thru’ drench of dream


i am





in it’s


in between




and being

ether spilt

i am anchored

in it’s prism

and the

sea meant

fury, the

sky a


throat, no

thorough hands

could reach

the sky

sometimes he would be the sky

an azure wrap around

to thwart absurd grey-upon-hearts,

blazes of forever

he would by speaking

decipher sadness from their bruised

architecture into a bright sought after gleaming,

find me there amongst the hot-petrol-proteins

so often he would achieve a seismic

song thru’ out me, with thornless wand quiver bones,

my head cradled between nourishment and knees

warming, swarming as any afternoon sunbeam,

he would push far

and venture stars inside veins

i feel in it’s mouth

quite superb smoothly round

like a marble or snug rubber band

a statue in every pocket

swallow me the angels i seek

i would sit unravelled

awaiting secure mending, once for kissing

i would dew stroke eyelashes

until quite swooned in, into loamy precipices

take the rain that

is given,

lightning bolts sizzle this

meniscus of mauve blisses

earth me in your cinematic fleshes

and constellation pretenses,

perform myself indigo-eye-shots

sometimes he would sky me

like a secure surface nothing

can fall from,


secret garden

touched, as i amongst childhood burial stone

strode with wonder, into slip thru’ the ivy creviced mouth,

a door now all wooden frowns, but then a mouth

to me still a mouth

push, exude, pass thru’ from dark grimacing years

like a man too shadow tired, sick of the blackness

who steps bedazzled into the brightest halo

an afternoon’s extendable roots, exorcising losses

watching the sky’s colossal face, blacks and greys consumed,

the way of clouds move, but mostly the sky is yard empty

silently leans against glistened arch, strumming thoughts

and thinks, distant love wounds hail garlands from a tear stain

heartache in boisterous resurrection, scars unhealed intrude and

gong their awkward memory, he ambles in their liquid, poignant yet stale

a smile sighs from mindfulness

fades into air like discolouration

but catching colours onto his face, swathed in gold

syrup sunlit flow in treacle blades, loving then loathing you

timeless anniversary flows explicit rainbows,

it could be spring leaf or winter chill at my heels,

frosts upon heavy scented breezes, tear laden

quietly reminding, the harshness of cobbled streets

the abattoir flies that buzzed across love’s sweet carcass

how i loved each garden grain

each cold frantic stare that stone figure watches

unchanging as forever

rekindle and once more live

thru’ out the firefly tangled night,

by a pond’s reflective glass flare

squadrons of rose sentinels and oldish man’s beard

nodding flower heads in adulterous flowerbeds

colourful mismanaged cloaks in ill fitting rainbow-sky-lids,

soft plumes swirl the lark’s melodious return

in murmured archive throe

i return

like compass near magnet coercion

a ship without a purposeful sea

hopeful of returning sometime to

my stem twined arch

under lazy ivy

and ornamental blade hanging

silence now, no trace of ever being

only bat wings flitting and

cricket drums teeming

nocturne abounds victorious

in this most blacked out of evenings

sea of tides

overlooking edges

sheer blue slopes

sapphire sprayed

a cormorant ceiling

an echo delayed

my heart

feather in a stream

it’s edges that i

always stand

magnetic to feelings

cut on command

my mouth

a hole for words to bleed

below oceans

shrug into land

intruding touches

of despicable erosion

i seem to hold a

bruise high above me

like an ill tempered sky

about to pour,

mercurial thoughts fall heavy

a weeping wave

steals across a beige shore

and withdraws it’s

tempest caress once more

glistening by drops

fat jewels shrink

under sunshine’s

dishonouring rays

my every distance

begins to fade

cobweb bridges

mind scapes of men,

such sculptures break

by such soft blows

pale as be felt

him touch someone,

october came and

went as months

quickly do, his heart

a non event and uneven

clay corpse

for flowers to root thru’

with colourful flag


but the stares in here

fall black and coldly


he stands lone

the bleakest scape tear building

unfeeling chrome mother

a seeped womb expelled him,

heavy nettled father

threw him onto a wasp’s sting

whispers undo their own breeze

and begin to inert from softly screaming

thru’ white snagged forests

bone built limbs crowd vision

confused wherever he stands

unsure of whereabouts,

feels the ghost of empty hollow

surround skin

how many angels

have you downed?

how many blooms

a disarray of petals abandoned?

last shards vein light

backwards fell into a depth

of shattering mosaic splashes

a colourful sound,




drifting ether

heaven less bound

the body rose

leapt with great gulps

whirled first great height

then swooned slow under

where roots are sick of soil

i’m like shadow

in between

nothingness embraces

morpheus cruel slumber

a returning tide

stifled thunder

we slip under

under hadean molasses


the sky is low

as a man’s despair,

no re-healing or

convalescing wound,

shall i turn to where?

