such deepness in one so young,

childhood rusts over meandered

playgrounds, feelings almost fresh chrome

so rooted yet yearning beckons on

beckons him pausing for speedier happening

roads that unravel cleverly, sorrowful others

down crooked futures, left by the yard of

quiet sails and reached for buildings

past fragile glass morals, lovers liquid eyed

careful of another suitor’s nets, fish guts

where numerous gulls harass

a perfume from the ocean’s vomit

“chase me” says a girl’s unplayed eyes,

ignore the harbour's scurry

continue on by the butchers red creased

sacrifices, over footprint splashed cobbles

squabble boys amongst their satchels, and

the crows have banter in the eaves

sleep weakens against so hooligan a beak,

too many folk are already tombstones

air soaked noise rinsed with

sea flavours, calling from the sea unsolved

wall where graffiti wrote years ago abused

him, a penknife cut thru’ shyness

there are echoes of reminding

a protein yearning, and a six foot

thug stood like an oak with

terrorism for a warning

remember the rib that was pummeled

where the head was hit with

countless hands, there was a tornado

in that man that day that shouted blood

did yearning difference offend? the clot

of gulls then are same as they knot

in the pigmented overalls of sky now,

would if found again thrown against concrete shoulders?

there’s that garden of over wrought fingers

an ache of boughs rummaging,

the swing that was hanging from the

clouds, so i was magically told

all splinters and rotten rope like

lazy snakes lie, where the queasy flights

of wasps drunk on plums chased,

it’s all of my yesterdays fading

beckons, here were the clues

squandered and hid, an oyster

crammed with secrets, so much so

that i never lived

beside thistle bend

clothes were left rained upon,

nudity thoroughly beaten

applauded by social execution

smashed where fear would

have us meet by stealth

by quiet undisturbed guessing

a head full horizon of bruising

kissed stamens from secret trousers

felt the underpass to a mouth,

wary always of bramble bullying

and judgemental sharing

moonlight traitors

we go unseen

home where the shadows are fully grown

sets root against root, which thirst is to wither?

nude hidden arses and full frontal gazes

lust is coded all evidence quickly erases

just empty magazines

and bodily forensic traces

why do feelings kill one another?

how many have quartz fathers

and collapsible mothers?

to the floor like a pink stained sniper

outcast amongst his own

ironic ‘cos i’m the heir to your bones

it’s what you shot from your scrotum,

this love finds a way of always choking

separate kisses exist nowhere else

can’t stay too long by this

awkward house painted peeling

the colour of dying grasses, an

arrogant lawn where childhood coalesced pretend romances

passing the devil with idle most hands

who sold out souls for anyone,

down darkening meanders and nightly imposters

farther from that written sniggering sea wall

fish fumes sparkle and brine like gin

thru’ the sun’s sparseness a yellow flare,

watches from another lane the trawlers crawl

small heartbeats on grey inflicted journeys

an apt silence returning

so turn away


grey occasionals are frost wealth's nowadays

a separate life from feeling, occasional staring lose

their selves thru’ and upon the ink inflicted ceiling,

across the wind swollen metal beaten bay

balancing in the lungs stiff yachts slide

the greasy ill at ease waters,

watching lifeless flatlines obey heartbeats given

in slivers comes eyelid rainfall

i’m where but a road going charcoal under,

near to an inverted swallow

undo the peaks that were worthwhile,

this journey wasn’t as indicated,

were beige pills this meant?

when everywhere wants to unfurl neon wide

noise, i need the sea to curl inwards

where the blows are less harsh and infrequent

into a seed’s burial longing that no

touches come that near, this was where

the attack struck thunder harsh hurt

bliss so sweetly anointed off fingers onto lips

it’s painful to think the moment

before sunbeams were tipped into the abyss

and memories to wither off the bough

until sour and dismantled

colourfully-glister-eyed a clone of one another

synchronised every petal every whirring electron

this lightning could go on,

sex intense nectar hot voltage, no tumult but

raw sighs and aimed slick bullets

gypsum melts from visible muscular landscapes

laughing at the bones to some old joke

whittling it to make it unfunny

yet laughing again whilst trying to be upright from the floor

sipping each interlude and one another’s warmth

that clock of insufferable ticks long since dead

tired of it’s misaligned shudder,

seconds, millennia to fill the days with,

the stretching of inflexible minutes lead to burden

hours of such empty acres of time to defend

resolve to bury but surfaces will

not deepen themselves into blind anchors

and refuse such gulping fathoms,

so pain is red petrol blossoms igniting thru’ out hair

blindfolds sense to outside happening

loose windows groan against glistening

and refract eye-tear-scorched,

if thoughts were sculptures

destroy with bodily harm,

be the next winter of yourself

disfigure and repeat upon every limb

always reducing, disintegrating

but the archives have energised pigments

fragments of an entire walked horizon,

synapse phantoms reveal their jagged selves then clandestine gone

how can you murder what cannot be seen

then reappears before vanishing?

