it's ether i believe

i could breathe you,

i believe i could

drink it's final damnation

wonder is about to

be met

synapse and all

the heart knows

it's thunder and


soars with the

vocals of


intimate rivers

so want to


to run it's agile

sparkle all over


spiralling defiant edges

then plummeting into

slippery hair

persuasion ebbs

and rotten blooms

become sipped

the consequence of

muscle fires, connect

dewdrops against bodies

and kisses fall into

such deepness such

probes of wetness


from a mistaken


and breaths come

quicker than

dragonfly wings beat

in thru two rings

this ain’t no saturn

no numb circle

but a nude flower

for a muddy bee

a battered larder

of brown deluxe suede

no less pretty than

a furry triangle

either, dewdrops do

not taste well, one of

old harbours, the other

populations discarded

in thru’ will hurt hellish

like a red gunshot,

deface language

with ouch

applaud the heart’s dirty

furnish with burnt blood,

tether tide’s violence and

reassure wrists beyond the back

desired, you get

ripped at ballets and

moans to make thunder


absurd voltage each

serial insertion, mauve

constellations, white

firework palm like ignites

it’s tinder stick

a deluge of streaming stars

wonderful hot shards

firing shots up into heads

but never quite far  enough

into the heart’s




breathe with

consuming me

killed toys by

massacred puzzles,

a clown slit grimace

night enters in

of stories, of

re-enacted pages,

recite the pirate’s

warning, there is no

corner of the sea

to conceal in

doll suitors patrol

the sheet’s edges,

where the slump of

bears appear sleeping

but are watchful

heroes are paused

to pounce from shelves,

there is insurgency to

command but

the room is deeper

ink as minutes

suicide from the

clock’s face

there by floorboard

creak, stealth

paws capture

the stairs

we know

you have changed shape

from the friend

we knew in the day



all with

tobacco teeth



bigger than

the ceiling

spider footfalls

thru’ out skin

dusk commits

to imprint us with

vanishing tattoos

until grotesque

heavenly burst

by lust countless same seed

i should be the clone of

your protection, a fatherly

shield from monsters

as snakes

then fidgety worms

burrowers to make

the eyes panic

bleak, black eyes croak

eats us whole

innocent ruiner

when complete, melts

backwards into night’s

avoiding stare,

well honeyed

returns to the wife

his dormant hive

our seams left open

nerve endings of shuddered

bolt lightening, and

creeping caresses

we do not shiver

we neither speak

nor rinse ourselves

with cleansing wishes

coveted by stuck sheets

and queasy moonbeam fingers

it’s time for dead sunrise

to echo the retreat of cloaks

as high as we wish we could be

to undark all hiding places

we try disguises

eyelids painted false eyes

encouraging our demise under sleep

should a predator decides to peek

this place of embellished touches

breathe without me

night bloom


melts into it’s own furnace scheme

a fluid given pose,

saturate mouths with honey

to have your heart held

small anchors first then roots unfurl,

begin to exert buds from each intruding

burst, until the feeling sickens

itself starts hurting

the blood’s magic is red

noise mosquito raucous hum, meet

the weather at it’s lightning

edge, haemoglobin becomes

fire, flares the hot river

from dusk insistent

velcro, hourly


eating whole the sun

it’s pouring thru’ the windows

and sliding up walls

like a funeral liquid

in softly guided waterfalls

obscure bloom

edible you

slowly opens

then un-reveal

you interrupt the mind’s

ash, eclipse defiant waking

wounds, induce my petaled

slick sea into shimmer happening

entire bloom

engulfs us all

muddy as a rotten brook

where the crooked stars shoot

twilight thread that weaves the spell

sun surrender, yawning jaw night

igniting sky-edges on fire,

almost shrouds senses weaken

suggestion seeps autumnal thumbs

twitching secure corpses, some are

dreamless, we are aliquots of nightmare

and wander thru’ foreseeable pitch and illnesses

slow phosphorous halo’s, slight fugitive

whispers start their storm roar,

our cradle liquids take to curious shaping

into falling tautness, a nocturne rigor mortis,

a rapture of swans slide thru’ minds

and my brethren ignite from the

black and the deeps

from torn terribles, it’s

uncontrollable dark

scorching halogen paths

a cup of stars begin to spill

each silver life spilled high and shrill

fall towards ever falling doors

a disappearance of rainbows

compasses lie across each heart

the ecstasy he may or not feel

until such shade began to depart

and from synapse iridescence

tendrils curl and twine him way beneath sleep,

he stirs to turn and becomes under the floor

and their children come from forests far

spinning webs from spider’s fur,

thru’ his face by chink or creased breath

his eyes ajar, a fountain of burning shards

radiant fingerprints ingot pinpoints

into the reaches of fleshes

and the blissful dead will not wake,

our thoughts, our limbs

stitch into the minds of mankind

and dreams most cinematic sprays,

reality hereby collapses

sculpting impassible spires

from ordinary choirs to sound their

solar wings into deafening

the sun builds from nightly pyres

garbed in morgue sprawled moths

that smother us before

dreams forsake and returns us


soon that dark is rid

and the cobweb latches part

from their bejewelled thatch,

bland boughs awake with

old furious song

songs from all beaks

but that reverse of slumber i

invert inches, deeply

lorded over ash, and lengthy

silhouettes where the

moon is quarter sent,

an appearing horizon met

and the sunlit roam

in raucous swarm