no more cocoons

or clandestine summers

for love to swoon into or under

too many splinters

resound rain

falling as they pierce thru’ again

the night in tow

innermost sculptures shadow,

no dew rich roses or

poetic verse,

love begins to turn

blackened mountain speeds

until glass water crashes

soft spraying necklaces

moon torn splashes

the horizon

outlines defiance,

the pier lies a false limb

into the moan of the sea

we leave the world abandoned

like a shell stopped from it’s voice

like lonely albatross slips

thru’ anonymous solitude

a gossamer kiss beckons you

waist deep in opal jewels

we liquid spill into each mind

seeking warmth once we knew,

my submerged heart lives only within you

awaiting it’s last struggle, it’s last turbine blast

the bluest of current holds

our lifelessness close for a wave’s turning

drifting down faceless cliffs

a farewell cold glance and

to the seabed to be amongst

ghostly reefs, nibblers and bygone shipwrecks

voices of the lonely fail

to flourish this far down

fallen angel, serpent scale

at edges of angels

trembled worlds

and scheming swords sin,

he chooses to loosen from his aching wings

wish for what we may never dare

should he fall

he’s falling blissfully aware,

mayhem shall this curious swoon bring

we are all colours


resplendent in a maze

of eyeless temptation

a twist of obscenity roses

hideous thorns blunted by being torn

but appearance can be made so bejewelled

and oh so gorgeously beautiful

beauty is deception

pain is perfection,

meniscus medusa

a parlour of sugar

explicit seduction

heavenly suckle

persuasion rents

every decadent whim

into a whore strewn abyss

into unfortunate strangle

edges of worldly ditches

prostitutes and diseases,


swords from despicable angels

thrust in

the steeped rose

swallowed once and drowned,

torn down

broke the mind in two

blindfold he searches

his shattered wings

forbidden to fly

the body of god

a betrayal cutting blades

he, clothed in serpent scales,

body lengthens upon dirt

twisting limbs break,

he coils upon the ground

chokes upon the halo he mouths

stained enough to make this

selfish faith perpetually deafness

day breaks the dreamer’s face

danced amongst no one

inside a quartz tear stain,

obeying rainbow arches

the mind against flame

silver sloped boughs

slick with liquid arrows

drape thru’ heart’s most

accepting and narrow

do no delay

for senses seem quick to shift away

dewdrops pour onto mouths

a kiss cools with fire upon the brow,

deafening a phosphorus bell

placid stars float down

un-sculpture form

everything falls,

subdue autumn

sighing shores

swapping petals as we lay

thorns first then stamens at play

a crocus under


his talented frost

slowly withdraws

fragile morning dawning

in which the liquid prisms spill

covets the sun

a shimmering orb

the night is done

like an echo of

a touch felt once

skyward a burning bird

oh decadent angel gone too far

a furious dream released

stirred from clever yesterday and

coffins of the deceased

thought refractile enough

to outshine suns

but you cannot out do a star,

wings of supposed peculiar metals

a thrust of liquid chrome

poised to soar heaven but alone

rise oh bloodied spectre of spears

phoenix your body is free’d

thine the once egg is flying

an exile from humankind

what the crowd saw

defied their startle,

a crimson burst

a dying scream, a fiery hearse

so near the stars

sad silhouettes drop

incinerated fleshes,

believers stood in rings

loss disquieted,

a wheel of fire thru’ crystalline frost

as if the sky was swan less

so near to the stars

an angel broke into glittering shards

forensic ghosts

drift as body parts

the mad pomegranate tree

confidential smile

turns smiling inward

knowing no stare

can reach,

be me, be me

lazy in innermost

honey, i am but

briefest smokescreens

an alibi to counterfeit


i am two tides opposing

a dislocated location, a dedicated

sinner reformed by sweeteners

an angel hellish bent,

a shrapnel of flowers

awaiting my true burst

even though it

will truly, truly hurt

watched for moon swallower

but found opposition

with deft winter at their

disposal, weapons for dna

reprisal, would you abandon

daughterly son at their most

rooted? desire so fuelled

it expires, remove conscience

from a knife’s well aimed wake

i stand on floored

oceans, remote as

a touch gone shy

each nerve noose

never truly understood

before a guillotine’s fresh edged plummet

would angels adorn themselves

should i stare long enough?

should love arise it’s

most modest pyre?

would i lament or be land filled

echo by stupefying echo?