night is most hollow

where now does this

lonely echo follow?

probably nowhere

but sat or stood

observing nothing, no one


slumps into a hand painted rocking chair

swear words and groans, itself old and begrudging

woodworm beware !!!

surveys the rotted realm

a tired oak blown

decrepit orchard fallen

fruit smells from

ghostly ripe corpses,

gone have the cider trees

or was it damson or plums

or sloes !

wayward nettles, scheming brambles

unkempt twine

innards and cogs

senile rust crumbles

discarded wireless, strangled netting

pretend spiders,

dismantled limbs muttered over crouched with moss

caressing hyphae beneath fungal adoring spore

decays the youth yearned for,

gone are the summer leafed kingdoms

those plentifuls now sparse

now hooligan grasses the trees once loved

ruins within his irises seep,

magpie thugs trounce the battered branches,

over there thru’ stagnant hair

reminded of fawned over maidens

and their nectar churned skirts,

of handsome squires raucous bees pose

under assertive lids

chase their would be companions

thru’ the early violets stretching purples by

cosseted hedges

then mirror of fragile liquid collapses

with it shells of barely wandered echoes,

want to roam? you’ll have to inch further,

sensual screaming from hedgerow larders

men now ripped from childhood tethers

all seething done now into stillness

so many a hip straddled with soggy flames,

as if the fox got the chicken coop

reflection changes

a pond without a sky,

“i am not that man in stiffened britches”

the nib does not succeed with correct ink

and meant for the wrong kind of page,

yet by the hay shovel where a rook often

occupied, he is stooped with a spade

shirtless and glistened dew-

inspired slides waist down

where gazing can only anticipate

oh furnaces that become the bed

a fever of flies, ingots scorching, brooding

sliding thru’ blood, imagine him, magical

shivers stand on static ends,

wet with words that cannot be spoken

secrets of silences have been woken,

insatiable murmuring waters that

could task a waterwheel to spin

even the air you had walked thru’

becomes a possession

if the world was less judgemental jagged

if brothers could share more than

the same snow proud sheets


i would have openly woven your fingers

thru’ mine, met where shadows

no longer pursue,

come share the moon wild floor

where once the burst apples and berries


let those moonshine struggles stain

towards one another glimpse

exchanging twilight beneath it’s dusk trinket

or manly rinse,

one such fellow “drysdale”

swooned among the secret toothed ivy

wishing for what was unlikely

to grace the pollen deeps with,

so many gazes, a labyrinth why not straighten?

these laden muscles held tempests

held closer worlds hid by so crooked a shade,

declare blushes

there among the careful blossoms

and phantom snowdrop stems


expires breathlessness

mud stained trousers where girls usually hitch to,

rich wide laughter

beneath a lark’s sodden verse where really

an old crow squats

watchful under it’s night shawl,

that churches bell forbidden not forgiveness

and hunt for sin thru’ out the mucky ditches,

bring out the scythes to cut their mouths out,

and the trees in stance, tremble alarming shudder

“drysdale” he breathed

like a warming wave breaks inland

but scared of not returning, offers to flee back

to those manly overcoats that sightly everyone


comes the soot locusts soon with jowls

of heavy jawed wolves, books of

fire in left scorched hands,

and the urge of prowled interrupted foliage is

to run, or be barbed by the

preaching militia

evening unfurls mist astride the man that

was meant for but glistens against

the retina, molecule bright tides

return me to now and the photograph is


and the porch skeleton chair moans upon

metres of unreconciled sadness

and moths flit on constant suicidal missions,

almost tasting the orchard’s ghost, electrifying ozone atoms

almost he could be that entangle of moon oppressed beams

that dream would glow after unkind years have agonised

and woven steel assertive webs, taken from my keen grasp

remembers him always thru’ out the year long wasps,

here emptiness lies everywhere hollowed

in drained coffee cups and forgotten fruit bowls

draped smudges across windows, and wintry lanes thru’ out

dead picture frames,

where shall silence next wander?

