fingers

smudged honey form their tips

ignoring time as it drips

i've opened without a crowbar

or successive hits

no punch was needed

for me to exhibit

what fails to get touched

oh the possession of it all

pushes all skyward

into the mouthful bower

white mollusc tastes

until wonderful

truly bursts

19 when truth becomes

hidden masks

disappearing when asked,

can you see the rain

that lies there?

thistle enrobed hurt

where silhouettes

cloak, this lie has

a root of it's own

should the witherers

want a kill

i  lie against those

glossy pages lit-hot-


firefly cages,

where is love now?

crooked and

insisting bent whispers

the devil would

approve of,

this city of adulterers

remind me

how pale i am

how inconsequential,

bird skins hold fortunes on

catwalks of the damned

this thirst

wanting to rid

the desert,

come lie your

bleak bones

but my hand is

alone with fire,

bend the mirror's

stare into what you

want to see there

a lover

a blush so

deeply crimson

touches fall in


the dewdrops

spilt there

my imaginary brother

and silence repairs

from being broken

where loneliness ghosts

it's chloroformed

empire, stood there

like a lightening struck


for the winds to

snarl by

or the ocean to

roar at,

these sublime pages

keep the synapses


and blindfolds


subdue this silence


there's hoodwink in

every creased shadow

a deceiver in every tall

pose, the lover

is rained upon, thwarted

and disposed

20 deceit is a clever coat

worn when spring is at it's most

wears concealed his favourite season

draped like intention

how does it feel?

how does it feel?

torn thru' by tearing

all wounds have grown into one

silhouette graspers wrap the concealed heart

how does it feel?

a kissed deep rose blade

a sigh thorns tourniquet



the heart from it's stem

sullen scapes

and impure horizons

to cut is deeper want

to rid the hollows of ghost and guest

my mind is still cutting

almost thru' each constellation

your postmortem of congealed blooms

night extends

it's cloying fingerprints

like suffocation

injuries soar cool jewelled seduction

till loneliness begins to whiten

this face

another taken space

fragrant with touches

punches in

familiar places

i'm sprawling waterfalls

ivy limbed and woken

for bites to increase friction

for teeth to leave insisting slices

once there were edges to summer

now daybreak begins to thunder

pain is sharp

possession of, makes us devote

so blinds us in our

false darks

how does one balance emptiness

across the mouth of a spilt cup?

should the sky during daylight blacken

should the oblivion of stars be reached

should desert flowers water weep

should this river become a slow empire of silt

my hunger would become

a thousand sleeping pills

21 blood


encouraged thru' rushed stems

as if white weather be,

discarding opals

for my swallowing brethren

sexual blisses

seed up peacock



albino certain splashes

it's treasure

some say poison

riddled with passion's brim

balancing upon pinpoints

or the breath that wagers seagulls

from their sturdy cliffs

floating above jagged amethyst

some are hit blissfully and plummet

seismic ripples

unsettle the forceful rhythm

it's bitter puddles

spray almost sweet-


i'm sick of clock persistence,

and bleached fingers come

to throttle the sun

it's noon now,

far from feeling numb

i yearn red yawned obsession

freely motorway flow

an explicit window

commit this fuck thru' buckled rainbows



sea hurtle

thru' until lids burst

expel your white winter worst

this addictive curse

22 nigh on five fold

it's slime walls surround me

around me like lips,

dark birds survey their gloom

whilst sunbeams pierce me thru'

openly drown me in

adolescent molasses

minds are rainfall

and storm howled words

hold the swarm

let not one bee go

or swallow a tornado

without being broke

night slips it's ebony blood

like a shawl across a carcass

around me like unsuitable skin

plied with moist serpents

to have such opal guns fire

how many glistened bullets

before i become too many

holes to hold together?


not quite yet

slick as a phantom's gilded grope

personal to the heart's damage

refuse the love that will cause the

gravest cut

slow unfolds


slow fingers

pry the white


and the surface

stirs to a moan

of crippled trumpets,

violet synapses hurtle

raw thunderbolts

into loneliness

those truly fucked are


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