dialogues and interferences

pollute their sublime

shrill applauses and silver

cloyed rewards

be me, be me

i am entwined in mine, alone,

like a mouth knowing

no words to appeal,

tethered sexual agonies

un-pebble my virtuous stream

undo my every gleam

i am flat as a

dead sung note

or a willow given over to flames

inside the sunless i

reflection brings an eyewitness


to mind, a moonbeam

without outlines

a silhouette not quite shaped

you do not disclose me

la curious shroud, your

poison i will not narrow

and allow it’s propaganda

to plough

i gossamer each shadow

softly inviting, misguiding

then loud as a bell’s peal

from cliff top muffle resounds

unbury stems

insist each frost

withdraw it’s melting,

i’m a purity of pollution

a solitary solution

both statue and of ether

broken as a hole cannot be mended,

radars choke on misinformation

i am two halves to a third

openly unresolved,

question further

my defences dissolve

into a parody of puzzles

evening’s loop moth frenzies

into hot eyed lamps

suicidal wings scorch upon impact

my body wants to go again

longing lust has surfaces to repel

a magnet to my own kiss

a church going devil

a vicar in the abyss

eradicate this pointlessness

futile beds where glaciers are exposed

edged with loneliness

wants victims for it’s cold theatre

for comedians to pick apart

it’s maddening fire engines

heartbeats racing blood

i am sculptured into a fragrant corpse

lips on grey and eyes clandestine pits

dead here but all my eclipses are on fur

and wanting beyond natural intoxication,

can you guess evenly as my mouth inhales?

then i expire

he mosaics the man

the puzzle

will not unravel

or persist


when gazed upon

uncertain years have

met so many deaths,

upon his travels

nocturne or daylight’s

blare, he has become everywhere

farewell future

the past seems no less bright

only shadows multiplying

into the ghost that night

what measure the lie?

the distance that holds vagueness during eyes

or the length of a tailor made yard?

he sews past into your skin

buttons for years, clothes for prisons

forgive him

footsteps beckon him on,

thru’ darks and thru’ maelstrom mansions


thru’ miserly grey miserable towns

they bleach their children bones

for a tooth trinket or a magical coin

discard their looks and become a

mere whisper in amongst the breezes,

curious where the road goes

nowhere into hell

where crows envelope

the sore sky

constellations cobweb overhead

twisting thru’ consummate black nothingness

a song of charcoal to the dead

where soil is bare

he smiles loam,

where dry

diamond clouds drop applauses,

where hurt

blooms convalescence

from canyons twisted and edges leapt

he footsteps thru’ your opaque village,

some say the devil, some a lonely man

preferring the company of rooks to groaned men,

he strolls within fearful and watches

the nightly armada phantom on

dancing moonlit figures small as a wrist

fey rainbows remove greyness

and from one splash a single drop

into the sky his cup

and to the night swoons

engulf me and fling my hardened petals till i am strewn

like quartz the coldness of what i ask,

but the movement is of grasses and air begins to sigh

to all his shadow and turns thru’ blindness

misunderstood and unpronounced

and into bracken’s suits of rust

and forest jade keep

where bronzes cemetery beckon

a slumber of forever,

mix the colours learnt

to paint a frost

or a harvest loss

,to bedevil a priest

or angel the demons that we seek,

to brim the sunset with coal

or a morning drenched with tear shaped clones

weary days are heavy, counts the leaves of many

then piece by snowflake piece memory yearns

and falls slowly asleep

into the man stretched out in a violet field

wake me when the world is done

little paraffin

little paraffin… waiting… for all trumpets to be blown

heralding a spring tho’ winter it may well be,

first cuckoo shall impetuous gather

and regardless come undaunted,

a fertile field in a phantom spring

blossomer strands waft slow terrains,

who indeed shall inherit this fertile crop?

a bitter drop… without fins little paraffin

shall fly again without wings

and flock when he shall rise

tho’ as a shoal not of fish tho’

from sertoli wharves the humid flotilla embarks

into the greatest ocean of them all

sailing without sails… whip lashing their tails,

the hem to his flesh lets loose their head spun scripts

to be deciphered or to doomed genocide

little paraffin… akin to a crusade blind

knows not what to do… a turmoil of not knowing

but relentless, thou art propelled not unlike spears

fountains whirl into rivers into reefs bright red

all alkaline cloaks… bud stemmed tide love

swarms exodus grenades anchor to keel floods

nigh on ten plagues pleasure has it’s grin… little paraffin

flung four corners of a bloodshot kingdom,

coilable larva flows motile, passions tactile twisting

foaming it’s ocean her body the sodden earth lunar paralysis,

ooze lands now slime coloured martians

she shall respond with murdering those alien

no reprieve when execution begins… beware little paraffin

whether by thread or by fated sway

those remaining a sure death waits,

the failed valiant skeleton the soft battlefields,

their thirst gave up this done day

oh insatiable sigh borne upon unclear water

telegraph your odour

thru’ which labyrinth bears the planet’s sphere?

for those who pursue instinct echo

shall hurtle inches that bring sorrow

each striving oasis in this poppy sahara of muscular blood dunes,

sprawled for an eon or so it reveals a corridor of stealth wrists

dragging their glass limbs inviting you in… little paraffin

thru’ black and thru’ pitch, thru’ sunless red without rest

weathering convulsion, sailors without ships,

treasure at long last, the horizon to her flesh

revolving as she does the gem of oogenesis

a solar star skyless beckons the looming fritillary on,

affinity spins only for the intruding one

irony for such a limestone army as this

come in… little paraffin… the chosen, daughter or son

fleshes from alphabets

the becoming of cell cities


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