meanders upon the stood still clock

it’s pulse of cogs manacled in antique arthritis

sips nothing from the unfilled glass

admires the charcoal deepening scarves succumbing spires

suits merge their suburb wreathes into seeable bruises,

supposes king of night deafens sunlight

to far off unlistenable traffic, i’m all about subdued birdsong daily,

static gnats wired upon silver dinner plates

not forest guzzler nor applauding branch appendage,

great anarchic oceans

sweep the blood’s anaemic pulse

constellations quietly grip

where torn desire rips,

others untouched burdens greying

below secret soil

and dials of broken sun

beyond the sighed gleam less river

“release me” he trembles

like starling tied in string,

above ground

creaks wood painted holler

to and fro the tree balancer goes

watching the horizon ritually burn

thinks always him

without sky aimless is a bird

without thought minds are disconnected ether

yield before love and be without breath

like gold enthralled phoenix bows before a blackbird,

humble i in chains of airlessness, a resounding vacuum,

eclipsed words hides darkened estates

where do you bleed?

an heirloom into dust shaken memories,

and it truly aches


somewhere else is happening with smiles

and everywhere overdosed with sunbeams,

“here is my heart for you to scratch open”

like someone eager opening a present

to find the box was always empty

broken flowers, rain encouraged eyelashes,

people always fade

erased from painful pages,

feel what loneliness brings

thru’ that dark accepting door

stood in crow gone field

of vanished wheat

or stranded on sharp resembling shores

far from bright hot kissed caresses

no dream can thicken from such lonely wishes


“why does no one love me here?”


“why don’t fingerprints stray in there?”

backwards thru’ childhood fragments

it took one splinter then

now frequent shards to make a man from adolescent ruin

thinks yearning,

attraction wants to broaden

“come align my unseen buds with snow affected liquids”

have me dissolve and reunited thru’ out some other’s  blood

think of gleamed groaned surfaces

wanting sliver suited skaters to drown

to lie strewn among pubic bones

to swallow any weather offered

but the bed is refused and everything eroded

people are presents waiting for hearts

to be scathed open,

sometimes together, sometimes severed

anyone can guillotine heaven

anyone can assume a weapon

in corners curdled

silk descending larders,

beneath lounge grope of spiders

the feeling of being discarded

shrouded by shelves

and cried woken strands

such daggers

have piercing little hands

burial of romances

a love note scrawled

in skeleton clothes

“here is my boxed body scraped open”

for anyone to gather

for the rain of silence to adhere over

dandelion head blown

every thought has gone

now which emptiness to lie with or on?

