23 smooth as i had always hoped

moving thru' the snaring kaleidoscope

gossamer ghosts

where defeated touches broke

time has me by

the wrists

watching like a

demon inflicted shoulder

stir up archive thorns

yesterday's lane of rust

happens in oxide paintings

from it's erotic pigments

desires curve,

rise up sensual sculptures

exhale strident moonbeams

to think us in

steep honey

too deep a swallowed ocean

but those wistful lanes

are jagged grey distinct hands,

skeletal artefacts

museum well, hurt

morning thumbs thru'

this stain,

bleak holes show awareness as

sun spilt fingers kill the dim lit room

a spray of light first falls

across clothes strewn,

slow creeps eerie gems up limbs

consuming the night before

you vanish, a dream's burden from me

the hourglass you tirelessly pace in

another ambient world

the closest we'll ever be

24 lonely afternoon

a sky so bruised

glowers down

my heart refuses to rain

bleak waves sprawl

lazily horse headed foams,

winter behind my footsteps

as well as in front

thru' brittle affection

twas done

the deed

the lies our hearts mistook for love

swooned for,

am impossible wish

so impossible

it cruelly burst

this love

of eternal

rotting buds

25 memories of you again

half eaten

sprawling across dew lit bodies

crawling with intent

shimmering all minds

half bent

oh shiver skin

coerced with ten thousand needle events

persuasion holds swooning

into a kiss hard bitten across thorough necks,

flay the swan until white turns indigo bruised flecks

i am thick with touches

thick with congealing amorous roses

thorn pointed inward

until you have me swallowed

memory ruins, a dead polluted stream, an archive for one,

corpse flowers float numb movement yawned over

by a chloroform sun

where i am both nothing yet something

someone doesn't want

in eagerness for rainbow blisses

i craved your bones but

got broken yielding, it came like brown

autumn, a ghost rushed intention

faded wires

disconnect their bees,

memories of you a

swoon wants to infect

to redraw the page's


but cannot erase,

i make the most of rain

26 switch clocks to

backward staring,

past aches melodic red

hurry thru' out childhood years

across stone fields, over silent cemetery floors

footsteps quietly cross adolescent seas

where mermaid perfumes elude me

heartbeats would roar should kisses follow,

but brings only false quartz to dazzle, to ensure it's stupor

thru' burnt out eyes, the door of a lover

into these the foolish stumble

where friendships decline or are forged

cannot quite place your face,

traced a touch, can't remember how it felt,

a forbidden feeling tries awakening

but sprawls back autumnal rust,

leaves cease from being stirred

now that epitaphs watch

in judgemental silence,

their worn weathers will not ache

beyond what they cannot infiltrate

these hot wires once buzzed indigo fallout

schemed each spark crimson sexual flame,

but what i thought was synchronised

was truly separation

withered pines where i once stood

i think i loved you once

where the ether froze it's dreamt edges

27 dna


come to cease evolution

or so it was reported

your purity

cannot exist

with this kind

of pinkness

why don't you

murder it?

justice will cover it's

hypocritical head well

the world is

twisted out

there, a repetition

of inescapable fences

here is

slightly lopsided

and drunkenly



you feel fear

that i can

undo society's root

do you think

that with a

kisses aim

i could topple churches?

we are noose

tight shade and

frantic lust

boils our bones

a curious hybrid

to be exterminated

to bleed freely

the finer points of sin

edges are




merging and

ill defined

all symmetry denying

falsifying straight lines

we are all circles

and curves

meandering corners

and subtle bends

stood proud

in the bitterest breath

where bold

our rainbows keep

from humanity exempt

28 step into my night dream

thru' waters cool


be soothed,

float a rainbow's bough


race inside my heartbeat,

liquid begun sea

softly where shadows meet

ghost into my night gleam

upon a shiver's cascade

you light the mourning shade

you draw me close

when afraid,

yet, i shallow drown

where moonbeams falter

and shadow begins


to dream this night

of pure petals slipping inside,

a dead perfume resounds

like a chorus of nodding funeral blooms

voices shimmer entwine

calling me from slumber's grey deep

to surface from soils of groaned opals

my crooked heart seeps,

cries such wanton desire

cracking the night's obsidian reservoir

no one to hold

or to share

no one anywhere

to dream awake is too painful a thing

like frost swallowing

entire ice laden fields and

long suffering streams

29 slow erodes the dead head

like unyielding bud

upon aphid tongues

it's where shadow creeps

dowsing light with it's blackened tongue

consuming neither doubt nor

this tinder delirium

poison this dream why don't you

it's ripped water's i have drunk

polluted mermaids crack upon discarded sand

most days swoon into one smooth


ignored by want and deed

i've stirred my own bruise

into a sky of smudged starlings

obliterating the sun's coveting scowl

burning was the evening

burnt out was my taste

as i slip down an empty glass

where i dwell broken faced

most days are

thumb persistent


they map entire breath

intrude me further

into the opaque slum

thru' the cherry altar

the animated swarm comes

and memory comes like

replayed constellations

convincing scapes into

mightier winters

reappear then disappear

upon this surface

i wish was skin

neither eyelids closed

or grey descending veils

unend this ceaseless


30 sometimes

the place is full of feathers,


a place of often uproar


you in haemoglobin

like burning protein

of ghostly copies


shimmering inside vessels

a gush of constellations


never diminishing

why detonate the heart

with shard shattering strategies?


sometimes feathers are all i see

brimming comets and hotter tails,

so i am told, it's the way we are

the way we burnish

halfway between dante's

torture and melodic sin

your treason sprays sparks

far into the heart

until bursting for

it's near death departure

sometimes feathers

sometimes fragile stars

sometimes this place

shrinks so small

it warrants no breath,


in suffocation

i want thunderous glistening,

a poignant rain

softly stirs

until focus unfocuses

and this pause of decades

returns silence

sometimes you pale

sometimes the days drift

mostly they...

31 softly, softly burning

thru' windows closed

a dream so wrought with fire

escapes to be cold

incandescent thursday

when the seed was

hot white protein

i was open

for you to grow

here is a lit flame

that never finishes

pilfer the conscience

that i know now

to be dead


hear me tear,

hear me

a blueness

a gloominess

damning everywhere

a photograph,


then a froze

us upon the white gleaming shore

the foam you wore,

the sky now strewn with rain

morning renews

slow as hangovers,

another day to move slowly in

another anniversary bruised

pictures shatter

on that shore

a tideless bleed of

grey monotony

where loneliness

acquires moonbeams

32 the sea is blurred

it calls me to it's

whispered edges

aqua sapphire fingerprints

where midnight inks

it's silence deeper

a trace of me yesteryear

pollen lit summer

and frantic roses

outdo one another's flamboyant collars

hearses come and went

taking their pulled

shadows with them

there is

poured into

an archive

that will take seas


of that rust commenced

day i wandered,

evening unravelled with rain

september where

the roses turned,

and the leaves

stood tired

that dna glisten

a shout of protein

as the night wore it's


soon would a thorn

be retrieved,

and from that one night

bed of curdled jewels

a falling of flowers

would occur

33 closer
















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