to mend or

to earn themselves a future


stir unsightly weathers


reason decides to sever

i’ve taken to shadow

and it’s soft sublime insides

like i upon dark tongue recline

guillotine the lovers as they lie

towards each collapsible sigh,

lament long dead whispers as

partners of mine

mirrors have sarcastic teeth

molars want to seethe and

bury me by reflective glare

a photograph ached sliver

a good man gone bad crooked sunbeam

crease the wind’s shrieking,

undo everything, un-still the stillborn

sellotape a thousand shard shattering

it’s dream that takes me up the hooded stair

to the cobweb floor a room so bare

save one white wilting actress flower

tear bound to a feeling that will not happen

shake the stems from their thoughts

upon each edge let burst

quietly curl a neatly packed storm,

backwards fall thru’ hourglass

when the mind’s map imprint

decides it’s time to mosaic

into another decipher, ripple upon pond

like swarm upon nerve, and be cursed

world’s end falls sparkling rain

slow consumable cascades

glittering needles, long live their pain

halt a river’s touching, make it well again

but all you do is sit

troll insisting and disinterested

upon poor excuses mirrors

that puddle

no rainbow guess or lucky suicide dip

a silver revolver aims to kill

like i am lost from your kiss

so fill me with your bullets as i

narrow precipice

and on that puddle that

reflects only truth

afloat yet drowning

feather fragile thought

a frond broken by love

caterpillar heart

the consequence of loving

oh vein of my heart

shape change desire-me-knots

is to know where i stand

pulled by quicksand

where countless angels are sucked

pretend plastic colourful masks

covert eyes, afraid to ask,

now whose feigning

a worthwhile word of oozing

and dare be said love?

stillborn ruin

fish without fins falsify for you

whispering eddies and cold statue blood

vein of my wrought heart

feels your deep instilled pulse

resurrect love in all it’s matt guises

the surge of fingers pulling at flesh

like petals torn off flower heads,

though no grenades sigh

i feel honey raptured as if stung tonight

me in your capillary archives

tangled in adamant skies

it’s too late

in you i have cracked

i’ll break your butterfly wings

to catch the caterpillar back


listen for the mushroom’s pause

inert breaths suspended

a gossamer watcher

of quiet

stir the dream denied sleeper

those moonbeam slopes that keep her

quietly as water stillness in a glass

her slumber doesn’t crack

will it fragment

at a silhouette’s touching?

root thru’ her like roots

would anchor at soil

rainbows slide in, a shimmering spire

blows the startled shoulders

do not deny him any deeper

allow such colours uncurling timely breather

i am the river that weeps him

and tingles shocks across her

your worlds are mine to hold

your flesh, your bones

my keeps, pip within stone

kept safe, kept from roaming


seaweed chains

a cancer crab

crawls drowned faces

all splashing fins

surging pearls and

mermaid bedazzle skins

driftwood limbs

in barnacle clothes

bound to swell

the ocean’s habit is

sucking this glitter cargo down

where prisms salty build

and kingdoms sand dune drone, muffled under

shell beds and

comfortable silt waits

your flesh to wilt

rush away love

well under wave

foam and more shipwrecked

in your whispers drift again

eyes white lit foams

and coral wanting mouths

no kisses of mine

will come to waste

no breath of mine

will come to fade,

memories fasten to take fond shape

tumbling insanely whims

loose like flowers

gently petal fall,

dew upon skin

barracked aphid sprawl

silvery steepled voices

inside call never on addictive snooze,

silhouetted notes loud to blow

you are the sky where comets fold

the tree snagging winds that

untidy chaos further

asylum where my sought after

wings are snared, throat of

seeds shared with no one,

your geology murmur

my landscape my mutter

muffled to your rhythmic thumbs

undo the mask

to find another,

another labyrinth

unhinge it’s hidden

a clandestine path

and wonder met

but was it meant?

touches underneath

slumber, wants the highest

kite to out distance thunder

but every wandered kiss

is brittle, and such lips


sometimes i want to

vanish my heart’s


why is dark so full of nooses

and soul compliant bruises?

a skeleton rose invites all

to it’s perfumed bones

so hang from it’s sharp stem

it’s maddening, meander scent

has me kept

the cabinets from his flesh

all swooning vines madly drives

each wish tumbling insanely whims

try, i tried

to push him miles in,

all he does is silhouette

and twist gnarled shade roots

merely inches in

forever frost

forever frost

and thru’ it’s pitch heart

like falling thru’

netherworld veils

of dead fingerprints

whispering sweet black nothings


calling you

from intimate forever

thru’ aged cobweb


where skies are always


emptiness brims

and is slow to ebb,

beneath quick reminding


dead eyes pierce dull stars

into blissful black night,

wished for honey or something sweeter to begin

to make the mind all the more sickened

atom by sheer atom of shadow’s skin

reminders of what could have been

of laughter and cupid’s artful theatre

a song that builds higher with each stupor

frost unworthy landscapes

an algorithm of pale people ghost their own

melancholic senses,

skeletal pines leant against a frozen lake

men so cold from each sigh

a snow bound promise of lies

a wooden face meandered by hail

aching bold worthless knots

a smile from wintry morn

a smile of splinters

why doesn’t he come in?

too afraid of what the frost

might do and

covet him

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