all around

from anywhere from under from upside down

turn backwards swallow all around to be this near

so far from what is cold and ivy pulled and bone

pursuing false skies for all those drowned

or nearly gleamed

or lonely scared everywhere

fountains dry ashes or yesterday’s ruined magic

pretend heard splashes raining from eyelids and drab arms,

a swarm cold bees wanting out from honey addiction

mouths yearn affection but buds are not for chemical attraction

so take the sky down and reduce the lung’s mountain

corpses lie old on stared out beds dream wasteful and lifelong eroding

but wanting is an encore an energy of dark rotating atoms

talkative vibrations, a rhythm of roots from under floorboards draining,

taking, waking into more reclined states, cocoon lengthening

it’s spherical dead spaces, sleep here for decades and don’t decipher,

there is only restraining and bright subdued collars

uncurl downwards slow slopes ached with dew

my cloud head upon handsome cheek of strewn moss beards

knowing the lust i want is distant but oh millimetres near

so often wishes are made so real they add fleshes and

indigo startle thru’ out blood-gazed-blindfolds

dissolved anchors and overwhelmed hearts in molasses

snare your lips against mine, drink the nude sky in

pearl offensive riots and all things sickly shimmering,

we move the way of sinew happy snakes

or dark arrowed larks, silver keeping ripples reflect

torso’s and ether mad breathes,

sparks deny nerves their endings

electric roads electrocute with sweat and drench

with buckled knee blossoms until your tree

is fully shaken

you around me grow gathered skin halo, held to

the ground’s thumbprints

where past seeds were meant but not remembered well

here all ghosts slumber fitful in their reduced thunders,

you are the cause of glowing

a reward of thin sighs but gossamer steep are always breaking,

want this night to continue until daytime charcoal

and sunrise ends every room,

upon me around me surrounds me



offered yourself

circled your soul

thru’ mine,

commit to this sigh

and line my lungs

with broken exhales,

placed rain

thru’ out my tangled sea

made me into land

became your kingdom,

entwine me

thru’ out a promise

wandered your thorough dewdrops

forgetting the sun’s strew

for all the sunbeams i am needing

i’m so full of gleaming here

never forsaken

by you am taken

blurred myself

cannot separate ourselves

repeating symmetry mirror-mind-

blood-trees in synchronicity

a twin of repetition,

am doubled over with twice your thinking

my feeling glows under your eyelids

intertwine swaying senses, honeysuckle bent backs

interlock the knot of the conjugal stem

there are always ways to crack

find anchors to keep us drowned,

to find lifetimes were only dreamt

this is how yesterday broke

birds fell from ceilings, seismic trains thru’ out veins

made men topple, began a throe

skyscrapers bend throw their windows to the ground,

watched someone take to your mouth

felt the clocks shake

floors removes themselves

fell like an elevator

two hundred floors later,

this is how yesterday shattered

a balloon punched, a child taken from their smile

circle him

with refused kisses

circle him

your own suffocation,

rainbows already malfunction

disconnect from the soar that

took heaven over,

full of someone else’s endings,

thought the circle intact?

but the comet crashed

the buildings that ghosted our beginnings smashed,

i’ll collapse anyone approaching

expire yourself

divide your soul

from mine,

discard my sigh’s soft burden

and taken from my lungs

every airless moment,

erase entanglement

turn seas into aliquots

and withdrawing portions,

unmake the land where i made cobwebs from,

un-entwine me

like stubborn sobbing ivy

renew myself

a deep mirror’s connection

my loneliest location,

circles are only meant for breaking


thought this a rainbow surpassed

sexual spires push thru’ sunbeams higher,

this cathedral of dishonest glass

refractive beds make mercury dimmer

in doing thinkable kisses made reality thinner

this rainbow stiffened in aneurysm then cracked

collapsed birds and bayonets shrapnel self distorted


where has your shadow been?

down womanly throats?

into stinking hips or

up the anchors of men?

sacrificial asses, somewhere to wipe your illnesses,

how many copies of you are there?

mine was fake half bland randomised affection,

what secrets beneath unstirred eyes possess?

who did you grease the trousers to last night?

who opened? was it on the stairs or on the blood red sofa?

thought this crackled rainbow would outlast the forfeits of another

that bonds would discolour themselves stronger but

wrongness is in every expletive breath

defying head thru’ rooted forgiveness

my ostrich-sand-into-under mantra,

sheets ate cold skin but colder when you close in

breaking the imperfect rainbow i built

so this is

everywhere anchorless,

nowhere knowingly, together but lonely


you have taken me places,

mounted me pin thru’ a bug

everywhere my surveillance is a thumb

censored and

going wrong

days are broke,

chloroformed noise attempts sad

wires inside the head’s disconnection,

trees needle the inflicted horizon

stood cranes rust,

pools of people swarm each other,

we are where silence sacrifices

it took the clock to fall

disappeared two years

what for? a dilution of me?

yours is a want to infect others

carbon clone of seeds, everyone wants navigating

seeking passages where no one’s been,

counterfeit your own polished tooth-shark-loose-smile

the day is a sty of dusk

another grimace of hourlys pass

into a fresh hearse abandoned month,

opaque becomes unclear windows

a cataract of diseased romances,

there are spheres of black dividing energies

building absurd planets within the blade’s stab

lacerate it with cuts

excise broke sperm out from damage

each decisive writhe have it choked,

this icarus love, hewn stone

cleaved from hurt

wounded are entire constellations

beneath medicated eyelids

my subconscious doppelganger

septic sea of fingered touches

sweep inland it’s rapist crouches

making everything more wrecked

maroons this corpse in a stale bed

staring towards entirety of the deep

enough ceiling,


hades well

today felt radar’s prying

scathing for details kept concealed,

sprawled upon the moonbeam

inspired bed it’s where i often

fled for dreams to drown me underneath

like persevering handprints

divided upon the edge of

eyelids, the moment i knew my

body did ring this body into

startled awakening

sour sundrops and sunlit

unheard splashes, a blur

of distinct fearfulness,

detached rainbows in

fragment flashes, the

bored bland room it’s

crayon bad art gasps, the

world and it’s spiteful

window, hid behind blue

muesli curtains, insert

begrudging images there

always inch a further inch more

twine me thru’ entirely him

felt sore wasp endings

eons waiting the telephone’s announcing

you shiver me with impatience, i

would collapse sleep into staring

fathoms i have fallen

not quite enough by

it’s fur mouthed dark

so subdue more by

a throat that wants

to claim that voltage

to words before spoken,

balancing the needle’s

tiniest spire quite drunk

it’s clear fumes muddy

the canyons i stare up

from, covered in pretend


forevers can be insistent weathers

an ultimatum finally by the

doorbell’s vocal admission, there

stands him like a handsome

rook or castle with purposeful

shoulders, do i encode your

glance? come cuckoo come in

i, in ribcage found myself erased

ten years there i remained,

strung, handcuffed the length of illusion,

that glow, the promise that shone, utterly gone

i used to turn facing you

dedicated, brimming fortune’s sigh,

how fondly we could have immersed in

touches, but the internet had too many

other sucks, may as well speak sense into being struck

remember that gleaming from

eye-less-ness, like throwing coins

into the abyss, it’s swallow wanting

more and more and more, still swallowing aren’t you?

i thought your eyes cast spells

to put the world to rights, i now

wish your eyes were pages

your eyelids i’d turn until your death

wishing was damaged thinking i knew

for whenever i left him like winter

leaves exhausted, foolish heartache

slovenly grew, a further nourished gruesome root

watched the walls turn slow ink

felt the irises to your eyesight

shrink, like an uncaring sniper

like a careful spider

entwined limbs and imprints

suffocated wrists, your asleep

head is when freedom soothed,

your body always across me

makes it

oh so too difficult

to move

with any breath at all

imperfect ode

is this a gallows

a shrinking place?

i found myself so

shrunken i compete

with insecure atoms

a set of eerie fingers

wound thru’ my ribcage

acceptance, thanks to the

body-gape-assassin, was

my skeleton such invitation?

ignore those now empty

ill defined years before, of

damning time acting like

a cutlass removing slivers

that i loved

a copy of edges and other

such lonelinesses, the

daily skewer of self, if

life is traced in footsteps

i haven’t been striding at all

now changeable skies are

changing their sighs and

misfortune is about to turn

it’s seer worthy tide, i’m all

a flutter, like a jar of panic

met by the local tear stain

felt every bleak, ever sadness

erase, your smile blazed, it

took petrol thru’ out nerve endings

sending amperage bliss-wards

we sat on the shoulder of a

slope, where people trafficked

one another’s glances, pigeons

about in their clumsy romances,

elsewhere everywhere fading

two remain upon grasses trying

to exert it’s wetness but sunshine

has too warm a gaze, the event i

am shimmering about is how

handsome you spoke

tying me there with a muscular

sea i can see underneath your

trousers, perfect jagged cheeks

and a plum coloured jacket,

a bruise or a colour of passion?

shoppers swarm in 5.30pm startle

maladjusted for doorway refusal,

the nocturnes will soon be gorging

upon dusk, where had the afternoon

raced? such selfish clocks too quick

speedier when uninterrupted

thru’ frequent cotton linens

too many inches and successful

succeeding buried in a firework’s

neck, months travelled finer

indigo's, everything else rotted

here amongst the coins you

made your shadows build

a home, i was sellotaped to

the rafters of your mind, there

for the turbines of sexual seethe

you the peacock preened, me

left with the loneliness gristle,

beguiler of holes how those

many fur circles had been

interrupted and hoodwinked tolerated

there’s squalor in this mug tonight,

i feel the barnacles of loathing

impose their rough fingernails,

aren’t scars full of history

a localised scathing?

the sheets are a frost shore

whilst you hum of honey, i

am fatigued with the siphon

that drains my soul’s wealth

during even sleep’s unfurl

tho’ seeped thru’ every pore

free falling gravity’s nudges

i’m more encoded confusion

now than whenever i thought

i began in lopsided mirrors

oh my eloquent deceiver

rain has had it’s fill today

i’m another-hole-receiver

for a love hell wrought

come entirely to infiltrate

“mark anthony” you have

spawned me like stupid

salmon thrash, i’ve crowned

saint bastard of lies,

too many mouths are your face

left as dregs for the mutterer’s

to pick over, the complaining

coerced bed is emptiness,

here’s to all the tatters of a

lifetime’s shrapnel

you, cursed between a tide’s

deceptive sexuality,

molesting any puddles that

anyone wants to try, stealth and

bodies moan hinged open

numerous were used, did you

hang them in your mental

pages? scalps, emblems,

notches and sperm momentums?

you thought with the swine and

with the herd, didn’t you?

i pronounced you shameful

drowned your name several

drowning times,

your crouching over blows

over me no more

you thought you an angel

come from a privileged star

omnipotent you aren’t, just

a crackle of insincere proteins,

and we the fucked

thru’ which you consistently burn

if love treasures friendship

you are it’s skeletal aftermath

you are it’s famine, i wish

the burdens round you close

like a newborn squeezed in a fist

until your long overdue death


drank rainbows ran betwixt veins

medicated colourful mayhems

uncurling lengths, shapes men

sleepwalk a vacuum’s slow hissed breath

comply being alone

quietly strode a thoughtless day dreamt

deciduous thoughts congealed with

mindlessness, adhere to the drip

of seldom and boredom’s precipice

there are maelstroms of want, and

traffic denies it’s self harm dirges,

there’s wintry in the slouch of everyone

i could be that entangle, strangled in

the trees confused reach, hanging

there for absolutely no one

made to achieve days that are anxious

and begrudging, some are severely crone

sharp, others, dead as a face down drunk

a bloodshot horizon blatant with wealthy

gleams, spires our gazes can only

aspire to and fall short of their sky piercing

waking, rising, sullen dreaming, a

movie about the loneliness of being,

walk by a hundred window tear stains

each has a mirror to tell, i stride

like a slow gust thru’ the maze

of blood vessels, litter blowing

like fragile folded flowers

and the breezes about were tender

a nudge if you will a breath of

coincidence by the graffiti challenged wall

where used love often is discarded in all

different kinds of latex, a mauve gasp

took hold of sightlessness

made entire sense, made the entire

mountain completely quiver, share

me on the dew of your planet

fell quicker than a stone’s plummet,

and was glanced

beautifully grimaced

reincarnated - felt the beige cocoon burst right thru’

intoxicated - heady as persuasion defies normal

rejuvenated - ease out of and shoot with a stem’s thrill

all in the bone of a glisten

brightly wove those shocking

proteins, possession about to revisit

this love swam iridescence

twisted the very shallows i want to

fucking drown under in

going glowed all the way inches

down until that mile is reached and

moaning sea loud

how to howl tornadoes, how to

exercise the bed numb, matt with

liquid quite unlike the usual rain

azure shouted. the turquoise swells

manage my skeleton, dazzle-dappled-

forms-pearl-shelled, quite eros dwelt

there is no quiet about myself but

raucous cities prolific with shivers, the

torso mainly, fathoms lit with blushes

and that sea that sips the mind tips

it’s concoction of purely glinting summer,

like diamonds in thru’ shifting waters

arteries are rapids unfurling then

wetly wrapping, burst of every

fountain, is being concussed

whilst white writhing, indigo fetters

those shackles of sublime reds,

blue stained shrapnel shoots comets

thru’ out the entire motorways of

the head, a shaken violet rip a

seethe of seeping green demons

oh envy this piston will cease and

the furnace brought down to ash,

goaded by yellow obsessive to persist

smashed figurines we lie amongst

deceased groaning, men are truly formed

of many kindnesses yet spiteful colours

mostly are silhouettes about to be

re-hidden, quickly as sunshine would

slobber, a lover’s colour would come

sinister? stealth like or open for the

ruined fluids to run? there is plenty

of oral want stampedes everyone

if seems a notorious spring in

lickable thighs, quicker still such

gentry elude back into their wax wives

such sorrow this unlovable brings

within one teardrop one small ocean

lonely, emotive swirling, churning

rainbows camouflage their existence,

disappearances often when

witnessed, that frequent moment of


a massacre if you will or edible

lunar skin cells, all into the

mausoleum of lust’s will

our exact alliance is fragments a

dispersal of unloved fractals

disposed of once swallowed

cold as handprints a cut glass scrotum

a rainbow come and gone

a disloyalty without outcome



an eyesore loner



in a black coat


a bleak blessed hill


scarce bracken gropes,


stunted tree tired of it’s


thinks only of splinters

it shall become


sky is as deep as the


breeze interrogates the


stillness, and the


below are a murmur of



the storm had followed

it’s anger,


head is muttered in


am i so jagged within?”


body operated on confusion



withstanding, gaunt for his


a stick applied with


even the crows


think worth picking,


others are about their sunshine


dark music listening


won’t be kind,

it’s gloom

will be a man

whose happiness is about to be



further days will


their gallows,



a blow too far


the moral most


is ghosts,


dark as sheet metal


the whip-around-air,


the startle of it’s sudden


like seething breathable


here is alone, an atom in


vast universe of harsh stars

the loner hid

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